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Any good Polish films to watch?

pgtx 30 | 3,158
26 May 2010 #61
I found one film I enjoyed. Actually two (over the last two years).

that's a great movie... i liked it...
George8600 10 | 637
31 May 2010 #62
Oh what a nice topic to bring up. I myself am more into modern Polish films since that's what my library mostly offers for rental in the foreign section. It is nice though and a detailed collection.

Here they are:



Da Vinci


Jeszcze tylko ten las (English: Just Beyond This Forest)

The Peasants

Komornik (English: Debt Collector)

Seksmisja (Worst movie ever!)

Knife In The Water (Roman Polanski's first and only Polish film)

Pan Tadeusz

Trzeci (Good movie!)

I also have this website:

But it's more or less a festival with indie films that aren't widely available...but I think those are the best!

If you like other foreign films I recommend the Cannes website, they have every film listed that has ever been screened there.

Enjoy ^_^
1jola 14 | 1,879
31 May 2010 #63
A recent decent film set in the commie times:

Dom Zły - (The Evil House)
nincompoop_not 2 | 192
31 May 2010 #64
a bit off topic but

I like Polish films, but with age I find them too depressing/intellectual/contemplative or plain stupid (comedies)
Is it me? or some kind of tendency?
I liked Sztuczki (Tricks)
But something-I-can't-remember-the-title-but-so-called-gangster-comedy nearly killed me with boredom (and stupidity)

I'd say - go back to to school and start making films like Vabank
(worth watching - Polish version of The Sting I think)
1jola 14 | 1,879
31 May 2010 #65
I liked Sztuczki (Tricks)

From the same director you might like Zmruż Oczy. Very good film.
noreenb 7 | 557
1 Jun 2010 #66
"Brzezina" - "A birchwood forest" (director: Andrzej Wajda)

"Panny z Wilka" ("The Maidens of Wilko") -nominated in 1980 to an Oscar
(cooperation of Polish and French production)

"Biała sukienka". I liked "A white dress" very much A light story about Polish catholic mentality but presented with a great sense of humour and distance.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
15 Jul 2012 #67

omg I couldn't stop laughing during this film. Like many Polish films, it starts a bit dull/confused... then something happens which turns the film around immediately. In this case, it's the scene where they're weighing the returning Poles at the border. One has lost weight, and is told off - because if everyone went abroad and lost weight, there wouldn't be enough Poles left, and the country needs Poles haha. You have to watch it to really get it :)

Another good one is "Trzy minuty. 21:37". Nothing funny about this one, but it needs to be watched a second time to really get it. Not easy to watch at times (you won't want to be admitted to a Polish hospital after watching this, lol), and probably the best Polish film since "Plac Zbawiciela", in my humble but clearly non-expert opinion ;)
catsoldier 62 | 596
16 Jul 2012 #68
This is supposed to be a good film but I haven't seen it:

pointtis - | 4
18 Jul 2012 #69
I have watched couple times this forum, and now I noticed this thread. Here is lots of movie names that I have to try to find and watch. Here in Finland I think that I don't find these from normal stores.
iwona 12 | 542
18 Jul 2012 #70
There is quite good internet shop : - where you can order some dvd's.

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