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Plans for starting a company in Poland / cost, types, registration

Jarr 1 | 10
4 Nov 2012 #1

I'm from Holland (i'm living in Poznan now) and i want to start a online company in Poland which will firstly consist of one website and maybe later it will extend.

Therefore i am not in the need of an office. I've been reading this forum and already get some answers but also get some more questions :) because the answers are not always the same- they contradict in some cases.

If i'm correct then there are different types of companies to register (which is pretty obvious) and they are categorized in for example education, real estate etc?

How easy(or hard) is it for me to setup a company? And which type of company (registration) would be the best option for me?

The last question i have: how much will it cost me to start with the company and how much will i pay on a monthly or yearly basis?

I hope you can give me answer or direct me to people who can help me!
Thanks a lot in advance / z góry dziekuję.
Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
golas - | 21
6 Nov 2012 #2
Hello Jarr,

My name is Kamil and I work for company that advise foreigners on doing business in Poland.

1) Forms of doing business in Poland:

a) you can start a sole trader activity (under your name) alternatively you can create a separate entity:
b) Registered Partnership (Spółka jawna)
c) Limited partnership (Spółka komandytowa)
d) Limited Joint-Stock Partnership (Spółka komandytowo-akcyjna)
e) Limited Liability Company (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością)
f) Joint-Stock Company (Spółka akcyjna)

As you probably now the most popular forms of doing business in Poland are sole trader and limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.)

If will need more details of your business plans to tell which form is the best for you. In some cases polish law require licenses.

2) Now you can register LLC (Sp. z o.o.) online and this is the fastest and the cheapest way. We can guide you through the registration process. Firstly you register LLC online in the National Court Register (1 working day) and after court registration you apply for NIP and REGON numbers.

3) Costs

a) LLC court, NIP, VAT and REGON registrations:

- court fees PLN 600
- VAT registration: PLN 170
+ our remuneration (negotiable)

b) minimal on going costs:

- virtual office (approx PLN 199 netto monthly or PLN 999 netto when you pay for one year in advance)
- bank account charges approx PLN 30-50 monthly
- accountant - approx. PLN 300-500 monthly

I hope this will help you.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Regards, Kamil
brofist - | 2
14 Sep 2015 #3

Is it hard to build a business in Poland?

Hello there,

I'm an IT guy with over 3 years of work experience, I'm looking either start up my own company in Poland or find companies that'd like to partner up with me. I'm from Gaza, Palestine. I'd like to start a business that can do Web design/development, IT project management, Mobile apps design/development, social media marketing, outsourcing ..etc I'm looking to invest about 50,000 ZL

If interested please email me.

terri 1 | 1,663
15 Sep 2015 #5
You would be better working for an organization, learning Polish and saving as much as you can. 50,000 PLN, will not be enough to last a year. You have to be a really good speaker of Polish to navigate the formalities and legalities of everything.

Assume that you have to get clients (do you speak their language?), be better than anyone else they know (what do you have that they don't?).

You have only scratched the surface with 3 years experience.
It is extremely unlikely that someone will go in partnership with you, and if they do, you have to watch out that they don't cheat you.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Sep 2015 #6
I'm looking to invest about 50,000 ZL

That's far too little experience, and far to little capital to even start thinking about starting your won business in Poland.

a business that can do Web design/development, IT project management, Mobile apps design/development, social media marketing, outsourcing

There are scads of businesses doing that in Poland already, all with significantly more experience and capital than you have at your disposal. Breaking into this sector would be impossible for you.

Also, without advanced knowledge of Polish, you would be severely crippled compared to the competition.

Starting your business in your homeland makes infinitely more sense. If you can't do it there, then you certainly won't be able to do it in Poland.
Marsupial - | 880
15 Sep 2015 #7
Sorry to say but that is less money than we spent there in last holidays. 3 years experience in a country like poland means you are an utter beginner. They have some of the best programmers and computer people anywhere. If you don't have a great command of the language you are done. Bad idea!
Harry84 2 | 81
4 Dec 2016 #8
Hi brofist,
Have you opened your company in poland or still looking for company formation or partnership with poland company ?

25 Aug 2018 #9
Spółka komandytowa

I am looking to set up a office in Poland it will be great if you can write an email to me spiderabhi@gmail

charges, time frame, and what all will be offered
calutasorin - | 1
3 Dec 2018 #10
I need help with incorporating in Poland. calutasorin@yahoo
asooleo - | 1
25 Feb 2019 #11

IT Business in Poland

I am interest in open an IT company in Poland. Does anyone let me know the details for that?

10 May 2022 #12
I will like to open an aerospace company what are the requirements to open an aerospace company

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