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Mister H   
16 Jan 2010

It looks like you're trying to taunt somebody into some kind of quarrel.

I agree.

What came as a great disappointment to me upon arrival is that Great Britain has allowed so many of its traditions to go down the drain over the years

Gradually watered down by too much immigration and a general population that seems to no longer give a f**k.
Mister H   
9 Jan 2010
UK, Ireland / Proof of Address (my Polish gf moving to the UK) [14]

Let her call the bank and inquire about the bank's services.

As someone that has worked for a bank in the past, I can tell you that what you suggest will not help her get a bank account.

Being sent marketing information proves nothing.

She needs a rental agreement or something similar.
Mister H   
6 Jan 2010
Polonia / Polish people in New Delhi [86]

I am moving to New Delhi to settle down over there...

Have you been before ?

I'm British rather than Polish, but New Delhi is a real baptism of fiire for a first trip to India and if you're planning on living there too, then there will be even more to get used too.

What will you be doing there ?
Mister H   
10 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

Today I got thrown out of a bank for example, by a bank manager, who suggested that I should close my accounts, and she will not have the time to meet me at 2 (but it was at 4!), ok, she will not have the time to meet me at 3 (but it was at 4!) no time at 3!

That had nothing to do with you being Polish though.
Mister H   
23 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Poland continues to milk Ireland dry. [129]


Can I just ask you what, if anything, you are actually doing to get your views known by someone that can actually instigate change ?

Posting on here will not get you far. Some will agree with you and some won't, but regardless of however many agree, nothing will change.

Have you ever written to any of your elected representatives ? ok, it probably won't make a lot of difference, but you should still make the effort.

I've read a fair few of your posts now and, for the most part, I agree with what you're saying and much of what you said could have been written by me about immigration into Britain.

The lack of a managed immigration policy (both EU and non-EU and I think that they should both be vastly improved and both have some very stringent rules) is taking the UK to the brink.

Immigration will be the elephant in the room at the next election.
Mister H   
18 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / What do you hate about England and English people? [142]

My Scottish friends don't know that as I don't really talk about the English to them.

I think it is true that many brown-black people ruined parts of Birmingham. I was told this by a brown dude from there. They drafted in guns and made the work of the police harder. He is based in OZ now and never wants to go back there.[quote=Seanus]

I agree with what you say about Birmingham and "white flight" is certainly something you could say is evident there. Although I wouldn't say that people specifically moved so that they didn't live next door to someone that wasn't British, I just think that they felt too overwhelmed and a little pushed to one side - ring any bells, sense of déjà vu ?

Personally, I think any area of the country that is totally one thing or the other isn't ideal.

While ARSE may not be a jailbird or in the KKK, someone saying that they "hate" someone purely based on their ethnic background is just ignorant. People like ARSE are part of the problem, not the solution.

Wake up and get with the programme, ARSE, the 1950s ended years ago.
Mister H   
18 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / What do you hate about England and English people? [142]

I hate the political correctness, the blacks and the Asians. I live in fantastic white man's Northern town. Political correctness here is non-existant, like another country! If I was Prime Minister they'd all be shipped out tomorrow.

That's a very nasty and ignorant thing to say.

How can you hate people you've never met ?

You've not been around in a while, let out of prison I take it ?
Mister H   
18 Apr 2009

Unfortunately, people do not realize that good and bad neighborhoods make a difference and a cheap rent is not worthed the risk...

I agree, it's an awful thing to have happened, but often cheap places to live are cheap for a reason.

Sadly we've long since lost the time when regular patrol of policeman were seen and there seems little protection for decent citizens these days. Wer'e all pretty much on our own. Decent folk need to stick together.

Even if the evil little sh!t that did this gets caught, what kind of justice will the victim's family see ?

It's not as though murderers get sent down for any decent length of time anymore.
Mister H   
22 Mar 2009
UK, Ireland / English teenager refused service at Polish shop [87]

Heres another racist shopkeeper.
BNP Supporter?

I wouldn't say he is a racist and I doubt he is a BNP supporter. The BNP probably wouldn't let him in due to his skin colour. He would be one of the first people the BNP would want kicked out of the country if they ever got any kind of power.

