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Which nations do Poles like the most / the least?

Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2008 #91

I don't have a good reason but I seem to hate the french

This was a classic statement. Hating is a strong emotion. It should be sth that really gets your goat.
Cheery 10 | 126
13 Dec 2008 #92
I don't have a good reason but I seem to hate the french

It's a fad... y'know what? I don't dislike the French anymore... I don't like them... but I don't dislike them... err.. yeah...
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2008 #93
I think the Poles tend to like the Magyars. The Hungarians are an enigmatic people that Poles show goodwill towards. There were many Poles in Budapest when I was there.

The Hungarians are truly a fascinating people!
Cheery 10 | 126
13 Dec 2008 #94
What sort of current relations does Poland have with Japan? O_O
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2008 #95
There was a thread about this Cheery. Look in the Search function.

I know that the Japanese speak well of the Polish and Japan is a major attraction for many Poles.

Look it up.
Cheery 10 | 126
13 Dec 2008 #96
bah.. look it up.. LOOK IT UP
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Dec 2008 #97
Sorry, that was the English imperative which doesn't sound so polite, I apologise. In Polish, it's normal. I try to teach Poles to say 'prosze' afterwards but I'm met with a steely gaze.
Prince 15 | 590
3 Jan 2009 #98
We have new ranking.,0,wid,10710607,wiadomosc.html?title=Jakie-narody -najbardziej-lubi%B1-Polacy%3F

The most liked

Italians (54%),

Czechs (53%),

Spanish (52%),

Slovaks and British (po 51%)

French (49%),

Hungarians (48%) ,

Irish and Americans (po 47%),

Norway Greeks and Dutch (po 46%),

Swedes and Danish (po 45%),

Austrians (43%),

Belgians and Japanise (42%)

Lithuanians (41%)
Prince 15 | 590
3 Jan 2009 #100
Germans (38%) and Jews(34%) have many positive votes too.
Prince 15 | 590
3 Jan 2009 #102
Must be similar cuisine
Eurola 4 | 1,906
3 Jan 2009 #103
Italians (54%),

Why? Poles don't care for spaghetti, kluski are much tastier.
Not to mention the two foods above. Yummy.
Sasha 2 | 1,083
4 Jan 2009 #104
Serbia only 29% ???

It's the media of Polish democracy and freedom of speech.

Russia is on the top of the most liked... I'm sure Poles like us subconciously. :)
4 Jan 2009 #105
Italians (54%),


Everybody likes the Italians. They'd probably be number one on an American list too.
4 Jan 2009 #106
They'd probably be number one on an American list too.

Americans wouldn't have any idea why they like Italians....
rock - | 460
4 Jan 2009 #107

So, Turks are one of the the less liked nations acoording to this ranking.

We Turks have to reevaluate our opinions about Polish people which is very positive :)
Frank 23 | 1,183
4 Jan 2009 #108
The most liked

Italians (54%),

Now this is LOL...............yet another EU country who refused your people entry to their country to work, plus there have been numerous articles about those who went illegally being abused, held against their will, not being paid and deprived of their belongings whilst there???!!!

PS I love Italy.......:)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Jan 2009 #109
British? Eh, there are 3 countries in Britain. Pointless to assess Britain in this way.
28 Aug 2009 #110
Lithuanians love Poland, thanks for loving us back.
frd 7 | 1,399
29 Aug 2009 #111
I love all the nations evenly : o
29 Aug 2009 #112
Having visited Poland recently for the first time, I was positively surprised to see and experience what kind of country we have across the sea: it's a shame ages old connections between many of the nations around the Baltic Sea were reduced to minimal for many decades that followed WWII and it's aftermath, and how those parts of Europe become less known to many of us who are close to our 40's or 50's. The countries around the Baltic look familiar enough to provide a feeling of being on known ground (thinking about the nature, the genuinely 4-season climate and so on), but simultaneously there are enough interesting differences to make your excursion the extra thrill compared to a trip in the home country. There's also the common history of being in between the East and the West. I wish I have another opportunity to visit Poland in in not so distant future.
PlasticPole 7 | 2,649
29 Aug 2009 #113
Italians (54%),

It's obviously because of the Roman Catholic/Vatican connection.
George8600 10 | 637
19 Jan 2010 #114
Did Italy and Greece bar? Interesting... you should know there's more Poles in Italy and Greece than there are in the Czech Republic...
pawian 170 | 11,514
19 Sep 2012 #115
England ,Wales and Scotland
Czech Rep
Italy :)
Japan (?)

After EURO 2012:

ilmc 4 | 136
20 Sep 2012 #116
everyone forgets about Canada :(
Kowalski 7 | 621
20 Sep 2012 #117
...and why

Ireland - kings of the craic with beer
England ,Wales and Scotland - for anty EU stance, freedom, free market, immigration law
Czech Rep -smart in business
France - for culture, food, attitude, arrogance and ambitions
Italy - for taking it easy
Greece - for laziness
Spain - for street life
Holland - for bikes, footballers
Slovakia - for progress made
Hungary - friendship forever
Sweden - for state administration
USA - power and religion
Denmark - for Copenhagen
Belgium - for chocolate and EU headquarters
Lithuania - for Polish minorities
Finland - just for Nokia
Slovenia - for difference to Bosnia, Macedonia, etc
Austria - for winter sports
Japan - for money
Estonia - for democracy
Latvia - for democracy
Nickidewbear 23 | 583
22 Sep 2012 #119
I see that Israel's not up there. Sadly, Poland looks like she's moving toward a little Anti Semitism--and the Jews have loved Polinyah for centuries, even a millennium.

...and whyy

And Israel? Damn. We've been too good to Poland.
25 Nov 2014 #120
I see that Israel's not up there. Sadly, Poland looks like she's moving toward a little Anti Semitism--and the Jews have loved Polinyah for centuries, even a millennium

In some cases, yes. However I, as one of the teenagers living in Poland, don't think that people around my age are antisemitic. I think that teachers try to teach us about the Jewish people, about the peaceful times, and many things about less peaceful things, like WWII. We even had a school trip to Auschwitz to see all these horrible things that happened to BOTH Polish people and Jewish people. Also, some of my friends from school are Jewish. One girl from my class is Jewish, but everyone doesn't care about that at all! Actually she is like a sun of our class. She is very ambitious, self-confident, everyone loves her. And she has never tried to hide her heritage, because she knew it doesn't matter for us.

Oh, I almost forgot my best friend is Jewish. She sometimes teaches me Hebrew, but apparently I'm not talented :/

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