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Imci Pana meaning

13 Jan 2022 #1
Hello, I am currently researching several older Polish sources and have come across the phrase "imci pana" when describing someone . I have not been able to find any difinitive explanation to what this means. Is there anyone who knows what it means ?
Alien 21 | 5,220
15 Jan 2022 #2
It must be old Polish and it means Sir or dear Sir.
mafketis 37 | 10,880
15 Jan 2022 #3

an abbreviation 'jego miłość' (his love) formerly used as a polite expression, mostly before a last name or title

imć pan (very roughly) 'your most honorable lord'

imci pana the same but in the genitive/accusative case

"skrót zwrotu jego miłość, używany dawniej jako wyrażenie grzecznościowe, przeważnie przed nazwiskiem lub tytułem
Imć wojewoda.. ."

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