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Can my parent obtain my birth certificate in Poland?

Patryk009 1 | 1
20 Jul 2017 #1
My father is currently in Poland can he get my birth certificate out i need it to renew my passport? etc i will be traveling to Poland soon and would like to get the ball rolling before i leave if possible. Thanks
29 Jul 2017 #2
You need to apply and pick up all forms of government ID (personal ID card, passport, etc) in Poland in person, no exceptions. So I think you may have to pick up your birth certification in person as well.
Looker - | 1,130
29 Jul 2017 #3
The following persons are entitled to apply and pick up the civil status records (birth certificate included):

- The person to whom the act relates
- Parent
- Brother
- Sister
- Spouse
- Grandmother
- Grandfather
- Child
- Grandson
- Granddaughter
- In the case of ordering the write-offs by unauthorized persons, presentation of documents confirming the existence of a legal interest is required upon receipt.

A power of attorney is necessary in the written form, however it doesn't have to be apostilled.

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