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KOSIBA in Frysztak and PLAZA in Korczyna

kmillergrant 1 | 1
9 Jul 2010 #1
I am looking for any KOSIBA's in Frysztak or PLAZA's in Korczyna. My great-grandparents were ANTONI PLAZA who came to New Bedford, MA in 1889 and KATARZYNA KOSIBA who came to New Bedford, MA in 1894. KATARZYNA's mothers name was MARYANNA FRODYMA and her father's name was JOSEPH KOSIBA. The family went back to Poland to visit relatives in 1905 and my Aunt remembers talk of relatives in Poland before WWII, but not much afterwards. Any information on the family's or towns would be greatly appreciated!
wct135 2 | 7
10 Jul 2010 #2
Did your great-grandparents enter the U.S. through New Bedford, MA? I'm trying to find information on Polish immigrants that came through New Bedford with little success. Any info would be appreciated.
purplelady 1 | 32
12 Jul 2010 #3
kmillergrant, I have a Kosiba in my family line, also. My great-grandmother, Zofia Kosiba, married Jozef Kawa in the mid-1880s. They made their home in Lekawica near Tarnow. Some of their children immigrated from Poland through Ellis Island and settled in Nebraska. I am searching for information about Zofia's parents and siblings; is it possible that your Katarzyna and my Zofia may be kin?
PMcgurk - | 2
1 Aug 2010 #4
My great grandmother was Katarzyna Frodyma born around 1846. Her parents were Marianna Stefanik and Tomaz Frodyma. Katarzyna lived near Frysztak Poland where she was married to Antoni Cyran. Antoni was killed in some type of accident with a horse around 1883. Katarzyna and her four kids Peter, Marianna, Joseph and Anthony immigrated to the US in June of 1886 and settled in Chicopee MA. I wonder if there might be a connection to your Maryanna Frodyma?

Peter McGurk
8 Dec 2010 #5
Hi. My grandmother's maiden was Kosiba. I belive her family was from the area around Debica between Tarnow and Rzeszow. She emigrated to US through Ellis Island in 1906.
purplelady 1 | 32
8 Dec 2010 #6
jcdPoland--where did your Kosiba ancestor settle in the US? There were several Kosibas living in Nebraska in the early 1900s. Perhaps there is a connection with your Kosiba family?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
9 Dec 2010 #7

KOSIBA: harvesting; possibly nickname for a scythesman (kosiarz)

FRODYMA: adaptation of Yiddish version of the German word Freude (joy); name most common in former eastern borderlands (kresy).

P£AZA: from płaz/płaza (flat of a sword) or płazy/płozy (sleigh runners).

CYRAN: teal (type of wild duck).

For more info on these and other surnames please contact me
15 Dec 2010 #8
Hi, Dear. I just saw your add here. I asked my mom and she said that Kosiba's from (Twierdza) Frysztak who came to New Bedford, had a daughter (possible son too) and the daughter Anna came to America, but she died already. Anna's daughter was in America also, but she did not like it here and she returned back to Poland. There is no more of Kosiba's family except for Anna's daughter and possible son. He could be also in Poland. There are graves of the Kosiba family at the Frysztak cemetery. Anna's grave is possibly in America. I could find more info for you about it, because my family roots are from Frysztak. Frysztak is a small City which was established in the year 1266. The main part of the City is located on a big hill with a church and cemetery in the center. This is a very nice place to be. There are also several big Cities about 20-30 miles apart. Best regards from Chicopee, Ma.
20 Jan 2012 #9
My grandmother, Anna Kosiba, stayed in New York for a year or so upon arrival. Then onto northern Pennsylvania just south of Towanda, PA. After a half decade in that area they moved to Toledo where they resided from about 1920 until their deaths.
5 Feb 2012 #10
I too have a Frodyma connection to Frysztak/Pulanki. My great-grandmother was Appollonia Frodyma from Frysztak. Here parents were Jozef Frodyma and Franciszka Stadnicki. She may have had a brother named John. Appollonia married Piotr Ziemba, also from Pulanki, in Frysztak. When they came to America they may have stopped or had relatives in the Chicopee, Massachusetts area. They also lived for a while in Chicago. They finally settled in Shenandoah, PA. If you have any information on any of these folks, please contact me.
purplelady 1 | 32
5 Feb 2012 #11
It doesn't sound like the same individuals, but my Kosiba family is from near Tarnow, as well.
nydancerchic - | 1
13 Feb 2012 #12
I got this page as a result of my search for "A Komar Kosiba family". In my search to figure out how Onufry and Katarzyna Komar are related to my Komars (Alexander Komar) I found a ship manifest where Onufry and his wife Kat are returning to Passaic from Wielka, Tarnopol with a Stanislawa Korsiba. The manifest also indicates they are joining Onufry's sister A??i?ka Korsiba, who I can only assume is Stanislawa's mother. So many similar names to kmillergrant I had to say something. Maybe someone knows about these Korsibas and can give some insight?

Looks like I have it backwards. I just noticed a bracket that has Katarzyna Komar and Stanislawa Kosiba marked as sisters. That would then mean Katarzyna's maiden name is Kosiba and they were traveling to meet up with her sister A??i?ka Korsiba in Passaic, NJ.
OP kmillergrant 1 | 1
22 Nov 2021 #13
Hi all, sorry for my absence from this site. If anyone is still looking for anything here, my KOSIBA'S and PLAZA'S as far as I know came thru New York. They settled first in Chicopee, MA and eventually moved to New Bedford, MA

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