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News In Easy Polish (sample websites)?

avemg 1 | -
18 Dec 2010 #1

Does anyone know of a site that offers news in simple Polish? Radio France International has something similar for French; basically they produce a newscast of current events but do it in relatively easy French and they publish a transcript to go along with it. I would love to find something similar for Polish.

18 Dec 2010 #2
Is there anything like simple polish? Probably only difficult polish exists unfortunately.
mafketis 34 | 11,619
18 Dec 2010 #3
At present there is no such program I believe. The closest might be the spoken part of tv news broadcasts intended for deaf people as those are often slowed down and simplified a little (I could understand those before understanding the regular news).

Such a thing would be possible but there's no desire among Polish people to produce such programs due to overall cultural negative attitudes toward 'simplification'.

The idea is if it's easy to understand then just anyone can understand it therefore it's no very good quality. (this attitude is not restricted to Poland but is frequent in eastern and southern europe as well). The pro-plain language attitudes you find in English speaking countries and northern europe have little appeal to Poles.

If I were to imagine how to do such a thing I would involve lots of fluent non-native speakers (who have a better idea of what's harder and easier for learners).

In reading my reccommendation always remains - Disney. I learned more practical Polish from Donald Duck comics than in all the courses I took put together.
myjustyna 6 | 33
13 May 2011 #4
Merged: What is the best on-line news service in POLISH?


What is the best on-line news service in the Polish language? Something with up-to-date news about Poland and other countries and about different topics with various articles such as DAILY LIFE, politics, sport, science, medicine . . .
convex 20 | 3,978
13 May 2011 #5
Let's see: i'd use,,,,

Try some!
Rob10 3 | 4
18 Mar 2020 #6

Can anyone recommend a good web source in English for current Polish news?

Not sure that sentence makes too much sense but I mean I want to know the latest developments and Government announcements etc. Thanks for your help
pawian 187 | 17,522
18 Mar 2020 #7
Polish state TV and radio run their own sites in English:
jon357 70 | 19,612
18 Mar 2020 #8
Notes from Poland is excellent.
antheads 13 | 366
18 Mar 2020 #9
notesfrompoland is progaganda written by morons. is a lot more coprehensive and the new kid on the block,
jon357 70 | 19,612
18 Mar 2020 #10


btw, belongs to PAP, the official mouthpiece of the regime. It's basically a PR operation...
pawian 187 | 17,522
18 Mar 2020 #11
the official mouthpiece of the regime

Yes, but the OP mentioned the government so I also provided state sites.

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