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Mister H   
17 Jul 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish Migration to the UK - A moderate speaks! [41]

I'm British. I live in Bognor Regis.

I live just along the coast to you in Brighton.

It is a similar story here in that there are a lot of Eastern Europeans here (not too sure where from as I'm not all that good with accents, but Poland, Hungary and Lithuania would make sense).

There are a lot of foreigners here in general.

On the one hand it's nice to mix things up a bit, but on the other hand you can have too much of a good thing.

We simply do not have enough room for so many people.

I feel like a guest in my own town and it's not uncommon to not hear an English voice on my street all day.

When I go shopping, say for example in the local Tesco, I often feel I am the only one speaking English.

That's not to say I hear Polish spoken all over the place, it's pretty much every language under the sun.

I also feel like a guest at times.

I can't believe I find myself agreeing with David Cameron on capping immigration and the failure of multiculturalism!

You may agree with him (and I do as well), but what is he really doing to follow through on his election promises ?

More to the point, what can he do ?

Anything he wanted to introduce only includes immigration from outside the EU anyway.
Mister H   
14 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / A Mexican-Polish citizen is moving to UK by summer 2011 [38]

that's such a rubbish sweeping statement, and goes against any kind of personal knowledge I have of immigrants, old and new.

It's what I deduce from my dealings with the immigrant community. There are, quite simply, far too many foreigners in the UK now and a significant amount are the dregs of society.

Yes there are losers and "dogs" who take advantage of our system. The biggest and laziest losers I have ever met, however, have sadly been fellow English. Three generations on benefits, and the expectation of council housing as a "right", and no intention of ever contributing anything except to the workload of social services.

I agree that there is a home-grown problem of British people on benefits that have so many children as a result of various different "relationships" that they are more like litters than families. The difference is that they are our citizens (unfortunately) so we either take their benefits away from them or let the madness continue.

I'd start by putting something in the water supply to all the council estates to make them all sterile.

People I have met from other countries, including Poland, have genearlly been hard working and determined. The only ones I really object to are Big Issue selling Romanians, and Albanian pimps. Sadly British people cannot make these observations without being labelled as "racist" by screaming Bliarites.

The Guardian and The Mirror have a lot to answer for.

I merely report what I see...:)

So do I ........
Mister H   
12 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / A Mexican-Polish citizen is moving to UK by summer 2011 [38]

I also, think that all this haggling and fighting over benefits is like fighting over a scraps and leftover from a master table!
It actually make you a dog, I refuse to be a dog and growl at the dogs from a neighbourhood because they pick few of my master leftover !
He doesn't care

I agree with you, however, uncontrolled mass-immigration leaves us with the dogs.

The majority of decent immigrants with skills and a desire to fend for themselves have probably already been and gone having earned enough money to build or buy a house "back home".

Those that have stayed and are not reliant on state handouts here are keeping themselves under the radar.

The majority of those that stay contribute little to the economy and cost millions.
Mister H   
12 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / A Mexican-Polish citizen is moving to UK by summer 2011 [38]

Its down right worrying. The extent of this mass Polish immigration to the UK has a long way to go in order to play itself out.

The extent of mass immigration in general still has a long way to go before there is any kind of result.

I've a feeling it will end in tears.
Mister H   
8 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / UK: How to create a perfect scapegoat? [54]

I don't think that it works quite like that. I think that monies are being spend freely by politicians!
Also, I think that any-system which compel people to pay is simply an abuse and tax in disguise!

You don't have any choice if you pay NI and tax. Everyone does.

What amazed me at first when I come to live in the UK is the impression that this is a country under the occupation by the foreign power. It seems that the every aspect of "britishness" is targeted and destroyed. Slowly, but systematically.

Five or so years ago I wouldn't have agreed with you, but it's obvious now. The Labour government were anti-British and wanted to destroy as mush of the British way of life a possible in favour of some multi-cultural utopia that will never exist.

What you get instead is the British fleeing the inner-cities and leaving them to the immigrant under-class.

There was a report leaked to the press a year or so ago admitting that the Labour Goverment wanted to "rub our noses" in multi-culturalism.

Cars with the Polish plates are destroyed almost everyday.

I've been tempted to drag a key along the side of Foreign registered cars (not just the Polish though, just all EU plated cars) but I would never actually do it. I get hacked off that they swan about without paying road tax / MOT like the rest of us.

I have a question,after 3 months of work in the UK I am entitled to how many weeks of GBP 250/week unemployment benefits????

Basic JSA (Job Seeker's Allowance) is about £50 per week and after six months you would be expected to be in work. You can also be deported after six months of not working.

However if you have a family with young children you will be quids in.

One of the rather underreported things is just how much crime was brought to the UK - a friend of mine is of the opinion that Poland simply exported the criminal scum to the UK.

The UK's immigration policy is meant to attract the "brightest and the best" according to the speeches, but what we end up with people speaking jibber-jabber everywhere you go that look blankly at you when you ask them a question in English.

