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Classic car registration in Poland

Paulski01 1 | -
13 Apr 2015 #1
Hi guys,

Would love some advice, I am about to buy an imported car (has been in Poland for some time already) but its not registered.

Is it odd that the seller has had the car for some time and not registered it?
What documents should I get from the seller.
Who should I contact to register it as a classic in Poland, its over 25 years old and out of production more than 15 years.

Anybody who has been down this road and who can help would be very much appreciated.

Looker - | 1,134
13 Apr 2015 #2
What documents should I get from the seller.

The most important is to have a proof of legal ownership of the car, for example sale and purchase agreement. It's obvious. Next the vehicle registration card if the owner has it. But it's not necessary in regards of the classic cars - then you only write an statement about the lack of this card.

Is it odd that the seller has had the car for some time and not registered it?

So maybe he has an evidencing problem that he is a legal owner of this car? It's happens sometimes, that somebody finds an old vehicle in a barn or in some other deserted location.

The another thing is, that it's not so easy to register an old, classic car in Poland. The first step to register an historic car car in Poland is to get so called Biala Karta (white card). All major components of the car have to be original. The law states that at least 75% of all parts should be genuine.

The cost of implementation of such a card by an expert (in three copies - it's the rule), together with relevant photographs of the vehicle, will cost between 250 and 450 PLN respectively.

So think twice before you buy an unregistered classic car. It is not easy process to register such a vehicle in Poland.

Who should I contact to register it as a classic in Poland

If it's not registered car, and you are trying to register it basing on the "white card", then the situation is quite complex. With a request for vehicle registration and proof of ownership of the classic vehicle, you go to the vehicle inspection station. You need also to have an appropriate, completed application for registration of historic car. The form consists of 71 detailed technical questions about the vehicle plus attached photographic documentation. Link:

If the car passes the technical examination, then you get the approval to entry into service.
The other required documents for the registration: owner ID, a decision on the inclusion of the vehicle into the monuments registry or a document confirming that the vehicle is in a central registry of the cultural goods.

Most of this entry is based on the online sources, so some translation may not be fully adequate.
16 Apr 2015 #3
Merged: Buying an unregistered classic in Poland

Hi guys

This may seem like a strange question, I want to buy an imported car (already in the country x months) that is still unregistered by the current owner, who is a private seller. VAT etc has been paid at point of entry apparently.

It will need some additional work before I can get it to pass the technical examination and therefore also may not be possible to register immediately by me.

My limited knowledge of import and registration indicates that the current owner should legally have registered after a small period of time. My question is if i buy this car could I have issues trying to register it as it has been in the country past the allocated time for registration.

I would appreciate any advice!


Looker - | 1,134
16 Apr 2015 #4
It will be no problem when registering it as a classic car - yellow plates in Poland.

Art. 72, paragraph 2b of the Law on Road Traffic dated June 20, 1997:

"In the case of historic vehicle, instead of the registration certificate, in the vehicle owner's statement, made under penalty of criminal prosecution for perjury, may be submitted that he does not have a registration certificate."

Tommy two guns
16 Apr 2015 #5
Well it might be a problem for the current owner, legally he should have registered it 30 days after he brought it to the country.

If you buy it you will have only 30 days also, but the previous owners issue might cause you problems when you do try to register it. I see a lot of dealers with unregistered cars, perhaps they have some additional rights, but for a private seller, he should have had it registered.

You may have problems registering it, I wouldnt buy it!

16 Apr 2015 #6
A better question is if it is even legal for the owner to sell an unregistered car.
Bikerjenko 2 | 28
17 Apr 2015 #7

I am no expert and can't answer all your questions but be sure to get a "UMOWA KUPNA SPRZEDAŻY SAMOCHODU" this is available on line.

If you plan to export the car in the future having a yellow plate make this very difficult (maybe not even possible) because the car will be an antique.

I was told that I had to register a motorcycle that I bought within 30 days, but when I tried I was told I couldn't because it didn't have a "Przegląd Techniczne" (MOT), so the 30 day rule did not apply, the local office know it has changed ownership because the previous owner registered the "UMOWA" with them, I can register it when I have the Polish MOT.

Colin (Tomaszow Maz.)
dhjelm 4 | 24
9 Apr 2019 #8

What about that classic car in Poland?!

I have received my 1973 Alfa Romeo Montreal.

My father in law tried to pay the akzysa (I know I got that word wrong) However, they did not allow him to pay because of the age of the car 48 years (not yet 50). Nevertheless, I must still pay akzysa within 14 days, unless the car is 50 years old. Welcome bureaucracy. I am unfortunately in Mexico, so I dont have the full overview of the situation. But I doubt it would help even if I was there, present.

Can anyone recommend me some "expert" on the subject of classic car import? I live in Bialystok

The car require 2-3 years of work, before I can even begin thinking of getting it on the road. Nevertheless, the recommendations at the traffic office was to get yellow plates on, and dont pay akzysa. Regardless of what I wrote above!

I want it to carry white license plates. The reason if that I plan to sell it abroad. And selling an antique (Yellow plates) is apparently difficult, and expensive.
kraison - | 1
6 Aug 2022 #9

Classic car restrictions in Poland

I am curious about restrictions on driving a classic car in Poland. I have a 1974 UAZ 452 and am working on getting it legal. I can choose to register it as an antique (yellow plates) or as a regular car. Registering as an antique seems to have some advantages (no yearly inspection, etc.), but I am wondering if Polish law places restrictions on usage. In the US, there are restrictions around miles driven per year as well as towing. Does Poland have similar laws?


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