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28 Sep 2007
Off-Topic / Are Polish Christians here? [134]

Poland is majorty Catholic but that is not to say everyone - also for the ones who are, I dont think everyone is that strict!! Actually I dont think many are strict at all...
27 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [113]

contempt for a certain "lesser" nation, like Belarus or Bangladesh

too 'grandious' to be a 'good girl'! Judging from your posts (I apologize for my assumption), I think rather than sharing an idealistic megalomania of a certain Mr Hitler, you are just a little confused. May be a little time of meditation with good music will cure it

You don't even know me, yet you judge me so quickly. I am not cofussed about anything. I know who I am, what I want to achieve and comparing me to Hitler is perhaps a projection of yourself?

I never said any other nation is less of a nation. Perhaps all nations are less and more of a nation in equal quality. Everyone has their own stage of growth and development. Some nations are little bit behind, that doesn't mean they are anything less.

I am nothing of a Hitler. That is very rude of you. And yes, I did meditate and I am fine now. Can I suggest the same for you, it will help you more than it helps me, because you certainly need it more than me. I hope you fine inner peace some day, dear.

Good luck

please try not to drink yr self to death lol thanks

people mix and make the world a better place to live

love all you poles

Thank you for your comment. I agree that mixing is a better place for the world. I always say "Everyone, needs everyone". We all rely on each other in some shape and form.

"Indi-Paki bhai-bhai" :)
27 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [113]

I happen to know something about Poland and a little about India, and CULTURALLY I think Poles are very different from Indians

Well I happen to Know about Poland and India too. But with your harsh statements towards me, I don't even feel like I want to "Challenge" your high words because to me you are just one big smart-ass. And honestly, I can say whatever I like. This forum is open to all of our words and what we think. I dont have to place a base for my comments as my comments are either my oppinions, facts or "words" from other moth. I dont have to go doing homework to research the facts, dates, etc etc - I am a master's student in university, you think I have the time to waste to make smart-ass people like you happy just by stating some facts that will be forgetten tomorrow or next week?

If you're so interested to know more about whatever I say or anyone else, why don't you do the research. The internet is the best information resource you can get so do it yourself.

However stating one oppinion shouldn't be personally attacking someone and from you, this is what I have interprited in your attempt to try and seem so educated as an individual. I can use whatever words I like, I have not been hurting anyone, abusing anyone or doing anything near to the sense attacking in your post. As for these general adjectives describe in the simplest of terms what my message is to get across.

As for culture, I never claimed we are CULTURALLY SO EXACTLY SIMILAR THAT WE ARE BASICALLY TWINS - Did I say that? No!! Not unless you try to twist my words around.

I am Both Polish and Indian. Doesnt matter in which way you put it I am linked to these countries. However there are elements within our cultures that are similar. These are also the same elements that make all humans similar, or different.

But I am a Polish citizen. I am PROUD of my country.

But I am also proud of India and the progress of the relationship between both countries.

I my messages I was simply saying that POLAND and INDIA, and INDIAN CULTURE IN POLAND are really a great team in all aspects of the meaning of "team" - work, friends, play, organization, etc.

I mentioned that I am linked with the Indian association of Poland and several Indian cultural festivals in Poland. I hear the oppinions of Indians/Polish all the time and never have I heard anything bad from either side. Infact, I hear lots of very good comments and both cultures become very much passionate about each and one another.

Whatever your personal opinions are about Indians, Polish or the relations of both, I don't know but next time when you are expressing your opinion why don't you just try to be a little bit more polite.

and one more thing - you seem so bitter in your posts. And I don't know if its just because you are a bitter person, because you try to be some big-shot or because you have bad day.

But I am having a bad day and I am not in the mood for posts like this today. I think I have been polite enough, and explained more than enough of my oppinion and please don't try to make me explain more. I didn't come here to make enemies. I came here to join a community of people who are openly here for discussion but it shouldn't be so hateful and really here there are at lot of HATE AND RACIST things being posted. I am not one of the people can be like that, because I do not HATE and and I am multi-ethnic so I am not a racist obviously - on contrary I love all cultures of this world. I have done lots of travels in my life, seen a lot of different culture from a NON TOURISM perspective.

Again I repeat I didn't come here to make enemies but I also didn't come here to contantly have to argue the ground I stand on.

