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Cult videos on Polish youtube

29 Jun 2013 #1
Here are videos which gathered a lot of Polish views on youtube and became cult/classic:

Cars are sliding down on an icy road and crash. Priceless comments in the background: Ale urwał! Excellent rip off! at 0:18.
Sunny Girl
14 Jul 2013 #2
That's why i hate winter. It is always so dangerous when streets and pavements are covered with ice and snow.
OP pawian
2 Aug 2013 #3
Czechoslovakian cabaret music production from 1970s became a hit a few years ago and scored millions of viewings:
2 Aug 2013 #4
Hint: If it gets millions of hits, it's not a "cult" classic. In English "cult" means a small, non-mainstream, eccentric but very loyal audience (that likes the piece in question for possibly very different reasons than the creator intended).

kultowy =/= cult
OP pawian
2 Aug 2013 #5
Wow, that`s interesting. Thanks for making it clear. :):):)

Sorry, I have come across the phrase on several occasions and it refered to films which appealed to many people, not just

small, non-mainstream, eccentric but very loyal audience

E.g., Anita Ekberg, the star of cult classic "La Dolce Vita", is hard-up and homeless and has asked for money from the foundation of the film's director, Federico Fellini, Italian newspaper La Stampa has reported.

La Dolce Vita (Italian pronunciation: [la ˈdoltʃe ˈviːta]; Italian for "the sweet life" or "the good life")[1] is a 1960 comedy-drama film written and directed by the critically acclaimed director Federico Fellini. The film is a story of a passive journalist's week in Rome, and his search for both happiness and love that will never come. La Dolce Vita won the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival[2] and the Oscar for Best Costumes.[3]
3 Aug 2013 #6
Anita Ekberg, the star of cult classic "La Dolce Vita"

That seems odd too because Fellini was a mainstream director and LDV is enjoyed by most people sincerely rather than ironically (another marker of a cult movie).

The classic definition of cult is more applied to movies like Troll 2

also see

A Polish cult movie might be Hydrozagadka (if it has a small devoted following).
OP pawian
3 Aug 2013 #7
That seems odd too because Fellini was a mainstream director and LDV is enjoyed by most people sincerely rather than ironically (another marker of a cult movie).

Yes, doesn`t it?

But there are many more cases of the usage of cult classic about box office hits....... :):):)

George Lucas's epic film saga Star Wars (Episodes I - VI) has become a cult classic and its characters cultural icons. One such character who made his film debux in "The Empire Strikes Back", was Yoda.

Do you think people who say so don`t know their English???

PS. All in all, I am afraid the old meaning of cult has changed and now it is very close to its Polish counterpart.
3 Aug 2013 #8
I am afraid the old meaning of cult has changed

To the extent that that's true it bugs the hell out of me because it leaves a semantic hole...

If Star Wars is a cult classic then how can you describe fans (like me) of the wretched Star Wars Christmas Special?
OP pawian
4 Aug 2013 #9
a "cult" classic.

Stuhr may be best known for his minor role as thick-witted hairdresser Jurek in Kieślowski's Three Colors: White, in which he starred alongside Julie Delpy, Janusz Gajos, and Zbigniew Zamachowski. In Poland and nearby countries, he is probably best known for the part of Max in Juliusz Machulski's 1984 dystopian cultcomedy Seksmisja (one of the most popular Polish movies),

Pop music hits score dozens of millions views too

Piersi Balkanica

She dances for me

English version
2 Feb 2022 #10

Polish Youtube


Please can anyone recommend any good shows in polish on youtube? I'm in the Uk and have exhausted all the Polish Netflix shows/films.

I only regularly watch on youtube:-

Uwaga! TVN
7 Metrów Pod Ziemia
Planeta Abstrakcja
Sprawa Dla Reportera (shite)

Anything else worth watching.

Thank you!
3 Feb 2022 #11
Sprawa Dla Reportera (shite)

It used to be awesome! I think it's glory days were the 1990s, rife with financial and other fraud and other scandals. It actually served a function then.

And Jaworowicz was a hoot, with ridiculous body language (draping herself across the chair as if it were a chaise longue and being filmed through a burlap sack to hide her wrinkles...

But after 2010 or so... as Poland became more prosperous, it seemed a lot less.... relevant and they had to dig harder for stories that were.... mostly pretty lame.

A few years ago they devoted a whole segment to two families feuding (over some trivial nonsense) in some village. Listening to a bunch of buraki squabbling over a fence or disappearing chickens was not as interesting as people losing their life savings when the head of the building company they were buying housing from disappeared in the middle of the night... and the builder's lawyers assuring that he had acted in accordance with regulations....
OP pawian
3 Feb 2022 #12
Cars are sliding down on an icy road and crash. Priceless comments in the background: Ale urwał! Excellent rip off!

