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15 Feb 2017
Life / Wish to settle down, which country to choose - Poland or Russia? [98]

My experience is similar to you. And I am Asian too :) except that I don't have enough savings to buy properties :( I changed my jobs too many times and I am specialiezed in nothing so it is not easy for me to get a new job :(

From my personal experience, I would say Poland is better place than St Petersburg or Moscow because they are not so friendly to Asians.
Polish people are quite educated and most of them will not show their racism to you. but Russians do often. Plus, English is more widely spoken in Poland.

In my opinion Polish people are generally polite and friendly. When it comes to money, they will be greedy probably more than people from western Europe.
15 Feb 2017
Law / Closing an inactive company in Poland (limited liability company) [11]

Hi all,

I would like to close a limited liability company. I need a lawyer or someone who can do that. I wanted to open a small business in Warsaw, so I registered LLC by a local lawyer. But Now I gave up and want to close it.

To my knowledge, I have to pay tax even though I didn't do any activities and have no incomes. It was done almost a year ago.

Does anyone know who can do this?

Thanks in advance