If you have something to say you can always say it in a non-agressive and friendlier form.

I agree that every human words hard to make something great. And this is all I was trying to express as part of my messages previously.

Thanks for your friendly outlook and opinion.
26 Sep 2007
Life / Do Polish People steal a lot? [330]

I heard this:

Polish are very intelligent. That is GREAT but also can be GREAT in being a criminal too.
Therefore the ones who streal, and do anything of criminal actions, are often given the opinion then that Poland is full of these types of people.

See my point? Its just that we're good at everything we do. Whatever it is :P

As for do ALL POLISH steal? No - the worst thing I ever did was "innocently" pick up a candy from a store when I was a child. My Mama didn't know about it and I walked out of there with it in my hand until my Mama asked me where I got that from! hehe

Thats all ive done close to stealing. But I was about two years old at the time.... can you blame me for that?? :P
26 Sep 2007
Work / I want to move to Poland (but of course we need to find a good job) [117]

Everyone hold a different oppinion for all sorts of reasons.

I love Poland. I have lived in several other countries in my life and I always feel my country is really my home (Poland). My life in Poland is always filled with more happiness than sadness. More luck and success.

But that is my life. That is my experience. My opinon is Poland is a beautiful country with lots of hidden things waiting to be seen and offered. But My suggestion is, go there first, see how you feel. Go for extended period of time. If possible find contracted work of year or two to be able to really experience working-life and life on day-day basis.

Whatever your exerpience will be within this time frame, that is the base of your judgement to give you a decision of whether Poland is the country for you to move to. Not every place is perfect for everyone, but how great it is to experience the world anway.

Best of luck to everyone wanting to move to Poland. I hope your experiences in my country will be as wonderful for you as they are for me.
25 Sep 2007
Travel / Visa to Poland for a person from India [52]

To get a Polish visa for travel should not be difficult. It may be a different story for work/study visa though. I can pass you on to a friend of mine in Poland (He is also from India) he deals with these types of things. Let me know via message or Private message. Tc
24 Sep 2007
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

also Poles are usually slender and not fat like Americans

hehehe.... I agree with this. But I have noticed that it is not only Americans who are obese but also in Australia! On contrast in these two nations - I either see obese people or I see the ones who looking annorexic.
24 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [113]

I don't know who you have met. There are many different groups of mentalities. Many of the people I know from India, have a thing against the UK and often even make fun of Britishers. But these are the people who don't want to go there.

Then I also know of a couple, who are mad about anything from "London" and "uk" and have the attitude you describe. But then so many Polish also have similar attitude "I am now in the UK, you are only in Poland - I am better than you" - this type of attitude. Again they is only some people,

since my family in UK don't like living there and regret moving there.

So... what does this all me - it means there is everyone who has all kinds of opinions.

And in my emotions - I am Polish, more proud to be this than to be British, American, Australia or whatever because it is who I am (just because I feel pride for my country).

And if a Polish wants to be a proud British - then it's their issue, if they feel it, then they feel it.
24 Sep 2007
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

Iskra what Germanic tribes are you refering to that helped form the Polish state?

no i didn't say they help to form Poland. I said there were also Germanic tribes within Poland that came when slavic did. This is a minority o bviously. but that is already there, that in Polish roots - not many people are pure slavic now. And some families will be ranging in different ancestories than others, especially the ones around the borders - which also when boreders of poland changed through the ages, is also another instance for not having "pure" slavic genes (though majority of genes are slavic - hence why we are the decendants of slavic peoples).
23 Sep 2007
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

As I stated before I read that they are now tall and slimmer as supposed to the older generations were short and stocky.So?

No, from as far as I have learned Slavic are darker than Germanic. Germanic tribes traditionally are similar to Scandinavian which are also known for their blonde-hair, light skinned attributes.

Traditionally slavic peoples were darker (slight amount - fair-light olive skin, dark blond-dark brown hair, green), and did appeal to the lighter look when the different tribes of Poland came togther. Hence why all Polish dolls almost have blond hair because this look became beloved. Slavic of course, as not as dark as mediteranian peoples, who had stronger olive skin, dark brown hair, dark eyes.

