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LPG fuel - car conversion cost and process in POLAND

crasyman77 11 | 37
29 Oct 2007 #1
How much does and LPG conversion cost in Poland? i can't find any information about it as regards to poland
wildrover 98 | 4,436
29 Oct 2007 #2
It depends on where you get it done.There are some good and some not so good people doing lpg conversions in Poland........I had my Rangerover done in UK and it cost me 1300 quid , its about half that in Poland.....Your best bet is to ask people local to where you live and go to a garage that has a reputation for doing a good job....You can get problems if the job is not done by experts.....I have not had any problems with my conversion in three years and saved a fortune on fuel.....If you are buying a car in Poland , get one that has already been converted and is running ok...The price for conversion depends on if it has carbs or fuel injection , Good luck...
Guardian 1 | 6
29 Oct 2007 #3
Price can vary depending on your vehicle and the best suitable system.
For example a multi-point system will be more expensive than the more common single-point system.
Also of course, the type of tank you specify will affect the price. Do you want to replace your existing tank with a split tank or fit a new tank in the spare wheel well just for the LPG ??

As with any garage, there are good and bad, so local knowledge will be invaluable. LPG is quite common in Poland so supply and getting a reputable firm to do the install shouldn't be a problem.

I'm leaving my installtion until I get to Poland as my English wife who is already living there has already sourced a garage that will do the work on my 3.5 litre V6 Pajero for around the equivelant of £500 - this is for a milt-point injection system with an inboard 'cylinder' type 75 litre tank so I can keep the original petrol tank for use when we return to visit family/friends in the UK.
OP crasyman77 11 | 37
29 Oct 2007 #4
what you are saying is a good idea. To be honest I am from Malta I am living now in Szczecin so I am intending to buy a car here to be able to go around and fix gas system to save some money but still i be going on and off to malta so i will want to use normal fuel
rafik 18 | 589
29 Oct 2007 #5
How much does and LPG conversion cost in Poland? i can't find any information about it as regards to poland

1 example.renault laguna,2.0 petrol.cost-2600zlotych
OP crasyman77 11 | 37
29 Oct 2007 #6
oh so it is not so expensive. i am thinking of getting a BMW 520 year 1997, does anyone know any thing about this car does it give trouble alot or any thing?
rafik 18 | 589
29 Oct 2007 #7
it's nice and cool but is probably twice more expensive in maintenance ect than an average car,say renault, vw.
OP crasyman77 11 | 37
29 Oct 2007 #8
few years ago i had a renault scenic
i got it in 2005 every time something is wrong i promised myself i wouldnot get a renault again
till now the best car i ever had is a pajero it gives any problems
rafik 18 | 589
29 Oct 2007 #9
had a renault scenic

yep you r right.scenic are the worst of the whole renault cousin had scenic from new and in 4 years he had to visit his local garage about 30 times.i have vw bora 1.9tdi and is just brilliant even with 127k miles on the friend has a bmw 320 and he pays twice as much for insurance,petrol,road tax , mot and service. i live in the uk but belive that things are pretty similar in poland
OP crasyman77 11 | 37
29 Oct 2007 #10
this is something that i did not think of i know nothing about insurances and tax here in poland regarding cars. does anyone have any idea on tax and how it is paid and insurance for cars?
10 Jun 2008 #11
Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out more about garages that do the conversions, or any web pages i can use to find out more information
plk123 8 | 4,138
10 Jun 2008 #12
from what i hear U$1500 - 2000
Krzysztof 2 | 973
10 Jun 2008 #13
find out more about garages that do the conversions

You may need some extra research before making this decission, because a few months ago there was a big fuss about a new tax on gas (LPG), which would put it's price too close to thepetrol prices.

Owners of garages doing conversions were complaining that they were losing clients very fast, because after some basic calculations the new prices made the conversion a bad deal, you wouldn't be able to earn much on the petrol/LPG price difference, so the costs of conversion would make the whole thing not worth it.

But I'm not sure if that new tax has been really introduced (or is going to be soon), or maybe not. Besides petrol prices are also increasing, so maybe it's still worth to use LPG even with the new tax?
10 Sep 2008 #14
can someone reccomend some good company where I can upgrade my car on LPG system in Poland? Its would be nice If is it on the south of poland becuose Im from Slovenia

McCoy 27 | 1,268
10 Sep 2008 #15
in krakow:,krakow--instalacja-gazowa-lpg
J.W. Kwak
12 Jan 2010 #16
Dear Sir or Mdam,

This is jae won Kwak from Korea.
I am working in Motonic corpoeration which is specialized in LPG bi-fuel system kit.
I am belonging to oversea sales division on Motonic.

The reason that i send email is that i want to find some companies which are specialized in LPI bi-fuel conversion kit. We have LPI bi-fuel solution which has better out put & fuel efficiency comparing to LGP bi-fuel system.

(LPI system : Liquid injection type)

According to your messages, you had your car conversed into LPG bi-fuel car in Poland.
Could you please tell me where you did?
I need company name and web site so that I can contact to do business with them.

I am finding LPG conversion company in Poland but it it difficult for me to find good one in Korea.
If you are intend to give me some information, please send email in
Your information would be highly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,

J.W. Kwak
pawian 223 | 24,535
17 Apr 2012 #17
how much does LPG conversion cost in POLAND

I asked about it today. V6 engine, 3000 cc, 200 HP, will cost you 5000 zlotys.
Jaky007 3 | 10
6 Oct 2015 #18
Merged: Converting my car to LPG fuel in Poland!

I buy a used car working with benzene (BMW 316) and i want to convert it to work with LPG , so anybody know how much it cost me for changing , and if it have a bad effect of the engine efficiency ?!
Becoming dad 3 | 28
27 May 2023 #19
Guessing the price quotation here is different. Anyone have an idea for LPG installation for a Mazda 6? The mechanic I asked told me 10,000 zl with is ridiculous in my opinion. He probably thinks I'm an American with plenty dollars

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