I don't know much about the crime figures, but those from the "new EU" are some of the biggest defaulters when it comes to loan and credit card repayments.
Mister H   
8 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / UK: How to create a perfect scapegoat? [54]

Why do you think the British government doing this to this country? There has to be some logic reason behind this.

I really do not know and I wish I did is the honest answer.

I will need to sleep on it and get back to you :-)
Mister H   
8 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / UK: How to create a perfect scapegoat? [54]

I think you meant the guy that was burning poppies ;-)

I don't want to take the thread in a totally different direction, so I won't say what I think should have happened to chap you refer too.

Of course - this wouldn't be quite fair if you consider the native British. They, and their fathers and theirs grandfathers has contributed a lot to the well-being of this country. Comparing to this - 5 years of paying taxes by the immigrant is nothing.

You're quite right and that has always been my argument although I do think that five years is a point where foreigners could maybe start claiming certain benefits.

I always thought that twleve months was far too short a time. Three months is almost as though those behind such ideas actually want to cause trouble.

Someone that has lived here from birth and worked for many years will fall on hard times and be declined for some benefit or other while someone else speaks through a translator and gets money thrown at them.

It only takes a single British person without children to need the help of the state and be compared against someone fresh from the boat with a pregnant wife and two children to see how unfair the system can be.

One day, it will all kick-off and it will start in a housing office, job centre, benefits office or similar.

When that day comes I'll be glad to be white, have a British passport with a British town under "place of birth" and have an English accent. Everyone else take cover !
Mister H   
7 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / UK: How to create a perfect scapegoat? [54]

You have been repeating that for a some time here, could you elaborate ? What do you mean?

I actually haven't posted on here for some months, so you have a very good memory :-)

I think that a person's record of NI and tax (of that of the parents in the case of very young adults) should be taken into consideration when a claim is made for benefits.

The more that is paid in, the more help that is available if is needed.

A foreigner from an EU country that has lived here for a year and probably paid less than five grand in tax and NI (maybe more if part of a couple, but still very little) can claim for child benefit, housing benefit, council tax benefit and maybe even be in a council house etc while sending their children to state schools and using the NHS ! It is is a joke and an insult !

Similarly a pregnant British teenager that comes from a family where no one has worked in the last twenty odd years getting the same is almost as bad (I say almost as I would expect a British born citizen to have a basic entitlement).

The system stinks.
Mister H   
7 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / UK: How to create a perfect scapegoat? [54]

Basically - as a Polish national I have got a right to live and work in the UK under the condition that I can support myself and my family. If I fail this - I can be legally deported. That is what Polish EU access treaty says.

I doubt very much that is being enforced and if it was then I am sure that the "human rights" brigade would be banging their drums.

The French tried to do similar and look at the hoo-har that caused !

I would go one step forward - only the British citizens (or subjects lol) shall be entitled to receive the British benefits.

I wouldn't go that far but it should be based on what has been paid in.

Three months of NI and tax is nothing.
Mister H   
7 Mar 2011
UK, Ireland / UK: How to create a perfect scapegoat? [54]

Actual information: Before any citizen of the "new UE country" can claim any benefit in the UK, she or he is expected to work legally for a certain period of time. This period is now shortened from 12 months to 3 months.
That's all.

Three months is nothing !

Increase it to five years and then see how many come here.
Mister H   
25 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Do East-Central European migrants in the UK differ? [16]

Don't worry, MisterH. Donald Tusk has promised that, with Poland under his rule, Polish
immigrants will start coming back to Poland en masse

That's good to know :)

(and as we all know Donald Tusk always keeps his promises.)

Does he ? (Wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic)
Mister H   
25 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Britain's youngest mum gave birth at 12 [70]

Please! What a load of crap and a very large stupid stereotype that everyone that comes from a social housing estate is a chav and pregnant at 14!

"Social housing" ? It's still a council estate, love, regardless of what you change the name too.

The phrase that springs to mind is a popular one up North I believe and that's "you can't polish a turd!"

Not all teens on the council estates are single-mums but most teen single-mums are from the council estates. They drag up brats that will just be the next generation of teenage parents.
Mister H   
25 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Work in any office in England without any degree? [11]

I agree ! I'm sick of my tax being spent on interpreters and translations for various leaflets as well as diversity training and other similar bo**ocks !
Mister H   
25 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Do East-Central European migrants in the UK differ? [16]

I meant that all they come here is for the cash, which is why they don't integrate or care about their surroundings. It's all about the cash; ideally free cash in the form of state handouts.
Mister H   
25 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / Britain's youngest mum gave birth at 12 [70]

just wonder... Is it normal in the UK to get pregnant in your early age?

It's the norm on chav estates populated by the uneducated.
Mister H   
20 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Missing Polish woman found murdered in Chesterton, UK [27]

Is there a point to this thread? I sure don't see one.

One way or another quite a few Polish people visiting/living in the UK seem to end up dead, so I would have thought that was worthy of discussion.
Mister H   
19 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Oxford Polish bride 'heartbroken' over arrest - accusations of sham marriage [126]

Poor Polish girl got some little money,Uk got one enricher more and the dude will get his papers.Those who don't like it must be some kind of racists.They should shut up and enjoy multiculturalism.

