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Olsztyn life; I'm Indian and I like the place

jumka 2 | 11
4 Jan 2009 #1
hi...I am Indian...been here for 6 the place and the people who are very nice.
osiol 55 | 3,922
4 Jan 2009 #2
Care to tell us any more?

Why does the name Olsztyn make me think "Olsztyn, Texas"?
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
4 Jan 2009 #3
Hello jumka,
And welcome to the Polish Forum.
It must be very cold now compared to what you are used to?.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
4 Jan 2009 #4
Olsztyn, that's not far from where i come from ;)
OP jumka 2 | 11
4 Jan 2009 #5
thanks a lot for ur warm welcome (as is common with the polish custom)
and is cold for me especially from where i come, the winter means 20C!
olsztyn is a city way up north of of lakes and boy! there are so many.
hussiar25 3 | 14
4 Jan 2009 #6
I am coming to Olsztyn in May. Can you tell me what the weather is like in early May?
OP jumka 2 | 11
6 Jan 2009 #7
i haven't seen olsztyn in may...but my friends tell me it will be a nice weather awaits u :)
hussiar25 3 | 14
6 Jan 2009 #8
What can you tell me about Olsztyn? I am very interested in learning what it is like there.
mazzastaffordsh 2 | 68
8 Jan 2009 #10
I have friends in Olsztyn, they love it particularly in the summer as there is much to do when the weather is nice. The area that they live in has also been having quite a lot of money spent on the town and it is taking shape and looking good. May time should be just getting warmer. Hope you enjoy it.
hussiar25 3 | 14
8 Jan 2009 #11
thank you

Can anyone tell me if there are any area that should be avoided in Olsztyn or Warmia in general?
terrabull 4 | 32
9 Jan 2009 #13
I've been in Olsztyn since October and it's been great. The people are nice, the area is pretty and it's got everything we need. Also, the public transportation is good and reliable.

I can't wait to be here during the spring/summer so we can enjoy all the lakes.
mazzastaffordsh 2 | 68
9 Jan 2009 #14
I think that Olsztyn is a place to be visited - maybe when I next holiday in Poland I will have to visit my friends and find out for myself - definately on the `places to go list`
OP jumka 2 | 11
13 Jan 2009 #15
Also, we have olsztynek, a small village where there is a castle of teutonic order...yet to see the place though! its not far from olsztyn. and also Lansk is a very nice resort....i've been there and the woods and the lake was very beautiful.
kioko - | 84
14 Jan 2009 #16
I lived in Olsztyn for 7 years and I absolutely love the city! You can get everywhere on foot, it's green and peacefull, different from bigger cities. There is quite little old town, as Russians burnt it considering it as a German city. But it is still lovely. I really miss Sowa club, right under the castle, with great music especially on Fridays. Now I only see railway station ocasionally, on my way home :( I always felt there safe even walking alone by night so there no places to avoid.
OP jumka 2 | 11
15 Jan 2009 #17
what u said is true....the place is very green...and i too feel safe walking in the nights :)
Nev - | 2
23 Jan 2009 #18
Hi Jumka..
I am glad that you love Olsztyn, I have visited the place my in laws live not too far away from there. I am Indian as well and have been here for the last 12 years.

Beautiful country, great people and lovely lush greenery.
May be we should meet . I live in Gdansk
10 Feb 2009 #19
Hi there Nev and Jumka,

I am an Indian too and live in Torun not so far from Olsztyn myself... so drop me a line some weekend and we could all meet up in the town square and have a chat... if you want to and can then drop me a line at saat nau do saat chey char char chey shunya and let me know what you think.. I would like to hear from you Nev about your adventures in this beautiful country,

talk soon

Aastha - | 3
10 Feb 2009 #20
hey jumka,

its nice too see that few indians are there. i'm planning to come there as well... :-)

and i have a polish friend, and i can certainly say that polish people are very nice....
OP jumka 2 | 11
21 Feb 2009 #21
I live in Gdansk

gdansk is really lovely...i've been there....


and torun too....there's a restaurant run by an indian...'masala' is the name if i remember correctly....
yes and i wud love to meet u all...
and where exactly in india r u both from???
mazzastaffordsh 2 | 68
21 Feb 2009 #22
I agree that Gdansk is really lovely. Have family in that area and was very impressed when we visited. Just love the Amber shops too. Fantastic designs.
26 Feb 2009 #23
I was in Masala Cafe last Saturday and had a great desi meal... and I think it was masala jhal farezi... really nice . I am a South Indian... when did you come over here... and its obvious you have been around for a while in Polska already..drop me a line if you swing by my neck of the woods again... and hope that I get to hear from Nev the next time


OP jumka 2 | 11
28 Feb 2009 #24
hey indya,
it nice that u get indian food once in a while...thats what i miss a lot...
btw, what do u do in torun?
sueswalkies 2 | 32
3 Mar 2009 #25
Thread attached on merging:
information needed on OLSZTYN

Hi i am thinking of moving to Olsztyn, i hope someone can tell me of any info on Olsztyn, Is there are polish language school are there many other non polish speakers living there. Are there many jobs. Any advice would be greatly appericated

are there any polish language schools in olsztyn, where would my husband try for work he is polish
Trevek 26 | 1,702
3 Mar 2009 #26
are there any polish language schools in olsztyn, where would my husband try for work he is polish

I think there are only one or two schools which offer Polish to foreigners. That being said, there might be work either through the university or privately. Companies like Michelin have a number of French and British workers who need teaching. The local library organisation also has a number of exchange volunteers who sometimes need classes.

There ar a number of language schools offering a variety of languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, English, Russian etc).

The number of non-Polish is growing, so there would probably be a greater call for Polish classes.

For anyone asking about the weather in may, well it can be warm and sunny (can also be wet). What is certain is that the spring is there and the forsts are wonderful places.

Lived here for 6 years.
sueswalkies 2 | 32
4 Mar 2009 #27

Hi, have you seen much changes in the last 6 years since you lived in olsztyn, is there somewhere i could check out any future development plans for the area?
Trevek 26 | 1,702
4 Mar 2009 #28
we will build tunnels and erect monuments

Don't know about that... the big argument is whether to take down the Soviet war memorial
Juche 9 | 292
4 Mar 2009 #29
the big argument is whether to take down the Soviet war memorial

you should instead forcefully close down the McDonalds and KFC, that is correct way. then after make tunnels.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
4 Mar 2009 #30
you should instead forcefully close down the McDonalds and KFC,

Already 2 McD's... the rot is spreading

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