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Dual citizenship (Mother forced to renounce Polish one)

Actonkin 1 | -
9 Nov 2012 #1
Hi everyone

My first visit to this forum so apologies if I'm missing any conduct expectations, haven't found my answer elsewhere here.

My gran is alive and is a Polish citizen
My mom moved to Israel aged 1 and her citizenship revoked in 1958, aged 2 (we have the docs)
My mom wants nothing to do with Poland (1960's anti-semitic communist events etc) and absolutely refuses to regain any citizenship, but has given me all the documents

In short - can I claim citizenship?

Thanks in advance

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
9 Nov 2012 #2
In short - can I claim citizenship?

No. You can only claim from your parents.
Aneslav - | 4
6 Dec 2012 #3

In my opinion you can. My friend works in Regional Office in Warsaw in Polish Citizenships Department and She told me that They had o lot of cases like yours. They have many applications form Jews and Israeli. If you have all documents and you grandfather has polish citizenship all you need is to apply for Polish citizenship in Polish Embbasy in Israel. They should be helpfull. They tell everything what you need to do. Of course it can last as the documents must be sent to Poland. If you have to apply from your parents' side it will be necessary your mother's confirmation of the citizenship.
6 Dec 2012 #4
If you have all documents and you grandfather has polish citizenship all you need is to apply for Polish citizenship in Polish Embbasy in Israel.

No: citizenship only passes down one generation; if your mother refuses to regain Polish citizenship, she has no Polish citizenship to pass on to you.
polishdocs - | 5
28 Jan 2013 #5
It is not true:) Not each renouncement is/was legally valid.
Most of people who left Poland during 50 and 60 had to renounce Polish citizen.
It doesn't mean that they can not apply for confirmation citizenship now.
gjene 14 | 204
28 Jan 2013 #6

It is understandable that your mother wants nothing to do with Poland. Probably from the horror stories she has no doubt heard from her parents and others of that generation. Another website to look into is the Poland forum on Polish expat talk. In there, you will find section on Polish Citizenship pt 3. There have been a lot of others with similar problems as yours.

Even though your mother does not want to go back, you will have to convince her as to how it will benefit you. In that website, the others that have gone through the hoops and got their Polish citizenship, some were Jews and one or two had a parent that did not want to regain. How they got around it I do not know. But one thing to check into is getting a confirmation of citizenship done in regards to your mother first. If it comes back that she still has citizenship, then you will be able to proceed. In order for you to proceed would be to get a long form of your birth certificate and get it translated into Polish. And you can do that in the meantime while you wait for the letter that will tell you if your mother has citizenship or not.


Were you able to look up the information on the website I mentioned? You can reach me by pm to let me know if it was of some assistance or not. I did send you a pm on this site, but not sure if you have read it.


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