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Polish food vs Ukrainian food

17 Sep 2016 #1
Anyone here who tried both Polish food and Ukrainian food? Which tastes better? I wanna hear your opinions.

Fog Mafia 1 | 1
17 Sep 2016 #2
Certainly polish except Ukrainian barsz(soup) is very popular and Ruskin pierogis
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
17 Sep 2016 #4
I think it is soup made from duck's blood.....
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
17 Sep 2016 #5
My boyfriend goes on about it all the time and wants to have it the idea of that is disgusting I wonder if it's a real thing
17 Sep 2016 #6
What is ducks blood soup

Something I'm sure your boyfriend has eaten a lot of (personally I like it but the restaurant version is rather different).
DominicB - | 2,707
18 Sep 2016 #7
More likely to be eaten by Polish Americans than by Poles. Ate it often when I was growing up in Scranton. You could even buy the blood in the supermarket. But never even saw it during my twelve years in Poland. Can't even say I ever met any Pole who ever ate it, in fact.

Delicious, if homemade. I had it in a restaurant once in Chicago, though, and it was God awful. Nothing at all like the homemade version.
22 Jan 2017 #8
Most everything between the two are essentially identical.

I grew up in a neighborhood (Detroit) that was about 30% Ukrainian, 50% Polish background, here, parents were first generation American-born. Gołómki are a classic difference that I noticed between the two. Ukrainian's fill them about 8/10ths rice, Poles about 8/10ths meat (ideally 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 ground veal, and 1/3 ground pork). The Ukrainian ones are way bigger than the Polish ones. Otherwise they taste the same. Pierogi are exactly alike, far as I could tell. I never saw a Ukrainian (or myself) eat czarnina. Poles made the best babkas, Ukrainians I knew there, put together tortes to die for. I spent many a cloudy depressing early March day making pisanki at my Ukrainian neighbor's house. Poles just used Paa's easter egg dye on Good Friday.
NoToForeigners 7 | 991
22 Jan 2017 #9

What's that? Did you mean "gołąbki"?
Namenotavailabl e
23 Aug 2017 #10

Yes.. that is most likely what Bejma meant. I really don't know how it came to be but I grew up calling them Golomki also. I'm 2nd generation Pole in the US. When I first found out they were actually call golabki, I thought perhaps my family just called them Golomki because one of the oldest children couldn't say it right and it just caught on with the rest of the family. As I got older I found that many of the Polish families here called it that. No idea why.
10 Mar 2022 #11
Polish and Ukrainian cuisine to the outsider are virtually the same. The two countries are neighbors, have similar climates and use the same ingredients. The differences are so minute as to be basically irrelevant. These are your classic Slavic cuisines from Eastern Europe and are also akin to Russian foods.They rely heavily on cabbage, beets, potatoes, mushrooms, salted and cured meats. There are few fruits or non-root vegetables,due to the cold climate. These cuisines are hearty and heavy, but lack diversity or any real expertise in preparation.
Vlad1234 17 | 889
10 Mar 2022 #12
White Barszcz Zurek is purely Polish.

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