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"Poles" or "Polish people" - which is better to use?

jon357 63 | 15,722
2 May 2017 #152
Polak is reserved for within the Polish community

Or for anyone speaking Polish.
jon357 63 | 15,722
2 May 2017 #153
That's actually the opposite of the truth. What language get do you think people speak at home here in Poland?
24 May 2017 #154
I do know that the "Jewish" people in Israel now are not actually Jews (hence the "ish" on the end suggesting a similarity), and it makes make perfect sense considering the fact that Rome chased Isreals original Occupants (presumably ancestors of the Igbo tribe and also ancestors of a large % of "African Americans" residing in America today) out during the Roman era and replaced them with these Europeans that we see there today, however I have not heard anything in regards to the "ish" pertaining to Turks Poles Swedes etc, but that could just be for lack of research.
Polish>polak>po l
16 Oct 2017 #155
If someone called me a pole after I told them not to I'd beat them to the point I can drag their body to an actual pole on the side of the street, and I'd say watch your step you might fall on a pole and push them into it. Welcome to Poland the Polish Women and Men are nice. Polaks is less offensive to me. I'm not a thing you can hang lights, lock bike, stop cars with...
Roger5 1 | 1,458
16 Oct 2017 #156
Homonyms and homophones must be very distressing for you generally.
mafketis 24 | 9,145
16 Oct 2017 #157
He must be very confused when people talk about one of their eye's or being referred to as a female sheep.
17 Oct 2017 #158
I prefer say Polish people. Maybe its even not rude but I do not use Poles.
Lyzko 28 | 7,019
20 Oct 2017 #159
In English, "Polish people" sounds absolutely fine. Of course, we can also just as easily (and correctly) say/write "the Poles" or "the Polish", as one expresses the idea of "the Spanish", "the French", etc.
8 Nov 2017 #160
My preference would be "Polishmen" as in Englishmen and Frenchmen.
Lyzko 28 | 7,019
8 Nov 2017 #161
And of course, your "preference" would sound ridiculous in English, save for referring to a group of "Polish men" as opposed to women:-)
pawian 176 | 14,299
9 Jan 2021 #162
Polish people is too long. So, I stopped using it long ago. But I see that it is often used by foreigners.
mafketis 24 | 9,145
9 Jan 2021 #163
This is true across a number of names for nationalities, "Spanish people" seems more common to me now than Spaniards (which sounds a bit old-fashioned) same with lots of others Italians is still pretty common but personally I can't imagine saying "Frenchmen" with a straight face.... French people or the French....
pawian 176 | 14,299
9 Jan 2021 #164
than Spaniards (which sounds a bit old-fashioned)

And politically incorrect, possibly? You know, Spaniards brutally colonised vast areas in Americas etc.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,869
10 Jan 2021 #165
Yeh words like 'Spaniard' or ' Frenchman' are kind of obsolete.

I had to get rid of a Spanish person off my fb cos all he posted was stuff about the evils of British Empire and how stupid and undereducated Brits are.

I was like 'mate worry about your own savage colonial history and it's aftermath before crying about ours'. Lol.

The kind of person who think Britain still having Gib is 'wrong ' unarguably but see Ceuta and Mellila as ....just fine.

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