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7 Nov 2018
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

But the Church and Catholicism are important. It keeps Poland Polish and resistant to other less-tolerant religions that we currently have in Europe.
23 Oct 2018
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

Left wingers are not "happy" to see a multi-cultural society, but they don't necessarily go crying to mamma when they see a black face.

But neither are right-wingers. It's a myth that right-wingers are against migration itself. It's just that migration has become something uncontrolled in the last few decades that right-wingers have started to believe that; perhaps we're at a point the we should just quit migration. But that's only because it has become something that is uncontrolled. I too, rather have no migration than uncontrolled migration. but that doesn't mean that I'm against migration itself persé.

Also, current ruling western-european countries aren't really trying much to protect the negative cultural changes that are happening due to immigration. This has also lead to right-wingers becoming anti-migration.
23 Oct 2018
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

Dirk diggler


I'm not going to interfere with your personal quarrel, but Dirk is making a good point though. The whole narrative of lower educated people = dumb, and therefore they automatically tend to vote for populist parties, is a false narrative portrayed by the media.

Lower educated people are not necessarily dumb and short-sighted. They only thing it means is that they do not have a degree. That's it. It's just a title.

Most populist and right-wing voters are normal people. Of course, the media often likes to portray the extremely dumb and short-sighted individuals, but the majority are perfectly normal citizens. People who you probably wouldn't even notice that they don't have a degree when talking to them.

It's the same the other way around. We all know the crazy and lunatic liberals that are anti-trump. The ones who lay crying on the ground after he'd won. They're a minority too. The difference is that the media is doing its best trying to prove that all populist voters - all over the world - are plain dumb.

And don't forget that there are plenty of professors and high-educated individuals who vote conservative. But often universities are pro-Europe, pro-globalism and follow all its ideals in the curriculum.

My point is; it has nothing to do with intelligence, even though they're trying to link those two as much as possible. It's mostly a personal view on the world and how you believe things work best. Right-wing voters generally believe that multicultural societies can never work. Left-wing believes that they're far better than homogeneous societies e.g.
22 Oct 2018
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

Nice propaganda, but epic fail. They've actually dropped back 5.5% from the 2015 election.

You're talking about the parliamentary result. I was speaking about the regional elections of 2014. Please think before writing next time.
21 Oct 2018
News / Poland's post-election political scene [4080]

The fact that PiS has won 32,3% of the provincial elections, as opposed to its 26,8% in 2014, probably shows that PiS will most likely win absolute majority vote in the upcoming 2019 parliamentary elections. Apparently they have become more populare amongst the Poles in general.

Also, regional elections should always be taken with a grain of salt, since many Poles do not bother voting for them. There are many Poles working abroad that don't bother coming to Poland to vote for the regional elections, whereas they definately will for the parliamentary's.

Personally, I believe that mostly the PO voters showed up, since they are extremely upset with PiS being at power. I think most PiS voters either didn't bother voting, were abroad or just simply didn't care for some reason. But I have no proof to back that up, so I might be wrong there haha.
3 Oct 2018
News / "It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland) [1798]

Right now, Poland is pumping itself full of Indians and Pakistanis. Whether they're for study or work , many of them wish to stay.

I read an article from the Financial Times a few days ago about Warsaw's streets changing due to immigration from mostly Indians and Pakistanis. Many wish to stay because of work, and of course - as they say themselves - the women are prettier.

Many Poles apparently felt left down by PiS, thinking the party would protect them from immigration globally and making sure it won't turn into a multicultural country.

Poland's immigration policy in regards to Asian countries will make the country multicultural eventually. It doesn't matter that these immigrants are not Muslims or from Africa or that Indian immigrants aren't comparable with Africans migrants. The fact remains that the cultures are wide apart from each other and multicultural societies tend to function less well and will cause friction. It will harm Poland's societal fluity so to speak.

It's only a matter of time until the half Polish and half Indians children are born and Indians make up a significant minority in Poland. Eventually - just like in Western-Europe - they will start demanding recognition. Things such as: "why are there no Indians in Polish commercials and only white people?" Or "Why are there only pictures of whites families on billboards next to the highways? We are here too! Poland is multicultural and its media is not representing the diversity this country has" "Poland needs to stop projecting itself as a white country, because it's not". You get the idea. Those are the things you will eventually be hearing once they're a significant minority. The amount of poles attending church is dropping as well, which weakens Poland's cultural identity and makes people less willing to fight for their own country (or vote properly for that matter).

So, unless Poland changes it migration policy regarding Asian countries, there won't be "hope for Poland" in the long term if you ask me. Societal friction will eventually arise once Poland has become multicultural as well. Unless you absolutely don't mind that; then there are no worries for you :).

