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Checking Docs duration by company in Poland (diploma, transcript and passport copy)

bakkalgazi 2 | 21
17 Aug 2015 #1
Hello everybody
I was offered a job in IT area by an international company. We had 2 meetings, at first meeting we talked about salary, then they sent me an email and asked me to send my diploma, transcript and passport copy. I sent all and now waiting them to check all docs if they are equivalent to the Polish or not.

I want to ask if anybody of you had such process and how long it takes to check these docs.
terri 1 | 1,663
17 Aug 2015 #2
It could take 3 months or 6 months.
OP bakkalgazi 2 | 21
17 Aug 2015 #3
@terri; really???? why is it so long?
terri 1 | 1,663
17 Aug 2015 #4
Don't ask me, ask the Polish Government....
El turco
21 Aug 2015 #5
Bakkalgazi selam,
I also got an offer from wroclaw, but m confused, do you have e mail ? Whici city do you plan to move
ElTurco - | 5
21 Aug 2015 #6
Roger that. I am sorry :-) i think all the documents and work permit will be ready in 2 months max and will be approved for the poster. For some indians i heard it. An take to 12 weeks.
OP bakkalgazi 2 | 21
9 Nov 2015 #7
I was offered 7700 PLN gross (before tax) and of course i didn't accepted. I only couldn't understand how those stupid HR and team manager drive this process. Because in the beginning of process i was asked about my current and expected salary and i told them that i earn about 3500 EUR (after tax) and want 4500 EUR (after tax, nagotiable). They went on to have meeting with me and then they offered this stupid salary. I currently earn %200 more than 7700 PLN gross salary. (9 years experienced Middleware Engineer)
InPolska 9 | 1,816
9 Nov 2015 #8
@Bakkal: if you earn 3,500/4,500 euros after tax in the West, don't expect to get even that BEFORE tax in Poland. The reason why these companies are in Poland is only because of Polish much lower salaries. If you want thousands of euros, you need to look for a job in a western country. No hard to understand! ;).
Levi 12 | 442
9 Nov 2015 #9
Do you know that the life cost in Poland is way cheaper than in Western European metropolis, right?

Nevermind, if you don't know that, is pretty much probable that you don't deserve a salary like the one that you want.
OP bakkalgazi 2 | 21
26 Nov 2015 #10
Mates; i was offered 250 euros per day for a similar position in Wroclaw before this offer. But position was suspended. Then i was called for this position and as i mentioned before, i told them about my current and expected salary. The problem is they went on process about recruiting.

During this process, i was called by two companies too, and they rejected me in the beginning because of my salary.

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