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30 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / Why are Polish Americans mocked in the American media? [226]

These two Poles are building a house. One of them is putting on the siding. He picks up a nail, hammers it in. Picks up another nail, throws it away. Picks up a nail, hammers it in. Picks up another, throws it away.

This goes on for a while, and finally his friend comes over and asks him why he is throwing half of the nails away. He replies, "Those ones were pointed on the wrong end." The buddy gets exasperated and says "You idiot, those are for the other side of the house!"
5 Apr 2010
News / Official language of EU (is not Polish) [119]

It is polish. I know I have been there i cant speak it 100% but seem familiar ?
Ya snimi timi paluski twusti gluski sukami itam tu yemee ye gluski.
5 Apr 2010
Life / Polish Film World and Poland Movie Reviews [30]

has any one seen a Spanish film called REC. made in (2007) it's great I don't know anywhere else to mention it. I like horror movies.
2 Jan 2010
Life / Favourite Polish movies? [107]

I have a question please. Is there an English version or sub titles of the Polish 1959 Submarine movie
15 Dec 2009
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

Just say it as it is written in this forum with lots of stars.

(You know I had to drop the d from my name.)
2 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Red Hair - recessive gene from Poland? [108]

It seems the country with the most red hair In the world is Scotland. Excepting USA.
They imported all of theirs from everywhere else.
2 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Red Hair - recessive gene from Poland? [108]

Nov 15, 09, 02:02 - Thread attached on merging:
How Many People with Red Hair in Poland.

Who could guess how many people may have red hair in poland.
1 Jun 2008
History / "Poland's Concentration Camp" ?? [570]

i wrote this in a quite neutal state of mind so it really didnt do much to me. but what it seems is that truth is just stranger than fiction i have known a few people personally who have lived terrible lives because of the war. i have also read a bit of words. but words on paper are not the truth. mangled limbs family instead of families left or should i say fam.... pieces of a baby covered up brought back to a mother to prove that it is her child who is dead. otherwise she cannot believe it can be so she runs aroud looking everywhere for it and doesnt stop. my own mother seperated from her daughter at 1 year of age (my half sister) she never got over this. her first husband died. she met my father in a camp. she never recovered she used to dress me like a girl and have me wear long hair. i looked cute i still have photos. my daughter looked a lot like me as a child. its quite funny. one thing my father said never go to war and hate noone. we had czech german english russian friends my father new all the languages. he would talk to everyone equally. i have followed. but others dont help why hate. ? ? ?
31 May 2008
History / "Poland's Concentration Camp" ?? [570]

You know i dont know what this fuss is about.
my mothers family was her mother father 11 brother and sisters. my father had his father and mother and 13 brothers and sisters. After 3 years of war can anyone guess how many surrvived ?

my 2 parents and my mothers brother. THATS 3 OUT OF 28. God bless the WAR. all of my liftime my father slept with a hammer under his bed because of fear someone in a uniform would come to the door to drag us kids away. he feared all uniformed people. finally he hung himself in our garage. i tried to help him but what could i do i couldnt even think how to get him down sure.

i suppose i could get a big knife and slice the rope ........ you figure the rest.
The very worst part was waiting for my brother to get home from school. i got a neighbour to ring an ambulance. . could you ring an ambulance my dad has just hung himself. and i took off and waited at the street corner. I waited and waited and waited............................................................ it was an eternity

no ambulance no brother. How often do you gentlemen try to kill yourselves because of your grief or go online to see a bit of merriment. and yet you see people who spit nonsense.
9 Feb 2008
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]

i will have to see what that relationship is with czechoslovakian. and russian is . I wonder what your night is like but mine is slower then a slugs walk.
4 Dec 2007
Food / Borscht - Zurek / Bialy barszcz recipe [153]

if my poor matka was alive today she would be turning in her grave laughing. she would just love a computer and be reading all this crap.
4 Dec 2007
Language / Dwa vs. dwie in Polish [85]

This is great stuff guys i just love this. But i dont come here often and i must praise michal on his last augusts fresh carrot. i have never heard it before. LOL LOL brilliant.
23 Nov 2007
Australia / Polish Culture in Melbourne, Australia [87]

this is a really really great forum but it still has a polish influens which sometimes just sometimes i just cant handle. I talk polish in my sleep but sometimes i need time off. any one know of a really good forum like this one maybe aus or just english speaking?this is one of the best for me i've tried looking but its hard.
21 Oct 2007
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

I know that all poles are the same colour in the dark _Sofi_ and I can tell that very well when I touch you.