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Trying to interpret a letter from Poland

NinaM 1 | 1
15 May 2020 #1
Please tell me what "Warszawa 32" means...Is it a district in Warsaw?
I am trying to interpret " ul. Smiala 1m3" Polska
This was a letter written to my Grandmother mailed from Warsaw in 1955...
The individual was in a concentration camp and is related to me. Thank you...I will also try and use a Polish translator. If I have written this incorrectly it is because I am having trouble reading person's writing.
jon357 66 | 16,920
16 May 2020 #2
ul. Śmiała 1 = No. 1 Śmiała Street. m3 = mieszkania (apartment) 3. So the address in English is Apartment 3, No. 1 Śmiała Street.

Ul. Śmiała is in the southern part of Żoliborz in Warsaw, almost in the city centre, you can find it on Google Maps. I know it well; it's a pleasant part of town. Quite an expensive area nowadays,

Don't worry about the 32, that signifies the local post office, a few streets away on ul. Filarecka. Now Warsaw addresses no longer list the local post office, There's a system like postal/zip codes instead.
OP NinaM 1 | 1
16 May 2020 #3
Thank you very much for that info!

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