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For all the black people living in Warsaw, where do you get your hair cut?

Foxxalo - | 2
24 Aug 2011 #31
Yeah...and I dreaded going to the mall or crowded places, especially on my own

Kids would even point fingers.....

I mean I guess if i happens once or twice it's okay

but to have this happen every single day of your life more than a 100 times a day gets to be so uncomfortable...

It's like you have no privacy, people looking at you every move...even how you yawn or cough.....gosh it's bad...

Then some people calling you all sorts of names like baboon and stuff...

Then some other ignorant people will walk up to you and make chattering noises stating that that is how you speak....

Just like some people would walk up to my Korean friend and say "ching cho chang" or something silly like that...

I would not ever go back there....not in a million years....
TheMan - | 56
24 Aug 2011 #32
Same with blacks and Asians who do not see outsiders that often. They stare and make comments about what's different, what they are not accustomed to.

It is slightly different though, I've seen how the little kids in Africa act towards white people and they'll either ask blunt but not racist or rude questions like, "where do you come from?", "can we follow you?" and basically just act like they have an audience with Santa.

The worst thing you might hear (dunno if it's even bad) is a child just exclaim with a smile, "white man!" that's it. My mate went to small towns and villages around Asia and he said the kids did similar things to him and some randomly gave him gifts (usually broken toys or whatever they had to hand)

So it's a bit different to monkey chants (in the worse cases) and whispering, stares and finger pointing.

Hopefully before the Euros, Poland will have addressed this by maybe using some public service announcements or the likes. Get some celebrities involved and really try and address it head on.
25 Aug 2011 #33
Yes TheMan...

It is a lot different when Africans or non-whites do it to White people

Because of the "class" systems that exist in society

The mentality that the non-whites will have or manner in which they regard the whites will be of high class standard..
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
25 Aug 2011 #34
[quote=Louis001] a question to all the black people on this site living in Poland. Where do you get your haircut ([/quote

That's a very good idea for a new Business in Poland. There are no hairdressers specialising in African haircuts yet ( some of them-amazingly beautiul- requiring - or 7 hours of work, usually for women) but just opening one salon let's say in Warszawa would be very successful and useful for the few black people in Poland.The only problem would be to find the hairdressers who have skills and training for the different haircuts Black people can have.
TheMan - | 56
25 Aug 2011 #35
The only problem would be to find the hairdressers who have skills and training for the different haircuts Black people can have.

That's true, but it's not too hard finding someone that can to basic cuts and most women (hate to generalise) can do the cornrows and such.

Another problem you might have is your overheads, if you decide to put it on a high street or the polish equivalent I'm fairly certain for the cost of renting such a place, you'd be better off selling drugs on the side to keep it profiatble (Joking, don't do drugs kids)

You can't really have a place for cheap cuts if you don't have the numbers coming through the doors (One thing newly arrived immigrants definitely want is a cheap option). So, you need to have a business that caters to both caucasian and black people hair. All at reasonable prices or you'll get done for reverse racism!
2 Mar 2015 #36
Merged: Any African barbers in Poland and what is the address to the location of the shop

I just want to know if anyone decides to open a shop. Black African male look for a decent hair cut
12 Jul 2021 #37
i will elaborate on why some people make choice of geting a specified barber is that ,some hairs for blacks are not proffessional cut as opposed to other nationals
Novichok 1 | 3,122
12 Jul 2021 #38
Nairobi has one, though.
pawian 178 | 15,928
18 Jul 2021 #39
some hairs for blacks are not proffessional cut

There are not enough black people to make Polish hairdressers competent in dealing with their hair.

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