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Is it ever worth it to renounce Polish citizenship?

jalleluja123 2 | 6
6 May 2017 #1
The United States allows dual citizenship after US naturalization though in practice it does not encourage it due to problems it can cause.

There are jobs which require Security Clearance that do not allow to exercise foreign citizenship (such as holding foreign passport) though Poland requires Polish citizens (including dual citizens) to enter/leave on Polish passport.

Also when you are in Poland, you may not get US consular assistance in case of legal problems. However, in practice it is often no problem if you do not break a law and do not have tax or military obligations.

What are other reasons someone would not want to keep dual citizenship status? There seems to be more reasons to keep it. For example, Polish passport enables visa-free travel to Brazil or the right to live, study and work in the EU.
6 May 2017 #2
Do not want to turn your world upside down but maybe you will find that interesting as a look down the rabbit hole.

Citizenship is a public benefit and as such carries corresponding duties and obligations. nothing is for free. one does not have to rescind it order not to be bound by it. our public commercial legal system (everything is commercial eg. all crimes are commercial and have a sum certain attached) is based on consent of the governed i.e. no consent no jurisdiction. one can wear many hats if he is knowledgeable enough to navigate the waters of commerce. navigation here is a reference to maritime-admiralty law of high seas under which we operate and "citizen" is part of it as a bottom level legal entity (corporation of one) or using a military hierarchy (admiralty is military) "citizen" is a private in any army. furthermore, citizen is a corporate legal entity and it works for a corporation he is an employee of. yes, usa is not a country but a corporation and therefore if one decides to identify (identify=make the same) himself with an employee of that corporation, he has to follow all the rules and regulations of said corporation. if you work for golden arches you are required to wear a uniform, show up for work well groomed and on time but if you enter one of their location topless and shoeless they say that they have the right to refuse you service and ask/order you to leave. do they really? if you let them apply their rules i.e. give them your consent their regulations become legally valid. what happens when you question their claim? are those your rules or my rules? where did you get my consent? show me a contract with my signature on it in which I agree to be bound by your regulations and if you cannot do not assume that it exists. in other words, no consent no law here.

to close my point which may seem to be off topic to an untrained eye, you do not need any approval from any corporation to use/not use the entity called "citizen" because you choose if you want to wear or not to wear that hat through your actions, inactions or signs. this is called contract. it is said in law that all law emanates from contract therefore law is contract and contract is law.

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