Anyway - whatever was traditionally is now an ancient history! People are mixed now :P You will find many different looking Polish.... which can add to interests. Have you see how indian Miss Poland 2006 ( Marzena Cieslik ) looks?

This is a good site to see what Polish girls may look like - but also some examples of Polish celebrities are Edyta Gorniak (half romani/half Polish), Karolina Rosinska, Natalia kukulska, kasia kowalska, Agnieszka Dygant, Maciej Stuhretc, Maciej Zakoscielny, ... I will think of more celebrities later if you wish :-)
23 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [113]

Yes, well your scraps did appear unfriendly and in a sense as if you were trying to provoke me to say something to continue lighting the flame of an arguement.

It seemed as if you were completly against people from asia moving to Poland.

I can agree - I too would not want Poland to become a second asia or India to become a second Poland. Indians wouldn't want that - look what India has had to deal with britishers, and other invadors constantly tryingto take over the rule of India. Look at what has happened, the uncomfortable feelings that have occured due to it.

I simply saying, a minority of Indians in Poland only add interest, and boost tourism terms and international company opportunies. Adds opportinies for people of poland to discover other parts of the world, and gives opportunity for people in other parts of the world to discover Poland.

Obviously there needs be be a large majority of native in a country to make the country stand out for others. Indians immigrate to UK, AUS, US, because they know other Indians are there - which means they don't have to feel so much away from home. I guess with Polonia it is the same thing. And All I am saying the world can be an internaltional - multi cultural world without creating messes. However to do this a country must contain its own national identity first, and minorty identites second.

I am glad to hear you have brotherly feelings for multi-ethnic/polish peoples as - at the end of the day they are still Polish with additional elements.

In spite of your professed lack of agression, your posts seem to reveal some of it lurking underneath

Comments like this are especially unfriendly. It is all about controlling yourself. This is perhaps where yoga helps to realize to not contain a self-ego but rather a universal ego.

I see your opinion. I am human too and ofcourse I also have an ego - however I tend to try see several points of view. I also hear what Indians in Poland say. And how their hearts are so in love with Poland, the culture, that although they are Indian they also feel Poland as their second home.

But in terms of my agression - I am pretty good at listening and advising first. I dont get agressive unless I am in some strange situation where it is needed. Emotions used where appropriate are only worth it. I have no agression towards you, only was trying to understand why you felt so agressive towards asians. I felt it almost is it was racism. And that did hurt a little as I am linked to Asia as well as Europe. I cannot understand "hate" as I try to see what is good in everyone.
23 Sep 2007
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [656]

I don't know how to answer this exactly but in my previous outlook - There is mix genes of Polish now - not all are clean Slavic.

I believe that slavic peoples originally were of between light/dark/. Hair color between dark blond to dark brown. Fair - olive skinned. Any color eyes, actually I often hear of green eyes (but not sure about it).

In Poland you can find many people who are darker looking but had blond hair as kids and dont even look similar to themselves in comparison.

Also, these days in Poland (and for a few centuries now) there have been the appearance of the red-haired and very fair skinned peoples (often with appearance of frekled skin).

I think lots of Polish people range in the hair colors of dark blond - dark brown. Any color eyes (But often I see, green, gray and brown). Skin color tones also range from fair to olive. Both tones are the ones that tan well - Lots of Polish (especially girls) like to tan and be darker (not all obviously).

Height wise?? I don't know - I think average is something like 160-165cm? There are a lot of girls who are "tall" but even girls 168/170cm + are being labelled as tall.

Build wise - well, cant speak about older peoples as it is a different matter but in age 30 and less I would say a normal slim - a range of slim-normal/average buld. I have not seen so many overweight people in Poland (it doesn happen but not as many as I saw in US and Australia). But also I dont see as many annorexic looking people in Poland(as I also saw in US and Australia in contrast to the overweight).

On the mix of genes remember most Polish are not pure slavic. Slavic peoples were not the only ethnicity that created the state of Poland, although it was the majority and people did not mix as much then as they do now - there was also tribles are Germanic (which I believe are lighter in ethnic look *typically*). Also later on the introduction of nomadic tribes as gypsies (Romani), who didnt not generally mix but will find that most People will not own up to the truths of their families sharing Romani genes. Also not to forget the Jewish who came to Poland.