7 Jan 2024 #13
These aren't cult videos, but quite interesting - I personally haven't seen such content on Polish YouTube before - this YouTuber Ajthepolishamerican spends 24h or 48h in various Polish uniformed units and films his experiences (all videos are in Polish).


Here AJ spent 48h at Polish Secret Service - he and his friend went through a basic physical ability test, physical qualification exam for SOP (Służba Ochrony Państwa - State Protection Service), they were shown how to protect VIPs and witnessed some impressive driving skills by SOP agents (they tried it themselves too).

It was the first time an outsider Youtuber was allowed inside to film some of their training:

Part 1 (physical ability test, some training and driving):

Part 2 (physical exam for joining SOP) :


AJ also spent one day at a Polish counterterrorist unit in Warsaw going through a physical ability exam for joining such a unit. He didn't read about it and didn't prepare for it in order to have 100% surprise :) Normally, if there were more candidates, it would last from 8 am to 8 pm, but since it was only him - it was shorter (12 hours, I think). As far as I remember he didn't pass only one element. The funniest part of the exam was the so called "test zbroi" (armour test) lol 🐕‍🦺💩 After a few days AJ concluded that this exam was enough to give him a bit of PTSD lol




AJ spending 48 hours as a Polish paratrooper - physical ability test, visiting a cave with cute bats where only one person died :), jumping with a parachute from an airplane, fighting in trenches, etc.:



I think those videos are actually a good way to promote those units and to encourage potential candidates to join :)

The rest of videos (police, Navy, etc.) you can find on his channel.
7 Jan 2024 #14
Part 2 (physical exam for joining SOP) :

Ah, sorry, that's a physical ability test for WZS (Wydział Zabezpieczeń Specjalnych), so a more advanced level - you have to be already a member of SOP in order to get into that department. The American equivalent would be Counter-Assault Team from Secret Service or Mobile Security Division ("Ninja's") from US Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).
1 Feb 2024 #15
AJ strikes again and this time... he lands in prison lol And not just any prison, but the oldest working prison in Poland (in Nowy Wiśnicz) - a former monastery complex founded by count Lubomirski after an important and victorious battle of Chocim (Khotyn) in 1621 in which Polish-Lithuanian-Cossack forces defeated the invading Ottoman army.


(the prison with a castle on the right in the photo)

I found it strange that Poles would change such a monastery into a prison and so I checked the history of this place and it was Habsburg emperor Joseph II that liquidated the monastery and turned it into a court and high-security prison in 1783.

At first it was a prison for criminals and bandits from the Tatra Mountains, but later on also political prisoners were being sent there - members of independence organisations.

In 1919 POWs were being kept there and later it became a temporary military prison.

During WWII the Nazis turned it into a camp - until Auschwitz camp started operating. The church was dismantled.

In 1944 a successful mission of freeing the inmates by 36 AK (Home Army) fighters took place with only 6 AK soldiers operating as an assault group inside the prison. The prison was completely taken over, 128 political prisoners were freed and weapons, ammunition and other military equipment obtained. Those prisoners were saved the day before being sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

The commander of the AK attack on the prison was Lt. Józef Wieciech aka "Tamarow".

So, that's a place with some history...

And, as AJ pointed out - in this winter fairytale scenery you can feel there like in some mountain resort in Slovakia (if it wasn't a prison, of course lol) :)



(American equivalent = prison Special Operations and Response Teams - SORT)


In this video AJ gets into the part of being both a rebellious prisoner and a GISW (Grupa Interwencyjna Służby Więziennej) operator. He also passes a physical ability test for GISW after wich you become a GISW candidate:


Here AJ passes a physical ability test in full uniform after which you can become a member of GISW. The test takes place in an abandoned prison (where two TV series are being filmed, btw). He also takes part in real exercises as a GISW operator - quenching a prison mutiny with a fire taking place inside the prison.

He also finally gets bitten by a service dog lol :))): 🐕‍🦺

So, what's next in those series? The most popular comment under the first video suggests GROM :) 😎 I guess letting him in there would be fitting considering AJ's nickname (Ojciec = Father), but is that possible? I guess we'll see... For now the next video may be about spending 24h as a prisoner, apparently! 👀
27 Feb 2024 #16
The most popular comment under the first video suggests GROM :)

Sooo... Formoza after all :D Cool! 😎👌

From what I understood the Formoza episode will be recorded from 8 to 12 April and AJ will need some knowledge about survival, because he'll spend two days in the forest.

So, for now - a video where AJ is learning survival in the forest from a survival expert from Partyzanci Lubelszczyzny - there are some useful tips there :):

OP pawian
9 Mar 2024 #17
Cars are sliding down on an icy road and crash into each other. Priceless comments in the background: Ale urwał! Excellent rip off!

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