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"Hilarious" Mistakes? (Esp. Across Polish and other Slavic Languages)

Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
8 Dec 2011 #61
a small paper bag is also torebka

which would be no use for all that shopping, which is why he needs a carrier bag and not a handbag ;)
wwwpolyglotocom 1 | 21
8 Dec 2011 #62
Yeah it is all about homonyms which I believe are troublesome for everyone in every language as two words can be pronounced in the same way but mean different things and their spelling might be actually different to. You just need to remember them, practice, practice and more practice :)
8 Dec 2011 #63
the third is a bit heavy heavy is a bit heavy chraszcz? its a basic polish book? would have to get a book online as its not easy buying books on polish grammar here :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
9 Dec 2011 #64
For Natasa and Crow, what does opaliłem się mean in Serbo-Croatian?

How about zatrudnić kogoś?

Poles often say 'oh, kurcze'. Any different meaning in S-C?
gumishu 11 | 5,603
9 Dec 2011 #65
torebka can well be used instead of reklamówka

I didn't make myself clear - where I live the word 'torebka' can well be used in place of 'reklamówka' - rekalamówka can actually be a not so big plastc bag with no graphics on it
Apprentice 2 | 4
22 May 2013 #66
Hi all
I have many Polish friends, and made amazing errors (especially speaking Polish)! I'll relate a few soon!

22 May 2013 #67
Often times, these false friends can be hilarious indeed, witness Polish "pukać" = to knock vs. Russian "pukat" = to fart etc... Many times though, the reverse is true and certain Slavic languages have words with no equivalent in another Slavic language, such as Polish "słowo" = word and "beseda" in Slovene meaning the same thing etc...
JeremyTaylor - | 2
28 May 2013 #68
I think the word 'Sukat' means 'to look for' in Polish. In Czech it is a primitive word for making love.
28 May 2013 #69
I think the word 'Sukat' means 'to look for' in Polish

pawian 176 | 14,299
18 Sep 2020 #70
There are a few Polish sayings with intentional grammar, syntax or other mistakes.

Do not afraid the frog - the frog in water doesn`t butt.

Or they are created by crazy comedies: What the fekk you are talking for me?

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