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15 May 2017
Law / Cost of importing a car from Germany to Poland? [9]


Car purchasing & import from Germany

Hi Guys, I would like to Go Germany to buy a used car BMW 116i or 118d and then bringing it here in Poland, How much Taxes I have to pay for the plates and VAT?!
28 Jan 2016
Travel / From Wroclaw to Warsaw - is traveling long distances expensive in Poland? [7]

Merged: Internal transfer from Warsaw to Wroclaw

Hey Guys, I'm moving Next month from warsaw to the other branch of our company in Wroclaw, I Would like to ask what is the cheapest way to travel to there with my language and boxes and how much it would cost me if i rent a car with a driver to there.Thanks
11 Nov 2015
Life / How much to convert a petrol car 1.4 cm3 or 1.6 cm3 to LPG in Poland? [7]

Hi Guys , I just want to buy a small car like (Seat ibiza- or Grand Punto - Golf VW ) and convert it to LPG due to high prices of Fuel in EU so,

Is anybody have a good knowledge or experience converting his Car to LPG and How was its effect on the performance of the car ?!

6 Oct 2015
Life / LPG fuel - car conversion cost and process in POLAND [18]

Merged: Converting my car to LPG fuel in Poland!

I buy a used car working with benzene (BMW 316) and i want to convert it to work with LPG , so anybody know how much it cost me for changing , and if it have a bad effect of the engine efficiency ?!
11 Sep 2015
Law / Can i still exchange my driving license after fail in practical exam [9]

Merged: Driving license..!

Hello guys , I want to have a polish driving license that allow me to drive here , So i hear that i can change my Egyptian or saudi driving license to polish license , So Do anybody have any idea how can i do that ?!

8 Jun 2015
Real Estate / Shop / restaurant rent in Centralny Station in Warsaw? [5]

Merged: Opening a business in Poland. How much for shops or restaurant renting in Warsaw centrum?

Hello Guys

I want to do some business here in Warsaw, opening a small restaurant , how much the renting in centrum Area or somewhere near to it ?!
25 May 2015
Love / My Love Story: my 'good' family vs her 'bad' family in Poland [25]

Well Thank you all about your opinions but the satiation have many circumstances that effect My relation with her, that I have already accepted however discovering that her sister is such stripper and act in erotic movies that is not accepted for me or my family and im sure of that because as many of you said its about 2 families together not only 2 person getting married .
19 May 2015
Love / My Love Story: my 'good' family vs her 'bad' family in Poland [25]

Hello Guys

I want your opinion in such a big issue for me , Im polish guy but I was born and raise up in Germany and im from very good family however, I came back for work and live again in Poland , after few months in Poland i have met a very nice kind heart , beautiful girl and i fall in love with her , but she is from bad and stupid family , after we spend long time almost 1 year i discovered that her sister is working as a stripper & almost a ***** and have erotic nakeed movies on the internet from long time . I was planning to marry this girl and have a good future with her but after what i discovered im so confused , I don't know what should I do , if my family know something like that they will force me to broke up with her...! so I need people opinions!!!! What Should I do!!!!!!?