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Mister H   
29 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / I have concerns over the British immigration policy so I wrote to my MP. [126]

It is often suggested on here that anyone who has concerns over the current lack of any decent immigration policy should write to their MP.

So I just have.

I hope that those who will have read any of my previous posts would know that I'm not a mud slinging, axe grinding xenophobe. I'm just an average bloke.

I'll happily PM a copy of the letter to anyone who is interested in its content.
Mister H   
29 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Time for the Poles from the UK to go home [437]

Some will stay and some will go.

Personally I would have thought that most would want to go home eventually as that is where they are from originally. Whether it's called national pride or just missing the streets that are most familiar, I don't quite get why many Polish would care so little about Poland, that they never want to live there again.
Mister H   
6 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

Poles really are inferior t the british in every way arent they.

The article doesn't mention Polish drivers specifically, so your comments are more than a little inflammatory.

To me, this is like the benefit entitlement situation, in that having a driving licence issued in an EU country shouldn't entitle someone to drive in another EU country. They should be tested by the other country they want to drive in. To me that is just common sense.

It isn't just the EU either though. I know someone who took their test in Zimbabwe and now lives here and they got a UK licence just by sending off the form. I also know someone from New Zealand who has done just the same.

The DVLA needs to get its house in order to test anyone from anywhere who wants to drive on UK roads but has a licence issued elsewhere.

I agree that there are more foreign cars on the roads now (no idea if they are taxed and MOTd properly though) but standards of driving are terrible across the board.

I'm glad to get home every night in one piece and find driving much more hazardous than I used too.