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Poland's invitation letter validity.

Olga777 3 | 7
4 Jan 2017 #1
Dear All,
I am student in belarus. I am turkey national. One person told me i will send you invitation letter from poland. That will be buiness invitation letter or mybe other category.

On the base of letter you can apply the visa. And you will get 100% visa.
Bieng a student in belarus can i apply the visa?
Its true that invitation letter will be issued by govt of poland?
Its true that invitation letter will take 1 month?

Kindly advice me and help me.
Thanks all
Lyzko 30 | 7,754
4 Jan 2017 #2
Improve your English, Olga, and then we can discuss matters seriously:-)
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jan 2017 #4

You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din! I couldn't make heads or tails of it, either.
blank s
5 Jan 2017 #5
NTF get his point he dont like mooselimb turks:)
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
5 Jan 2017 #6
She originates from Turkey but currently studying in Belarus. She's expecting to receive a business invitation to Poland. Invitation guarantees visa.

She's asking about
1. if she's going to get the official letter from Polish embassy.
2. If she can even apply for visa being student in Belarus,
2. If it's true that it takes about a month for embassy to send the invitation.
blank s
5 Jan 2017 #7
1:the letter should be sent by the sponsor in poland on a form from immigration dept.
2:anyone can apply for a visa for any country mostly from anywhere till they have proper documents.point is if she will get it.
3:embassy dont send invitation the person who sponsors her does.embassy just decides to issue visa or deny it.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
5 Jan 2017 #8
So most likely she was asking about the time it takes for Polish govt to make the decision about visa.
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jan 2017 #9
Well, if that's what she wants to know, there are two waiting periods. The first is after the company in Poland files the invitation letter containing a very sound reason for the visit with the UW. Approval can take a few weeks to a month, depending if everything is in order.

The second waiting period is after she herself applies for the visa, submitting all the necessary paperwork including the approved invitation letter. That can take a month, as well. Or longer if all the paperwork is not in order.

There is no "100% visa" with an invitation letter. They can still reject your application for other reasons.

The whole process can last anywhere from six weeks to six months. The former if all of the paperwork from both the company and the applicant is in absolute perfect order and fulfills the requirements to the letter. The latter if it is not.
OP Olga777 3 | 7
5 Jan 2017 #10
Which department issue the invitation letter? Immigration department or any other department??

Suppose, if i receive the invitation letter from poland. Than i apply the visa.
There are high chances to get the visa or not??
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Jan 2017 #11
Which department issue the invitation letter? Immigration department

Yes, the immigration department, that is, the Division for Foreigner Affairs at the Office of the Wojewódzstwo. You don't have anything to do with this. The person inviting you has to get the invitation approved.

There are high chances to get the visa or not??

Probably higher than without the letter, bit you still have to fulfill all the other requirements for the visa. It's not like you get an automatic visa just because you have an invitation letter. The consul can always say no. What the "chances" are is anyone's guess, but they are greatly reduced if you do not supply all of the necessary documentation in perfect order.
DominicB - | 2,709
6 Jan 2017 #12
Ok. Now I think I get it. No, Olga. An invitation letter will not make up for any deficiencies in your visa application. It's not a magical runaround the normal visa application process. It's just a supporting document.

If there are deficiencies in your visa application, it will get rejected. 100%. Invitation letter or not.
Lyzko 30 | 7,754
6 Jan 2017 #13
Agreed, DominicB!

Olga was translating from her native language(s) and therefore the text posted was confused:-) Thread title ought to have read "Letter of Validation For Stay in Poland"
DominicB - | 2,709
6 Jan 2017 #14

I got the idea at first that she was asking if the letter she got was some kind of scam, but the rest of the post didn't fit.
Lyzko 30 | 7,754
7 Jan 2017 #15
Yes, you're doubtless correct! Well, what with the lack of standards in business nowadays, anything seems to go:-

All's fair in love, war, and businessLOL
OP Olga777 3 | 7
1 Mar 2017 #16

Schengen visa cancel or not...

