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Good fences make good neighbors.

Borrka 37 | 594
10 Jul 2010 #1
I've decided to start a new thread in order to prove deeply rooted German anti-Polonizm - both in elite way of thinking and average Hans & Helga mentality.

So here we go with my favorite Prussian statesman chancellor Otto von Bismarck:

What Bismarck wrote about Poles: "One shoots the wolves if one can."[22] He also said: "Beat Poles until they lose faith in a sense of living. Personally, I pity the situation they're in. However, if we want to survive - we've got only one option - to exterminate them.[23]

Bismarck, pride and glory of German history was only the devoted follower of another proto-Hitlerite:
Frederick the Great spoke of the Poles as "slovenly Polish trash", "the Iroquois of Europe" and "a barbarous people sunk in ignorance and stupidity".

Does it differ a lot from the famous Himmler's statement:
"All Poles will disappear from the world.... It is essential that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles."

Or general's Hans von Seeckt "Poland’s existence is intolerable and incompatible with the essential conditions of Germany’s life. Poland must go and will go!"

What a lovely neighbor we've got !

We shouldn't forget Mr Treitschke who gave us rudiments of the modern German patriotism
"The Jews are Our Misfortune" - in his works he referred to "that Polish branch of Jewry" with their "lethal hatred against the purest and mightiest representatives of the Germanic essence" !

“Year after year, out of the inexhaustible Polish cradle there streams over our eastern border a host of hustling, pants-peddling youths, whose children and children’s children will someday command Germany’s stock exchanges and newspapers.”

And it was 50 years before Adi !
10 Jul 2010 #2
They all have one thing in common. They're DEAD.

They died long time ago and have nothing in common with the modern German society.
For crying out loud, Borrka, the worst that Germany could muster against us in the last
60 years, is this old hag Steinbach :)
plk123 8 | 4,148
10 Jul 2010 #3
it's all history man.. they aren't coming to get anyone these days.
George8600 10 | 636
10 Jul 2010 #4
lol that's what they said after world war I as a means to end all wars....
plk123 8 | 4,148
10 Jul 2010 #5
you're just paranoid..
OP Borrka 37 | 594
10 Jul 2010 #6
Germans are masters of propaganda and political correctness.

Creating myths makes an essential part of their politics - take it granted in some 200 years the common knowledge will be it was German anti-commie movement "Solidarit├Ąt" which successfully founded the first independent trade unions of Soviet controlled Europe.

Lech Walesa was a prominent member of the German minority in Poland.
Already today Mr John Smith Flagstaff Arizona believes it were East-Germans who stopped expansion of communism LOL.

So if we condemn Bandera and accuse Soviets of the Katyn crime let's call a spade a spade and show the true background of the German Nazis.

It's a history board anyway and spreading multi culti hatred makes an important part of the Internet trolling.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,860
10 Jul 2010 #7
Don't tell me Poles didn't hate Germans for a very long time now!
At least we don't have a Kaczinsky in our offices right now...

What is the goal of your thread Borrka?

show the true background of the German Nazis.

Yeah...let's will be a revelation to the people who absolutely know nothing about the German Nazis! ;)
OP Borrka 37 | 594
10 Jul 2010 #8
What is the goal of your thread Borrka?

Just to have some fun before I go swimming.
As a matter of fact I like Gerries.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,860
10 Jul 2010 #9
But you still got Bismarcks quote KNOW how sensitive I am!

*goes looking for something cooler too*
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,118
29 Jan 2018 #10
Only to be bombed later.... = /

A Polish politician once said that Warsaw could too be attacked by NATO one day. The problem is who do you trust if you're Poland? The west or Russia? Both have screwed over Poland, killed Polish heroes, etc.

Poland is in a tricky neighborhood and it has to choose wisely. It's best to rely on yourself and Poles are finally figuring that out.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
29 Jan 2018 #11
The problem is who do you trust if you're Poland?

I'd start by building very close relationships with neighbours, making sure not to get involved with petty quarrels. Poland might not see eye to eye with Ukraine in terms of historical politics, but that should be thrown out of the window in favour of a deep military alliance to begin with. Then I'd seek to get the Baltic States onboard by offering them some air policing assistance - I'd be looking at getting something to replace the MiG-29's and then relocating them to the Baltic States as they have no capability of their own. Or perhaps the Americans could be persuaded to supply some low cost planes to do the same job.

Then I'd be pouring my attention into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, trying to find common ground on shared forces and so on. The idea would be to go deeper than NATO with these countries, so that each country could contribute what they can to a common army. With the neighbours on board, then serious discussions could start with the UK over deep integration with British forces, so that there would be a heavy British presence in (cheaper) Poland.

That makes a viable defence bloc, and allows partner-to-partner discussions with Germany on joining the defence bloc or simply working as part of NATO. However, even if Germany doesn't join in, Poland would still have considerable forces to work with on common defence.

I'd also, as a priority, place emphasis on the military being run by the military and not by civilians in the MON. The role of the MON would be limited to strategic things such as the number of troops and the overall budget provided, as well as negotiating the terms of defence partnerships. Decisions over promotions, unit structures, weapons, etc would all be in the hands of non-partisan military commanders who were expected to stay well away from politics.
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,118
29 Jan 2018 #12
Thats what pis has been doing - focusing on building relationships with v4 which po didnt nurture as they focused more on germany.

And poland is still gradually swapping migs for f16s. The mig 29 is a great plane and with upgrades a viable 4++ fighter. Poland doesnt want to spend the money upgrading theirs though. Theyd rather buy f16s which makes sense and it keeps a good relationship with the us.

As far as ukraine its a mess bc of all the corruption. Theres all these government incentives but in reality most people who invest in ukraine, esp small businesses, end up losing their shirt or even facing trumped up charges. Its ridiculous. I was reading about how some french dude bought a vineyard and employed locals but the competition and their allies in the courts made his life hell. The best time to invest in ukraine was right after russia invaded Crimea as the government sold assets for pennies on the dollar to raise funds for the war effort.
pawian 187 | 17,842
16 Mar 2020 #13
They died long time ago and have nothing in common with the modern German society.

Yes. Modern Gernans don`t want to exterminate all Poles so that they can gain Lebensraum in the East.

focusing on building relationships with v4 which po didnt nurture as they focused more on germany.

And what is the result of that focusing? Zero. Czechs suggested Polish PiS government can kiss their ass with this antiGerman phobia. Czechs stick to Germans and ignore these pathetic PiS`attempts to create a counterweight to Germany.

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