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28 Nov 2015
Off-Topic / What should Poland do in case of war between Turkey and Russia? [181]

interesting topic lets see what we have here..

a "cow" from serbia, with 3-5 posts a day about republic of Turkiye, with some black propoganda.

also we have an armenian too who wears Levi's and keep posting about armenian genocide of Turkey - yeah our ancestors killed them, and their ancestors killed ours, they were forced to move, it was WW 1 times, and we were getting rid of rebellious traitors. armenians raise their kids with hatred towards Turks, while we Turks dont give a f*ck about this, since we faught even New zealand, and many other countries in the past for our indepence. armenians are no different, just another one bited the dust.

also we have a kurdish from istanbul, i dont why he calls himself istanbullu, istanbul is a Turkish city , and i expect such a fascist kurd would call himself as Amedli or sth like that.

so back to topic,
-- why did those damn Turks downed a russian jet ?

in 2012, a Turkish phantom jet on patrol mission, was shot with s300 missile by Syria. Turkish armed forces changed engagement rules for Syria regime.
it was suspected that Russians were behind the control of missiles came from Syria that downed Turkish jet. Russian army, violated Turkish air space many times, since Turkey had close ties with R*ssia, we didnt dropped their plane, but warned. they kept doing this again and again.

Putin was in istanbul and President Erdogan told this to him, just 2 weeks ago. after 5 th or 6 th violation, it happened again on 24 th.

Turkey Air defence forces, warned pilots when 20 miles left to enter TR air space before they entered, warnings were heard by a civil dutch pilot, american air base located in iraq too, it was confirmed. Russian jets didnt respond, they kept coming inside Turkey, and violated for 17 seconds-like 5 kms. there were 2 F-16 jets on patrol mission from TR side, and the leading F-16 striked one of the russian jet, while letting other go.

so, Putin knew what it was coming. but think of it as a chess move. sometimes, you sacrifice a pawn, but get better position on chess table.

Now, Putin has a stronger hand in Syria. he places S 400 missiles on Syria. it was a planned move probably, becoz they kept trying.

What would russians do, if Turkey goes to donbass ukraine with air force, bombs russian rebels in donbass ukraine, and violate russia airspace? you know the answer. we all know russians is biggest terrorist at the moment. they are bully state. they bomb turks in turkey border just in syria, they provoke us with airspace violation and they cry when they get a nice kick in the ass.

Turkey is 8 the strongest military power in world, and a close ally of USA, and founder member of NATO. NATO air defence border starts in Turkey. There are big command HQ of NATO and USA in Turkey for ages. if NATO kicks Turkey out, it would be end of NATO.

putin knows it, and playing on Turkey now.

Turkey is not a country that you can mess like Russia did to georgia or ukraine.

Turkey joined NATO in 1952, and germany in 1955, and poland in 1999. you know what i mean here, i hope.

anyway, im Turkish, and atheist, and Turkey is a secular country, not islamist. Yes i dont support Erdoğan, half of population does not, but what to do, he does mistakes for sure. but he doesnt support iSiS. Turkey sends weapons and trains moderate Turkmen groups, to get position in Syria. Turkey is hosting 3 million refugees, with limited help from world. look as French, Russia, China who interest in Syria for oil, and question them, not Turkey.

R*ssians put sanctions ,ambargoes on us ? hah as if we give a f*ck, so be it.
we have a saying in Turkish, "water flows, finds its way",

Turkey Violated Greek Airspace 2,244 Times Last Year, Fires At Russia For Doing It Once

they do it again and again, and they are warned. do you get it ? do you understand it ?
last time their pilots didnt respond our pilots. They know what frequency Turkish jets use.

NATO rejects Russia explanation on Turkish air ...
7.10.2015 · BRUSSELS/BEIRUT NATO on Tuesday rejected Moscow's explanation that its warplanes had violated alliance member Turkey's air space by mistake and said Russia
MOSCOW: Russia on Monday said one of its warplanes had briefly entered Turkish air space during raids in Syria at the weekend due to bad weather, after the incident sparked concern in Ankara and the West.
17 Sep 2015
Real Estate / EU national wanting to move and buy a house in Poland [41]

can a non-EU with valid work permit and residence permit buy a flat or detached house in poland?
if he loses his job, what happens ? (considering he has to leave country in a month or 3 ?)
9 Sep 2015
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

i agree there s IQ difference between races. There is also EQ difference between them. im Turkish but i wont say my nation is smart, but we are good at finding exploits or practical solutions. we are weak in engineering. on the other hand have high EQ.

in north, scandinavia,germany,denmark etc people who eat more fish and red meat, people tend to have higher IQ. its natural thing, eating red meat and fish makes the brain cells develop more, and generations over generations people transmit such genes.

historically , invention of fire, and hunting and eating animals made us smart.
black people have more muscles as a fact, coz its more of a muscle utilized life style in africa last 6000 years. Not the smartest, but the fittest will survive there.

but this doesnt make anyone superior to other.
in life, there is only one classification, good people, and bad people.
6 Sep 2015
Work / What salaries are for IT specialists (Senior QA Engineer) in Poland? [59]

hello dj, if you are that experienced, you should have been doing the math yourself. i am from Turkey, i was offered gross 13000 but i refused, coz i do more money here. but things would be different, there s no perfect path in life. i can move later on.

if you were bornin 1981 and having 10 years of IT experience, go for 12000 pln/gross/month minumum. add/subtract 500 per year if you have more less XP.

Also, dominicB, its not easy to land jobs in IT directly in UK/USA/west europe. but its easier in poland.
there are relocator sponsor companies in poland.
some HR recruiters called me from swiss, UK, USA but they were not willing to do sponsorship. so it all ended without progress.
if you have friends in chicago i can give you CV. noone is a poland fan here anyway. even those indians or egyptians arent probably.

BTW i heard google, IBM etc pay crappy wages there in poland. so dont expect a lot from those i say.
its like you get 2/3 of gross salary, and they provide you healthcare. one day if you retire from poland at 67, having those 1/3 pay cut from your gross makes sense. otherwise, NO