Hope to also hear responses from others I'm also interested to learn more on this topic! I am also little mixed in ethicity. But as a Polish I am proud Kashubian hehehe :-)

Now onto the features I notice thats its either a very sqaure face with big, beautiful, high cheekbones.

This is pretty perfect description of my observation. Many many of the guys seem to have more of the square face shape than the girls. A lot of Polish guys share a more similar look than girls in my opinion also....
23 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [113]

I wonder if from the heights of your yoga altered states you are able to see (in India) the Indian paranoid hatred of Christians?

Puzzler, you should realize there are more oppions and views to the world and to Polish people than what you think. I am also Polish. And yes, there are a minority of Polish in India - a lot them are half Indian/Half Polish and do life for a temorary time at the very least.

Just as "appreciation" of Indians in Poland - it is in the sense of appreciation, or perhaps more ACCEPTING ANYONE who wants to 1. Be in Poland to better their lives 2. Contribute to Poland as we have a beautiful country 3. Represent Poland to their country as being a wonderful country.

The third point is a indirect form of "advertisement" which contributes to many ways, temorparily, in favor of Poland - more tourism, more exchange/international students, more work available for Polish to be able to go overseas and experience both Poland and any other country (could be exchange, could be international company, etc).

I never said there was NO problems - because lots of conflict does always seem to arise with immigrations. But what I am trying to point out is that Poland is not going to be over-taken by Indians, just because there is an increase of Indian nationalities traveling to Poland for numerous reasons.

As for your comment from my "heights of yoga altered states" - well, at least my life is in balance. At least I don't hate anyone. At least I try to over come what is bad with something good. At least I try to stay optimistic. At least I contribute to Poland in a good way and at least I can represent what is the better part of being from Poland while in India, and represent the better part of India to Poland.

I hope for you, that you may realize perhaps a bit of these "altered states". You cannot control the world, things will happen whether you like it or not.

By the way - Indians are not paranoid or hating of Christians. A rather large minority in India is christian. If there is anyone paranoia it is towards the ones who are Muslim and this usually comes from the ones who are Hindu (and of course it is not everyone, it is a generalization).

I've met with Indian racism, including brutal beatings, frequently while living in Canada, where, just as in UK, there is an enormous Indian population.

Yes and also I met with the Polish racism too - Don't think our own nation doesn't contain people who are bad, with a racist and terrible out look on life. Everywhere there are bad people - there is no perfect country, nowhere.

And for part of my family living in the UK - they are glad there is a large indian population of indians - as at first their complaints were pretty big about the UK after moving from Poland that it was Indian culture and Indian food in UK that made them feel a little bit more welcome to UK and then able to get used to living in UK.
22 Sep 2007
Classifieds / Asian community in Poland [113]

Trust me we dont need the Indians in Poland they started migrating in Aus now theres to many. The same will happen in Poland...

Actually, I work Indians in Poland, Bollywood organizations in Poland and with the Indian association of Poland and there is nothing wrong with it or with them. A lot of people in Poland enjoy the mixture of Poland-Indian culture. And a lot of Indians do the same. I think it is wonderful to have this available in Poland. A lot of Polish people are also mixing with Indians. With so many people who are Polish leaving Poland for other countries, then we should appreciate that so many people from other countries move to Poland and move because they fall in love with Polish people, culture and land. They become part Polish, and judgment on people of only phycial regard is probably termed racist. If they feel they belong to Poland, and their life is better for them in Poland, they contribute to Poland positively, then let them do it. The same rules apply for every human being.

In future, if Polish speak Indian, that is disastrous!!! Though a nice dream does happen when they speak Esperanto or any international non-national language.

Why is it a disastour? I don't understand why you think it is so terrible for Polish people to learn languages other than European? Poland is among one of the most intelligent peoples in the world, at least in Europe. Especially in IT and New Communications. Indians are also among one of the most intelligent. Both nations are hard-working and generally do think of education first. So what's the problem, we have a lot of things in commong that you didn't even know about.

By the way - Indians have several official national languages but the main one you *might* be referring to is called "HINDI". However there's several - Pubjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, Marathi... to name the few of them.
18 Sep 2007
Travel / My impressions from Poland [26]

I know plenty about *male* fashion, and I know what I like on women.