What utter rubbish !

How do we gain by allowing people to essentially con their way into the country ? What's the guy getting married for a passport actually going to give us that's of benefit ?
Mister H   
19 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people moving back home from the UK? [68]

And so you'll also know that this includes every other accesion state, its not just a Polish thing

It's not just a Polish thing, but as there are more of them than there are of the others, it's mainly a Polish thing.

Tell me how does a normal hard working polish guy run away from a bank system that cooperate inside europe?

I don't now and have never worked in McDonalds.

Banks do not "co-operate inside Europe". If someone leaves the UK owing money, the bank aren't going to go running after them unless they owe enough to make it worth their while.

The most they could probably do is sell the debt to a Polish debt collector, but that would depend on whether or not they knew where the debtor had run off too. Often they just disappear to another part of the UK.

A lot of foreigners (including the Polish) come to the UK to rip us off. And the stupid thing is, is that we let them do it.

I've spoken to way too many Polish people that owe £1000s on credit cards, loans and overdrafts many don't care. As long as there is enough left on their limit for an Easyjet flight away from it all, they don't bother themselves too much with it. Most pretend that they don't speak English or that say that he/she has gone back to Poland and left their phone behind and they're not the person we're looking for.

Most can max a credit card out in six weeks and they all know exactly what they are doing.
Mister H   
18 Jun 2010
UK, Ireland / Are Polish people moving back home from the UK? [68]

I hear they are collecting loans from several banks and using up credit cards before running away to build houses on family lands back home.

I work in debt recovery and have previously worked in credit card fraud and, unfortunately, the above is true.

UK banks should only lend money to people with British passports and not touch foreigners with a barge pole. The risk is too high.

Some even collect social welfare for children and family members living in poland who have never set foot on UK soil.

The system is so full of holes, it's barely fit for purpose.
Mister H   
10 May 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish living in UK wants to divorce Polish husband [13]

Not looking for attention, least of all from an Internet forum, it was just a simple question

You'll have to forgive a certain amount of cynicism on here when it comes to threads about marital problems as there have been loads already, most probably made up.

If not made up, they tend to follow a pattern: "I'm worried he married me just to stay in the country and now he's f****d off, what do I do ?!"

I think you're going to have to put your hand in your pocket and hire a lawyer.
Mister H   
10 May 2010
UK, Ireland / I have concerns over the British immigration policy so I wrote to my MP. [126]

Fair play, Mister H. I think you should inform the former Labour PM of the reasons why you did not vote for her.

She will have plenty of time on her hands now, so she might be able to give a decent response. ;)

I might well do that. I'm wondering if she will now move away. She (Celia Barlow) didn't live here prior to being elected in 2005. She probably doesn't have a reason to stick around now, unless she is hoping all these deals come to nothing in the end and we have to have another election.

what does he mean?
immigrants claiming status of so called political exiles ?
yet, it appears that people in England have a problem with Easter Europeans and Indians, Pakistani and the other legally working in Britain.
So, either he is ignorant of the expatiation of his electorate or he is selling you "political" ********, sorry to bust your hopes .....

We don't have a "problem" as you put it (well I don't as such), but many do have an issue with how things work.

This guy means (if I read him right) that while they cannot do anything about controlling the numbers of EU immigrants coming here to look for work, they can try and prevent them being entitled to so much in the way of benefits and so on. That way the UK gets seen as less of a cash-cow and the numbers coming reduce themselves.

It could be political BS, but once he is up and running, I shall be finding out just what he plans to do for real.
Mister H   
7 May 2010
UK, Ireland / I have concerns over the British immigration policy so I wrote to my MP. [126]

Immigration concerns are going to be swept aside as local MPs cannot realistically do anything to combat it.

A couple of weeks or so ago I emailed the Tory candidate for Hove (now the Tory MP) about a few things, including immigration and he said:

"Where we are now though is that it would be illegal for us to stop EU migration. I am a firm believer in freedom of movement of workforce but I do not believe those coming speculatively to UK should be getting benefits whilst they look for work. If I am elected, this will one of the first areas i am going to try and find a way to adjust the rules. Yes to beneficial immigration. No to persons coming speculatively and claiming benefits."

I'll give him a week or two to settle in and will then write to him to see what he plans to do to help "adjust the rules" !
Mister H   
7 May 2010
UK, Ireland / Polish living in UK wants to divorce Polish husband [13]

In order to get an involved answer of course, and because as well as it being anonymous on the Internet, it's also cheaper!

You've got no real idea if what someone says on the internet will work in your situation or be reliable.

If she wants a divorce, then her best bet would be go to Poland and speak to a Polish lawyer.
Mister H   
7 May 2010
UK, Ireland / I have concerns over the British immigration policy so I wrote to my MP. [126]

It is often suggested on here that anyone who has concerns over the current lack of any decent immigration policy should write to their MP.

So I just have.

And partly as a result of her rubbish response, I didn't vote for her yesterday and contributed to her getting kicked out !

Hooray ! I'm so pleased !