Personally, I like countries when they're homogenous. They're peacefuller and have strong cultural identities. It is that difference between countries that makes Europe beautiful.
30 Jul 2018
Life / What's the immigration status in Poland? [12]

Poland will remain Polish and will remain for poles

Are you sure about that with all the - as you said yourself - influx of Indian and Pakistanian people?

Thanks for you reply. I hope you're right by the way :). As you said: it's all a matter of numbers. So polish people need to make sure that they have the highest birth rate as well.
29 Jul 2018
News / How strongly are Poles sure that president Duda defend Poland's interests ? [110]


Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info!
Well, as long as they keep it controlled, and the government/country acts out on its Polish culture, meaning that the newcomers know that they're in Poland and have to adjust, and that Polish culture is the dominant culture on which the country is being 'run' unlike The Netherlands - . Then I'm sure Poland will be fine :)
29 Jul 2018
News / How strongly are Poles sure that president Duda defend Poland's interests ? [110]

Where I live there are about 10 buses a day going to and arriving from Ukraine

Yes, but Poland has now decided to start a seven-year program to encourage immigration from; Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Georgia. Not to forget that money is also being put forward to encourage foreign-students - mostly Indians- to study and permanently stay in Poland as well.


As wonderful as people from all over the world can be; you're not going to like it when there are cities where everywhere you look, you see foreigners.

There are many Turkish people living in The Netherlands in their ghetto's waving the Turkish flag from outside of their home. They're not integrated. The same will happen to Poland this way, even though these immigrants might be Christians.
15 Jul 2018
Life / What's the immigration status in Poland? [12]


Unfortunately, I can only vote. There are plenty of people who are actually doing something constructive. Political opinions are changing slightly amongst the people, but still many people vote for the wrong parties.
15 Jul 2018
Life / What's the immigration status in Poland? [12]

Ah Yes. Another topic about immigration. I know...
The reason for this topic is because I see many other topics turning into discussions regarding immigration, why it's good, or why it's bad. But I haven't read anything whatsoever on Poland's current immigration status.

Now, I'd like to know what Poland's current immigration status is. Does it have immigration (obviously I guess, as any contry), is it a lot? And from which countries?

Just to add my two cents, people of all races and religions can be great and wonderful people. But I do think a lot of people and politicians underestimate the societal destruction immigration can bring upon a country.

I'm a teacher in The Netherlands (half-polish but also a proud Dutchman), and I teach at a level 2. College. 'Level 2' is the lowest form of education one can receive, every person in the Netherlands is required to have at least a level 2 diploma. Meaning, the children that I teach, are mostly highschool dropouts.

My classes are about 30 students big, and it's uncommon for me to have more than 2 ethnic Dutch students my classroom. Most of them are Moroccan, Turkish or Somalian. They speak Dutch, but with a thic accent. (Although I often have to correct students because they're speaking Turkish, Morrocan etc) I'd say 99% of them are Muslim. Now, mind you; there are some wonderful students on that school, but the majority is scum and will probably start a criminal career after their diploma. Don't get me wrong, I love my job since they're an interesting sort to teach, but I often find myself thinking; 'Jesus, Netherlands... what have you brought upon yourself?' None of these students identify as 'Dutch' and some of them even insult my country or spit on it. It hurts, but there's not much I can do about that, since I'll lose my job if I were to say something along the lines of; "Then go somewhere else".

Conclusion; what I've learned from my experience as a teacher, is that homogenous societies function better. Multicultural societies tend to have a lot of friction, especially if you reach a certain point where 33% of your country does not share your heritage (like The Netherlands). You just have a big lump of humans wandering around in your country. And slowly, the culture of my country is changing. Shops are changing Christmas slogans and articles to 'Winter-festivities', Easter is being called, spring festivity at school, due to Islamic children. During Easter celebration in the big cities at school, children are not allowed to put a cross onto their Easter staffs, because it might feel as an oppression to the Muslims students'. We now even have an Islamic party in our parlement. Slowly our culture is being questioned; 'what does it mean to be Dutch?' This is all due to immigration, since you cannot say 'A Dutch person is a white-Christian male/female of Dutch cultural heritage' because we now have other-Dutch people as well. Our whole identity is being redefined. Some politicians now state that being Dutch just means; 'Being open and tolerant to other cultures and being multicultural' if that's the standard, then I can just pick a random person from the UK or Italy, who is tolerant, open and (for example) Hindu and just plot them into the Netherlands and 'boom!' He's Dutch. Even though he doesn't speak a word and shares nothing of my culture. It's a lot to chew on and the current state of The Netherlands has many factors, such as political correctness etc.

I just want to know in what state Poland is in, and if it will ever reach the current state of The West. I'd just hate to see another country lose it's identity, merely because of immigration. Especially since I feel for it as well. So Poland, please, don't underestimate the level of destruction immigration can bring.