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Was married in Poland and now I'm looking for a fast divorce

Jaffacakefuel 1 | 1
17 Oct 2012 #1
Hi after some advise / help. I was married in Poland 2008, have split up with my ex back in 2010 and looking for a fast divorce. I'm english and based in and around London I have the marriage certificate etc. we had no property to divide or children etc. she simply vanished with another man, so no forwarding address for her either. The marriage was never registered in the uk. Any help tips advise would be greatly appreciated. Ray
MoOli 9 | 484
17 Oct 2012 #2
I dont know about UK but one can file a case in Poland and after the courts trying to contact her and no response from her they will grant you divorce but do it with an attorney and placing ads in the newspapers in poland and to cover urself more also in UK,in case of USA I could register my marriage in here and then file a case from here advertise in Polish papsers,send her certified letters to her last known adress and the divorce can be completed in absentia on grounds of abndunment,I know someone who got it done here like that then again I am not a lawyer better consult one.
OP Jaffacakefuel 1 | 1
17 Oct 2012 #3
Thanks for that bit of advise. As I'm finding its a hard thing to do with many twists n turns. I will try find a English lawyer working in Poland and go from there I think
Ant63 11 | 403
18 Oct 2012 #4
Don't do that its a big mistake.

Do it in a UK court and don't let anyone tell you can't. At all cost keep Poland out of it. It will save you time and money.

Check out Brussels II. You can find it on site library. It's a tough read but it clearly states what you can and can't do and you can divorce from here. I can't remember the article number off the top of my head, but once you have the court seised in the UK then jurisdiction lies here. Your Ex cannot argue against it. Job done!

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