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25 Jan 2015
Law / Shipping a car from USA to Poland [84]

This is correct. In answer to the original question, a good auto shipping company will be able to answer those questions for you. Here's one I know of that ships in between the U.S. and Poland but there are probably dozens of other options too. Just call a couple up and ask them about the process, paperwork, etc. Their answers to your questions will tell you lot.

*Sorry, I just realized this thread is from 2007.
18 Jan 2015
Life / Are foreigners welcome in Poland? [265]

I've never had a problem with drunk Polish people ... you just have to be able to keep up a little :)
13 Jan 2015
Study / Archeology studies in Poland? [7]

It's fine to study archeology, in spite of what Dominic says. Sorry Dom, but there's more to getting an education than getting a certificate to work in a box your entire life.
13 Jan 2015
Genealogy / Are Any Birth Records Kept from "Poland" in the 1800's [5]

I can't speak for Poland specifically, but that was a time of a lot of movement and immigration in world history, which makes records a little spotty. Did you try I know that may sound silly, but their records are pretty good from what I understand. Best of luck!