Dear All,
I am in Belarus on Student visa. Few days ago i got Lithuania schengen visit visa.
My university take copy lithuania visa from me. They are saying we will go to litthuania embassy/ consulate and we will cancel this lithuania schengen visa.

1) can my university cancal my visa?
2) can i check online my europe visa status. Either it's valid or it's cancel? If yes plaease tell me the process.
3) if you go to lithuania embassy to know the visa status. Then will give me such type of information or not?

Your early and positive response will be highly appreciate.

Lyzko 30 | 7,754
1 Mar 2017 #17
I'd try the Russian Consulate first, as apparently you're a Russian national who just happens to be in Belarus:-) They might be able to straighten things out for you, diplomatically speaking, that is.
OP Olga777 3 | 7
1 Mar 2017 #18
I am not belarus national. What should i do now. 😪
Lyzko 30 | 7,754
1 Mar 2017 #19
As I mentioned, since you are likely a Russian national, the Russian Consulate/Embassy most probably handles such matters:-)
OP Olga777 3 | 7
30 May 2017 #20

Request for information

Dear all,
I have been apply my work permit in poland. My work permit card is underprocess. My visit visa is also finish.
I have some work to back home. For that i have some dollowinf questions..

1) when i exit from the piland air port. They will deport me or not?

2) if i go out from the poland than my card will be effect or not?

3) exit from the poland i need nay letter or approval from immegration department or any department...?

jon357 67 | 17,053
30 May 2017 #21
when i exit from the piland air port. They will deport me or not?

1. They don't deport you if you're leaving anyway. If you've overstayed your visa, they can however stop you from returning for a certain period of time. This is rare however I have seen it happen. You say your work permit is "underprocess" - do you have a promesa? If so, you should keep it with your passport.

2. Before EU entry when I needed a work permit there didn't used to be a problem, though I was given a bit of paper called a promesa. This may have changed, and may vary by country of origin.

3. No. You don't need a letter or approval in order to leave. Returning to Schengen though may be a serious problem if your visit visa has been overstayed.

A good place for advice would be a Russian language forum like VK. There will be plenty of people from Ukraine (who until very recently needed visas etc) and perhaps some people from Belarus who are in the same situation. In my own experience, it's rarely a problem leaving Poland, however the important thing for you is if there will be a problem returning - the best thing you can do is to speak to people from Belarus who are doing this now or people from Ukraine who have done this recently.
jon357 67 | 17,053
30 May 2017 #22
Edit. I just looked back in the thread and saw that your citizenship is from Turkey not Belarus. In that case, a good place for advice would be a forum for Turkish nationals like yourself who are in this exact situation right now, which is currently dependent on various policy issues to do with visas within the EU. Until visa free travel for Turkish citizens is in place hopefully soon, you may have problems re-entering Schengen - I have seen people turned away at the gate at Ataturk Airport by Turkish Airlines. Coming via Belarus probably wouldn't make any difference.

Good luck, anyway.
21 Oct 2017 #23
hey recived today from some company invitation for culture visa i dont know if this invitation is true or not coz there is just letter and temp of company he do it in two day
DominicB - | 2,709
21 Oct 2017 #24
No, it is not valid. A real invitation letter has to be issued by the local government.

It is clear that you are trying to pay some "agent', "consultant" or "recruiter" to get you into the EU. They are all frauds, and will only steal your money and give you nothing.
czescs - | 2
17 Nov 2018 #25
if i already got invitation letter from my polish friend, i dont need to bring financial proof of him to my embassy in indonesia or i should bring ? t
DarkSouls 2 | 1
30 Mar 2020 #26

Can I submit an application to invite a foreigner to Poland to the voidvoship office by mail?

I want to submit an application to invite a foreginer to Poland in summer, the thing is it needs 30 days for them to process it if it is sent by mail and immediately if we go to the office and since now the office closed all face to face meetings, is there a way I can apply for the application visa post office?

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