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Vincent Moderator  
4 Jul 2020
Off-Topic / DO YOU WEAR A MASK? [49]

I will never wear a muzzle

It could be argued that people who do wear masks help protect people like you from catching the virus. A mask would reduce the distance droplets travel when someone coughs or sneezes. Many states in the USA are having Covid 19 surges, could this be down to all those mass gatherings a couple of weeks ago, where many people could be seen without masks? If this could be part of the reason then I wouldn't be surprised if the UK get some more surges in the next couple of weeks as well.
Vincent Moderator  
2 Jul 2020
Off-Topic / Our new linguistic acquisitions from the Polish forums [123]

whenever I saw sb using it here I thought it means moron, idiot.

It's one of those slang words with a double meaning. When used in British English, 98% of the time it is used in a "moron, idiot" context.
Vincent Moderator  
22 May 2018
Feedback / How to reply to a thread on this website? [19]

why can't I add posts to threads - am I banned or what

Hopefully you have managed to fix this issue. As someone has already said in a previous post it could be a browser fault, try a different one and also try a "hard refresh" to see if it makes any difference.
Vincent Moderator  
5 May 2018
Feedback / Please do not quote excessively [72]

If a post has been merged to another similar thread it will clearly say "merged". I have never seen two posts merged together so this must be an error or bug
Vincent Moderator  
23 Sep 2017
Classifieds / Random Classifieds Ads Poland [261]

Might be a good idea to let any potential builder know which city, town or country you reside. Some builders might not bother "pricing" if long distance travel is involved.
Vincent Moderator  
5 Aug 2017
News / Is pro-opposition Open Dialogue Foundation a cover for Russian interests [99]

Oh look, yet more off-topic ad hom trolling of precisely the type that Vicent claims gets people banned.

I warned you before, don't bring my name up on threads in the public forums. These threads are about Poland and not about me! There are official in threads Feedback for slating moderators so don't use the public forums which are meant to be Poland related. This happened last week in on of your post on the main forums too which I overlooked. Take this as a final warning and don't rule out that I might give you a month out to refresh your memory sometime later today.
Vincent Moderator  
23 Jul 2017
UK, Ireland / Mobile phone - where to buy it in the UK? [5]

Not sure how we got from mobile phones to plumbing? Most big home stores like Homebase, B&Q and Wickes etc. will all have parts for showers and taps/ faucets. For a specialist check out if you have a local branch of the "Plumb center" near you.
Vincent Moderator  
16 Apr 2017
Feedback / Threads about Muslims to be automatically in Off-Topic? [20]

Any thread about Muslims should be placed in the off-topic forum only.

Admin has already created a thread in the off topic for this very subject

Posters should keep their comments to this thread unless it is related to Poland directly . Personally I belive the forums would be much better if you and your two mates would stop baiting other members and call a truce. The random chat thread has been a disgrace lately with comments about sexual orientation and child abuse,really low life stuff. The worst part is this had happened since you have been allowed back, much the same as the last time you were supended.

Admin will read your proposal when he finds time.
Vincent Moderator  
15 Apr 2017
Feedback / Updated rules [210]

So are you saying that warnings will be given or the post removed to the bin for posts containing 4 quotes and above? Please clarify.

Not many profile warnings have been given out for over quoting and I don't expect posters will get a ban if they go over 3 quotes per post. The line is drawn when someone takes no notice of previous warnings (red warnings are issued first) and continues to quote over a dozen times in on of their following posts.

If you have to address some points from up to three posters, why not quote a short sentence and address all your points to that poster in one go, instead of repeating everything they said? The poster will know you are referring to them personally. The same format could be done for the next poster etc. This way half of the forums' text won't be repeated.
Vincent Moderator  
26 Jun 2016
Feedback / Multiple usernames, accounts and privacy of the user [112]

The same as it wasn't obvious that Pigsy is a suspended member with multiple accounts even though he admitted it?

Can you point me to the post where he admitted it? As far as I can remember he had all of his registered usernames suspended as soon as we had proof that he used a certain isp before. He also used many quest names, and you should know that it's very hard to suspend a quest, if not impossible.

Quests who come on here to troll are hard to control because if you block them, they will be back with another proxy and it doesn't make sense to block half of the ip's in the world.

Maybe it wasn't Polonius but the problem is no one believes he would be suspended even if there was a mountain of evidence against him

Pol3 profile warnings is something other members can't see, but I can tell you now that no one on here is "too big" to get a lifetime suspension. If this other member is him, then he hasn't started calling other members foul names or personal insults, which as the forums seem peaceful this last week or so, there is no need for concern. At the end of the day, we need better proof than other member haunches, and I/we won't block a member or quest, if he or she is here to join in discussions about Polish matters.

Remember you insinuated (falsely) that I was a lady beautician advertising her salon in Kraków, simply because she'd posted from a public hotspot that I'd used 5 years previously.

I think you had the benefit of the doubt on that one, and shows we will try our best to stop trolls conning other members, and stop them if we can.
Vincent Moderator  
26 Jun 2016
Feedback / Multiple usernames, accounts and privacy of the user [112]

Yes, it's obvious.

Remember just lately you accused another member(falsely) of being a rouge quest, was that obvious too?

I think that he (he's posted today under his normal profile) would have complained if that were true.

