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Is this true about Polish pronunciation of English (that some words sound identical?)

Nightglade 7 | 97
25 Aug 2011 #31
Hopefully it is. It's a Bahamian island, so I'm not entirely certain. Either way, if I choose to use the material again, I'll settle for just Grand Turk island to avoid more mishaps. Have to be delicate sometimes, took me almost 5 minutes to calm one student's laughing frenzy at the sight of "shittim wood"
25 Aug 2011 #32
Just don't mention Friar Tuck going to Shittim Wood ok?
AggieK - | 1
19 Apr 2021 #33
As someone mentioned, it all depends on how much you were exposed and at what age. I think there is a lot to say about Poles that learned English on a fly vs those that studied English. Some arrived here in US mid age, learned English working and never went to school. When you take English classes they slow down, the exadurate the spelling and sound differences, they slow down to articulate and teach you pronouncing those differences. Where as, when we learn on a fly as we go about our days, ppl in general (Americans) speak super fast, often mumble, eat ends, rush through and in general, no one corrects but expects. When I ask someone to spell it out, they go even faster. I arrive here at 21 with no English, did not go to school. I learned, I can communicate, but still after almost 20 years here, I am one of those that CANNOT hear some of those differences, and some of those i can hear differentiate, i cannot pronounce correctly.
Novichok 4 | 7,546
19 Apr 2021 #34
speak super fast, often mumble, eat ends,

That comes from the uncertainty how to say it. Kids born here tend to do the same thing as if afraid that their time is up. I often tell my granddaughters to slow down - not because I can't understand them but because it's an annoying habit. Like saying "you know".

In my opinion, a slower rate goes with rank and assertiveness.

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