Well 3/4 with flip-flops don't go- you are right. I was thinking of them more with sporty-type of shoes or anything that is suitable to the actual item since each pant will look different regarless of length.

A dust-bin bag.... hmmmm.... it may look "trashy" but I don't think you speak rubbish. :P I don't think it will be suiting you, i suggest to stay away from these items as fashion.

South East - do u mean in australia or where? I am studying in Australia right now and what I notice in fashion here, well some girls know what fashion means (european fashion anyway), but i think others get dress in a dark room! - or are confused to wear the jeans, shorts or dress and wear all three (i have seen this many times in adelaide at least... little bit strange sense of style i think)....hehe oh well....

Well,sandals ARE supposed to be worn without socks, because the purpose of the sandals is to make your feet breathe, and they can't breathe if you're wearing socks!

Very very good i agree - I don't want to be smelling anything bad so fresh air is good - good good good!
18 Sep 2007
Travel / My impressions from Poland [26]

those stupid cut-down trousers which women wear (I have no idea what they are called, but they are teh stupid) don't work either. :)

eeeh u know nothing about fashion :P They are 3/4 length pants. and they do work (for some people - not all). :-)
18 Sep 2007
Genealogy / I am 1/8 Polish on my mother's side - not Polish enough / Lithuania and Zmudz in Poland's ancestry [110]

Everyone is Poland is mixed origins because although majority relate to the Slavic peoples there were other ethnicities within Poland. So a lot of Polish share germanic/slavic/ango/romani/jewish/whatever - but it is said kashubians are *closest* to majority slavic originis (something i heard, not sure).

One way or nother - who cares - we are polish, we are slavic, we are european, we are whatever we feel we are, we are a mix, whatever we are.... as long as we get along the world will be a better place and happier :-)
18 Sep 2007
Travel / My impressions from Poland [26]

What is this with all Poles wearing sandals and socks at the same time?! I thought sandals were supposed to be worn on the bare feet. :)

in hot weather no socks, in cold weather - socks, i dont want my feet to be cold! And sandals are comfortable. :-)

BUT you also need to be stylish when u do it or else it will like the way it does when guys do it (sorry boys :P)....
15 Sep 2007
Love / Polish Girls vs Russian Girls [813]

slutty European

The "Slutty Europeans" actualy tended to be (without pointing finger at) NOT EASTERN EUROPEAN - the other parts of Europe.... BUT

A LOT OF GIRLS IN EASTERN EUROPE (and it is sadly true) are tricked by dark contracts - that is, they are looking to make it big as dancers, actresses, etc. (generally dancers or both).

They land of persons who offer them reality to their dreams, opportunities of travel, but they must sign a contract (and often even provide some payment).

The contracts are often in a language the girls may not understand and a "translator" is provided. The translation is false, and the girls are digged into a potentially fatal contract signing them as prostitues, strippers and such type of occupations (so yes - they're dancers and actresses, but not the kind to be famous - the kind to be infamous).

These girls cannot get out of the contract, because the people will (WILL AND DO) KILL THEM. The Police are too slow to capture these criminals. And unfortunate at the moment a lot of Eastern European girls are being targeted.

So this is where the mixed messages come from about the "slutty" image - when it is much deeper than what you think.... and I feel sorry for the girls. But there is now becoming a compulary education for thoes who wish to be artists (such as I am), to attend certified (that mean government approved / world renound) places of education for dance and performances.

This is the only places where girls like me will have the proper knowledge of how to avoid dark contracts and false promises. As my parents say, education is the key to the world.
14 Sep 2007
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

here are the two pics I was trying to upload plus the one I have above...

  • Namrata Iskra - close up from dance pic

  • Namrata Iskra - close up from dance pic
14 Sep 2007
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

I had no problem to upload picture of Lisa but have problem to upload me! :-( I try one last time...

  • Me - Namrata Iskra
14 Sep 2007
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

And though I am not famous - I am a performing artist (Mainly Indian/Polish/fusion) and I am also Polish! Here are 2 of my photos....
14 Sep 2007
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

Lisa Ray is a famous Bollywood actress, she is also Polish...

Her father is Bengali, her mother is Polish.
She has been to Poland many many times and has said she speaks Polish much better than Hindi (but she was born in another land).

  • Lisa Ray

  • Lisa Ray in "Water"