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Cult statements in the Polish language

pawian 223 | 24,583
18 Apr 2024 #1
I have just read that certain celebrity linguist is thinking of writing a book about 100 cult statements/sentences known to every Pole and Poless. He is looking forward to our suggestions.

His first suggestion is ALA MA KOTA - Alice has a cat, used nearly 100 years ago in one of editions of the most popular Polish primer book. I can proudly admit I also used it when attending primary school. My edition was better - it had colour illustrations.

jon357 74 | 22,469
18 Apr 2024 #2
cult statements/sentences known to every Pole

Torq 7 | 734
18 Apr 2024 #3
It's ChWDP

Chcę Wstąpić Do Policji ;)
Alien 21 | 5,220
18 Apr 2024 #4
It's ChWDP

Chyba wyjechać do Polski.
OP pawian 223 | 24,583
18 Apr 2024 #5
Thanks for your input but this thread isn`t only for Poles and Polesses. Foreigners who don`t know Polish might also drop in here.

That is why it would be nice if you provided translations of your suggestions.
mafketis 37 | 10,880
18 Apr 2024 #6
What about TKM?

Although I'm not sure if young people know it so well....

Nie chcem ale muszem?

Polak potrafi?
Feniks - | 221
18 Apr 2024 #7
Chcę Wstąpić Do Policji ;)

Chyba wyjechać do Polski.

I don't think so........

What about TKM?

Politicians like this....
OP pawian 223 | 24,583
18 Apr 2024 #8
Guys, stop polluting this thread with untranslated Polish sentences. I already told you. Mind our foreigners.
Lenka 5 | 3,532
18 Apr 2024 #9
Nie chcem ale muszem?

Love that one.

Jestem za a nawet przeciw. ( I'm in favour and even against)

Jestem kobieta pracująca. Żadnej pracy się nie boje (I'm a working women. I'm not scared of any work)
jon357 74 | 22,469
19 Apr 2024 #10
It's ChWDP

Chcę Wstąpić Do Policji ;)


I've seen that often enough but far more often HWDP especially 20-30 years ago in Warsaw. It was written everywhere; you couldn't avoid it. It was something that stood out when I arrived.
mafketis 37 | 10,880
19 Apr 2024 #11
far more often HWDP

Back when it was most heavily used in graffiti, the spelling with samo h (plain h) was used more or less 100% of the time.

The first time I say the version with 'ch' in print it looked wrong and awkward....

What about

Mam to w dvpie! (I have it in my @ss = I don't give a sh!t)

previous proposals by me (with translations)

Nie chcem ale muszem? (I don't wanna but I gotta = I don't want to, but I have to)

Polak potrafi? (A Pole can! or more freel Poles can get the job done! or Poles get it done!) slogan from Gierek times

teraz kurvva my! (It's _our_ fvkking turn now!)

śpiewać każdy może (anyone can sing) iconic song from 1977 performed by non-singer Jerzy Stuhr

widzę ciemność! (I see dark) from the iconic 1983 sci fi comedy Sex-mission

Einstein była kobietą! (Einstein was a woman!) from the same movie

Niemcy mnie biją! (Germans are beating me up! by former politician Jan Rokita during a disagreement with staff on a Lufthansa flight)
Torq 7 | 734
19 Apr 2024 #12
And some classics by "fachowcy":

Wedle winkla, wedle piona, a robota spierdolona (With a plumb line, with a square, and the job's botched anyway).

...and the same guy would also say: w moim fachu nie ma strachu (in my trade there's no fear).


Edit: and, of course, the immortal "Uuuu, panie, a kto to panu tak spierdolił?". :D

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