Mr Kumarasiri is just trying to make the point that there are too many people in the UK that don't speak enough English to even buy a stamp. He made the effort to learn the language when he came to live here. He just thinks everyone else should too.

Did you read what he said ?

He had said: "I am part of a service but how can I serve them if I don't understand what they are asking for?

"When I came to England I obeyed the British way of life, I got into the British way of life.

"That is what I ask everyone else to do - respect the country where you are working and living."

Banning people from his Post Office may seem a little severe, but I agree with his motives for doing so.

As usual though, people just want to jump on him and call him names.
Mister H   
19 Mar 2009
News / "Poles want cut on foreign workers" - (in Poland obviously) [47]

You really don't get it do you!Do you think cheap labour is benefical for your "average" pole? Do you think your "average" pole can aford to take home peanuts to feed his family and pay his mortgage? Do you think your "average" pole wants to feel like a foreigner in his own country?

Be careful what you wish for, is all I can say!

Exactly, this is the whole point. It isn't about trying to "stop" people from living and working where they choose, but it shouldn't be at the expense of those who are nationals of that country.

If you're born and brought up somewhere and need a certain level of income in order to survive (not live the high-life, just be able to manage) it is unfair for foreign labour to pitch-up and live 10 to a room and work for next to nothing, simply because that money will go a lot further when they send it home.

The country may not owe you a living, but it should at least offer you a fighting chance of a decent one if that is where you come from and call home.
Mister H   
18 Mar 2009
News / "Poles want cut on foreign workers" - (in Poland obviously) [47]

"Unions in Poland want to see strict quotas introduced on the numbers of foreign workers.
They claim foreigners are taking jobs and working 'for peanuts'.

In a mirror of Britain, trade unions are demanding 'Polish jobs for Polish workers'.

Up to 1million Poles headed abroad - more than 500,000 to Britain and 200,000 to Ireland - during the boom years, with many taking jobs apparently for less than indigenous workers. Many have now headed home as the recession bites across Europe to find Chinese and Ukrainian workers doing jobs for less than they would."

Good for them I say, I just hope that the Polish Government is more inclined to listen than the British Government.
Mister H   
5 Mar 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles do a U turn: England to Poland and then back to England again. [23]

The Polish Wave Returns to the UK

I'm not sure what to make of this. Surely the whole point of making a decision is having the resolve to stick to it.

I couldn't connect to the article the OP posted but the news here is depicting a different story for some Polish people :(

"Charlotte McHugh of the charity said some of their passports had expired, but it cost a lot to travel to London to replace them so they were trapped."

We all know when our passports are due to expire, so if things are looking bleak a few months or so before they run out, then it's time to act. Maybe I'm being cynical, but isn't it a tad convenient to be able to say "I can't go home now as my passport as expired!" ?

People should take some personal responsbility and make sure that they have some emergency money for such things or return home before it runs out.
Mister H   
5 Feb 2009
Love / English girl. Do Polish men afraid to show their feelings or they are just not comfortable in UK? [84]

although we meet regually in each others home he never shows any interest in going out, when i ask him about this i never get a straight answer.

He may just prefer to stay in or he could be broke, but to never want to go out with you does seem a little odd. I would expect someone, even if it was just once a month on pay-day, to take his girlfriend out somewhere.

i have never met any of his friend so have no idea if they know about me but i do always feel he wants to keep me completley seperate

He's either married or got another girlfriend that doesn't know about you either.

If his friends are all Polish that speak little or no English, then he should just say so.
Mister H   
30 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

My friend Jurek has now been out of work since before Christmas.

What does Juerk make of the "British jobs for British workers" situation in Lincolnshire ?

What does Jurek expect to be able to do with, as you put it, "rubbish" English skills ?
Mister H   
26 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

Since when do muslims hold british values like the native brits. Pakistanis are muslim and are nothing like us british

Cr*p !

Have you ever met a muslim and had a proper conversation with one ?

And not the ones that get interviewed on the BBC, while struggling to find the words "Yes I condemn all terrorists!", I mean the ones that are just living their lives and getting up and going to work and paying bills etc just like any other normal person.

