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Ethnic backround of suffixes of Polish surnames

26 Dec 2019 #31
Hi Terri, thanks for your answer! I am curious why you think it's of Russian origin? Some Polish people told me it's a Polish name, but I doubt it too, because I know my grandparents lived in a German enclave in Romania/Bukovina. Based on what I've read so far on this forum I guessed the name Skiczuk might have been formed by "Skic" ( ) and the patronym -zuk, but that is supposedly Ukrainian, which is also quite strange given the fact they were Germans.
Ironside 49 | 10,369
26 Dec 2019 #32
grandparents lived in a German enclave

So what? The name is not German, nor Russian. Its Rusinskie/ could be Ukrainian could be Polish. Religion would be most telling although not in 100%.

By the way Terri ain't an expert nor is she Polish,
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
26 Dec 2019 #33
Was told my family name, Pajdo, is in fact not Polish, maybe Ruthenian or some such ethnicity.
26 Dec 2019 #34
Catholic I guess...
Ironside 49 | 10,369
28 Dec 2019 #35
There you go - 100% Polish.
Cargo pants 2 | 480
28 Dec 2019 #36
My wife last name was NIKOLAS not NICHOLAS and that is not Polish.I always wonder.

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