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Where to buy Polish books for adults and children?

6 Dec 2011 #1
Where polish books can be bought? And what about prices? I mean books also for adults and for children.
strzyga 2 | 993
6 Dec 2011 #2
and many more, google "księgarnia internetowa"
ja1 - | 1
5 Sep 2013 #3
[Moved from]: Polish books for children in Australia

I just came across a website with polish books and toys available in Australia. For anyone interested, here is the link
Ala z MA
6 Oct 2013 #4
If you own a Kindle, check out - just type "Polish Edition" and you will get a list of books in Polish. Some of them are free and others are moderately priced. They recently added "Znachor" by Dołęga-Mostowicz and I was thrilled to finally get it! Good luck finding what you're after!
Pavlo - | 3
12 Feb 2014 #5
Meaby you can also visit the site. This is a very large Polish Bookstore: with shipping worldwide
Waleria - | 2
18 Apr 2014 #6
For anyone interested to buy the Polish books for children and adults here is the link
MarekBooks - | 5
6 May 2014 #7
Try this page: - only $4 shipping to Australia...
Waleria - | 2
12 May 2014 #8
Hi, I'm the author of a children e-book tilted Somky, publish both in English and Polish. The book is available through " Favoryta"

The illustrated story revolves around a kangaroo called Smoky, and her making friends at the zoo. Its best suited for three to seven year old.

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