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Polish Food Cat Names

Karilopa 1 | -
2 Apr 2023 #1
I'm hoping to adopt a cat soon and would like some name ideas. I already have one cat named Gołabki, and would like the future cat to have a similar name.

1. The name is also the name of a Polish dish/food.
2. The name is 2-3 syllables in length.
3. The name ends in an "ee" sound.

· Faworki
· Pierogi
· Pierniki
· Ogorki
· Paçzki

Translations are also appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Alien 20 | 4,979
3 Apr 2023 #2
named Gołabki,

You shouldn't named your cat "Gołąbki" because it is plural. The proper name would be - Gołąbek. The same with your other examples.
jon357 74 | 22,054
3 Apr 2023 #3
You shouldn't named your cat "Gołąbki" because it is plural

You can have a cat called 'Burgers'. I wouldn't, but you can.

How about Pyzy?

Or Kluski?
cinek 2 | 347
4 Apr 2023 #4
Kaszanka. Doesn't end with ee, but very Polish :-)
pawian 223 | 24,390
4 Apr 2023 #5
Or Kluski?

My uni times girlfriend had a few cats which were regularly killed by cars in the street where she lived in Tarnów. One of these cats was named Klusek coz he was a bit fat.

It was her who passed the love for cats onto me.

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