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Can I obtain Polish citizenship by birth instead of the one I have, by naturalization?

nachimson 1 | 2
10 Dec 2012 #1
I was born in Poland in 1947 in Szczecin, to Polish citizens from both sides, my father served the polish army during the second wold war and after till 1950.

My mother emigrated to Israel with me and my brother, in Dec 1948. my father joined us a year and half later.
I started to apply for Polish citizenship in 1991 and was rejected by president Walesa time after time, only when president Kwasniewski won the elections he decided to give me the citizenship after a while.

I have 3 children, my citizenship is personal, non of my children can become polish citizen.
I wonder if anybody can give me the answer, can I obtain citizenship by birth instead of the one I have, by naturalization?
xzqbq7 2 | 104
11 Dec 2012 #2
There is new citizenship law in Poland, and right now you don't need to fulfill any requirements regarding place of birth, parents, place you live, nothing. All you do is to apply for citizenship and president Komorowski will be more than happy to grant Polish passports to your children. I hope they will enjoy and appreciate them. You not planning to move to Poland, are you? Because if you did, then your children would get citizenship in Poland.
OP nachimson 1 | 2
11 Dec 2012 #3
Thank you xzqbq7 for your reply, can I relay on it? is this an official information, where can I see the law about it? I would like to know, to which authority I have to revolt in order to get any official answer.

and to your question, I lived a period of time in Poland, I speak, write and read Polish and have friends there.

thank you again
MoOli 9 | 480
11 Dec 2012 #4
Be carefull what you decide for your kids when the under 18,in 2004 I got my children Polish passports from NY consulate cuz there mums polish,now when he is 21 and is in process of getting a job needs security clearence has to surrender his Polish citizenship and remove the property in his name there,I am telling you this first hand experience what we are going through.
OP nachimson 1 | 2
11 Dec 2012 #5
This is true for American citizens, I live in Italy, the law is different, I am in the EU already.
Zibi - | 336
11 Dec 2012 #6
is this an official information, where can I see the law about it?

I speak, write and read Polish

How about, not trusting kids who live in US and claim to know polish laws?
How about contacting polish consulate or reading their web pages?
How about consulting with MSZ webpages?
superuser1999 12 | 41
24 Oct 2014 #7
Why can't your kids get Polish citizenship as is now, you are still a Polish citizen now ?
8 May 2017 #8

Polish citizenship by descent


I would be very grateful for advice on requesting Polish citizenship by descent. My late Father was born in Poland (as were his parents) but emigrated to Israel in the early 1950s. Shortly before he passed away, he obtained Polish citizenship through a complex process that he did not discuss with me. As it stands, therefore, I have his Polish passport but no other documentation. I am unclear whether this would be sufficient for I to obtain citizenship or if there would be further requirements. Grateful for any insight.

Thank you.
8 May 2017 #9
I would say that the fact that he was Polish, as were his parents, would make you qualify for Polish Citizenship. Since the passport you have was printed after your birth, it isn't enough to prove anything, but it is still a valuable document in the process. What you need to do is to gather as many documents as you can, I would start with getting your dad''s birth certificate and then possibly his parents birth certificates.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,848
8 May 2017 #10
..and your parents marriage cert and your own birth cert

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