I'm not making excuses, but he may not have seen the thread if it's not one he regularly visits or has no interest in.
Vincent Moderator  
26 Jun 2016
Feedback / Multiple usernames, accounts and privacy of the user [112]

I honestly don't think you people are doing anything about it.

Well first of all you have no proof that it is him, and secondly don't you think out of 7 billion people in the world, at least one other person could have the same views as him.

It still doesn't add up, he has faced all his peers on here with his usual username, why should he choose to hide under another? Don't rule out another member trying to impersonate him either. Let's see how it pans out first before being judge and jury.

I didn't deem 'feedback' to be appropriate since I wasn't looking for feedback.

Feedback was the correct place. You asked questions, were you not expecting any feedback?
The life forum is about life in Poland not about forum members, unless they have a question about Poland.

We all know this forum is a far better, friendlier place without him.

I personally think it is better without a few other ex members as well.
Vincent Moderator  
25 Jun 2016
Feedback / Multiple usernames, accounts and privacy of the user [112]

Like someone said, we need concrete proof not the hunch of some amateur detectives.
Smurf please learn to create a thread in the correct place, the 'Life' forum is not correct in any form.
Smurf,Rozumiemnic and Dreamergirl please don't post off topic comments in the main forums, next time there will be warnings on your profile with a view to a suspension.
Vincent Moderator  
24 Jun 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

No, as I understand it the TWO years is the maximum time that it should take

According to the BBC "The process to take the UK out of the European Union starts with invoking Article 50 and will take at least two years from that point" Leave campaigners have said there is no need to trigger Article 50 immediately, and the trigger point could be long after David Cameron steps down in October. Truth is no one is sure how long it will take, but it is not going to happen anytime soon.
Vincent Moderator  
12 Jun 2016
News / Poland Sports News [656]

The tournament format is absolutely ghastly. 23 teams qualifying from 53 when many of the remaining teams were utter rubbish is just a joke.

Which reminds me..What do you call a group of 23 men watching Euro16? Answer..the Scottish national football team;) Poland will improve as the first game is usually tough one, as both teams don't want to lose at all costs, and get off to a good start.
Vincent Moderator  
23 Apr 2016
Language / English-Polish tests [23]

line 11 : when you read the English 'to live in the town', you may automatically try to put 'żyć' rather than 'mieszkać'

But in this case it's just a quiz, and you can only use the answers already set out at the top of the page. Mieszkać the verb (to live) is the perfect fit. It is much harder translating English into Polish and sometimes it doesn't appear to be exact. Could be the same for Polish people translating into English. I had a look at test e-85, and from the index changed the language to Polish into English, and it only took me a couple of minutes to complete the test. Although the answers were grammatically correct, I felt there could have been a better/different choice, which would make the answers seem more natural.
Vincent Moderator  
19 Apr 2016
Feedback / Sad news today of the passing of a member of our site (Avalon) [16]

Very sad news indeed. He was a top bloke and would give help to anyone if he could. I remember he sent me many photos of a project he had done in Poland (from start to finish) when I asked a question in a thread, about buildings in Poland, many years ago.

It also transpired that he use to live only 3 miles away from me when he had his business in the UK, but unfortunately our paths never crossed. This also comes as a big shock as he was posting on PF just a couple of months ago. My condolences to family and friends.

RIP Avalon
Vincent Moderator  
7 Mar 2016
Feedback / Member warning system to prevent abuse / spam / off-topic posts [145]

And that does no good whatsoever with no information about which posts got that designation and why. Would it be so hard to PM with a clarification? Apparently yes.

Do you really think someone has the time to go through the trash, to find out why you had a warning 3 months ago? It is up to you to check for yourself at the time of the warning, it's self explanatory that you got a warning for posting off-topic comments on the main forums. Are you still losing sleep after all this time?
Vincent Moderator  
4 Mar 2016
Feedback / Warning for posters who have been changing the names of famous Polish politicians, celebrities, etc. [90]

No, if I wanted to belittle another member, I'd do it using wording that doesn't draw a ban

Too bad you didn't exercise this last time when posting personal information abut him.

would wording such as the below be acceptable?

this is an opinion, and speculation, with no personal information posted. Some might say it's accurate, but I for one would dismiss it as fictional, as no character in real life could be this vile, could they?.
Vincent Moderator  
4 Mar 2016
Feedback / Warning for posters who have been changing the names of famous Polish politicians, celebrities, etc. [90]

Is that the new rule?

The first post in a new thread is very important to enable the discussion to follow on. If you use made up names then you are confusing the readers and not setting a good tone. In future you you will need to use the correct names when creating a new thread or it will get binned.

On a different note, could you explain what you meant by this?Well that and bitterness about all those letters begging for a job. I hope you were not trying to belittle another member, after getting a weeks suspension for similar words
Vincent Moderator  
24 Feb 2016
Life / Polish culture versus rotten West [279]

Probably because most of your threads/posts try to incite hatred and racism, are off topic or in the wrong forum. I would suggest you stick to the topic of this thread as it might well get closed down if you don't.
Vincent Moderator  
24 Feb 2016
Life / Polish culture versus rotten West [279]

I don't understand why Mods put up with all Atch's off topic messages....

A quick search through your posts revels you mentioned 'France' 156 times, and 'French' 174 times. Atch has mentioned 'Ireland' 118 times and 'Irish' 110 times. It seems to me that both of you could be working for the French and Irish tourist boards and are getting free advertising on here.