I've worked with several down the years and I've yet to encounter one without many values that could be seen as British. They're mainly very decent and hard-working and are as fed up with being stereotyped as the Scottish are for being seen as tight-fisted, violent, bigoted alcoholics !
Mister H   
19 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

The fact is that you need cheap work force, because nobody bothers to work for 5.5L per hour here.

If you're sick of being stereotyped when it comes to the swan eating, benefit scrounging business, then you shouldn't stereotype the British in return.

I've worked for the minimum wage in the pretty recent past, and I'm in my 30s and not my teens, so you can spare me the "British are lazy" lecture thanks very much.

I'm certainly not afraid of hard work.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I really don't like to see Polish people (or any other nationality) given a hard time.

I'm not keen on it either, but the sad fact of the matter is that we have unsustainable levels of immigration, however, the subject is seen as too hard by the Government to even discuss, let alone try and solve.

We've been screwed over by the Government and no one is really "winning", not the British, the Polish or anyone.........apart from those with no social conscience who seem to fall with their backsides in the butter regardless of the situation.
Mister H   
30 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

Well personally I would much prefer to see a 'West-end Warsaw' than a Londonistan, which is what that once great city has turned into.

Pitchfork anyone ?

I hear what you're saying, but calling London "Londonistan" isn't going to help. I live in Hove on the south coast, shall I spray-paint "Hoveska" across one of the signs ?

We have the current immigration nightmare, because we have elected Governments without being bothered enough about what they might actually do when they get into power. We can moan in pubs and on chat forums, but nothing will change until we demand more from our politicians.
Mister H   
28 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

It seems that if one is a white, Christian European in Britain, then ones needs, beliefs and culture will be ignored by the powers that be.

What you say rings true with how many people, including myself, are starting to feel these days, but it's a case of what to do about it ?

There is no logic to the way anything is being run these days. Common sense has been thrown well and truly out of the window.
Mister H   
28 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

You make some very well observed and some very good points, Byronic.

You're right that things have changed a great deal since 1990, however, I think the rot was setting in long before that. I doubt that the gravy-train that is the British "system" will ever run dry or be put on the right track.

It would take a political party with a tough and radical agenda, that isn't afraid of offending a few people, to be in power for a good while before there was even a chance of putting things right. Such a party simply doesn't exist and the ones currently available don't have the balls.
Mister H   
11 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / What do you hate about England and English people? [142]

Exactly, "how are you?" is a statement, rather than a question with the expected answer being, "fine thanks and how are you?".

Again that's a statement rather than a question and not an invitation to list all your woes and general problems.

Similarly, we'll all soon be asking how one Christmas was, but again we won't be expect a great long answer, unless we know you well enough to be interested.
Mister H   
29 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / What do you hate about England and English people? [142]

1. NHS, and the tinker GPs + their disgusting consulting rooms with no hygiene

Go private.

Get a copy of the Highway Code and take some driving lessons.

5. stupid, non-metric measures

That make sense to us.

7. calling me Polish, just because I am White and non-English

In the UK, there are two types of people. British people and foreigners, unless you work in a callcentre and have a foreign accent of some sort, in which case you're Indian.

8. the English never wash their hands in the toilet

If you mean literally, then I should hope not.

9. plus other stupid things we don't have to mention (two taps for boiling hot + arctic cold water etc.)

I think your lagging needs checking.

Enjoy your stay :-)
Mister H   
25 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Britain... What the Poles did for us. [444]

Having read the article mentioned and read similar topics on here and elsewhere, I can't help but feel that will a little more planning on behalf of the Polish themselves and, dare I say some control on the numbers by the British Government, maybe less would have come, but more of those would have stayed.

The "come one, come all" approach was never going to work. Will the British Government change their immigration policies as a result ? Unlikely.

However, I hope those Polish who return to Poland do so a bit richer and a lot wiser.
Mister H   
27 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

URLI feel sorry for italy and spain having to deal with these primitvie cave people, god knows what makes them think they will just be able to swim over from africa and get a job and settle. However fortune has favoured the med

What does this guy have to do to get banned ?

What is the point of having a moderator if they allow stuff like this to remain ?

If it had been Polish migrants that had died, would that have meant a line had been crossed ? Africans not count ?