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1 Aug 2010
Genealogy / KOSIBA in Frysztak and PLAZA in Korczyna [13]

My great grandmother was Katarzyna Frodyma born around 1846. Her parents were Marianna Stefanik and Tomaz Frodyma. Katarzyna lived near Frysztak Poland where she was married to Antoni Cyran. Antoni was killed in some type of accident with a horse around 1883. Katarzyna and her four kids Peter, Marianna, Joseph and Anthony immigrated to the US in June of 1886 and settled in Chicopee MA. I wonder if there might be a connection to your Maryanna Frodyma?

Peter McGurk
25 Sep 2007
Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes [214]

My late mother used to sing us a song when we were small children. I only remember the first couple of lines.

Jedzie koń, jedzie koń, kopytami bije,
Uciekaj dziewczynko, bo cię koń zabije.

Does anyone know how the rest of the song goes or perhaps might be able to translate these two lines? Thanks for your help