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Family Polish Language Games

BlackPerks 1 | 2    
18 Dec 2016  #1

Hi All,

I'm at a beginner level of Polish and wondered if anyone knew of any games I can play with my Polish speaking daughter (7 years old) and wife?

OP BlackPerks 1 | 2    
19 Dec 2016  #2

To clarify, games that will aid my learning of Polish, not just the Polish edition of Monopoly!
Lyzko 17 | 4,435    
19 Dec 2016  #3

Scrabble in Polish would undoubtedly be the best, at least for an intermediate to advanced level. Hangman's too difficult, I've found, even for native Polish speakers, I was told:-)
OP BlackPerks 1 | 2    
19 Dec 2016  #4

Ok, Polish Scrabble it is then.
Lyzko 17 | 4,435    
19 Dec 2016  #5

Only a suggestion, BlackPerks, don't necessarily take my word for it:-)

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