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18 Oct 2014
Classifieds / Monster X tour in Poland [4]

Is it worth seeing ? Well , to me once was enough , I went cheap on tickets ( not recommended ) and got what I paid for ... my seat was behind "the goal" , so everytime they would start new race fumes would blow in my direction , could not see how fast they were going ,would have much better view seating on the side , could not see graphics on their trucks only briefly when they were turning around . Overall I found the show a bit boring , during half time they had motocross stunt drivers doing all sorts of tricks , then they were throwing souvenirs to the crowd , show ended sort of "that's all folks , good night " .After the show there was autograph signing and chance to see monster trucks a bit closer , after 1hr waiting in line .
6 Oct 2014
Study / Do Polish students 'look down' on foreign students from Asia studying medicine here? Racist behaviours noted. [16]

some reputation say that polish ppl racist:(

They are just as much racist as any other Europeans , few bad apples thats all , just mind your business ,study hard with smile on your face and I am sure you will make lots of new polish friends . :)

Speaking of which ...I remember when I went to Taiwan years ago to some small town , people were looking at me like I was an allien , taller than most of them , blond hair , blue eyes made me feel so uncomfortable , their staring felt like they were saying " look at that big weirdo " , but after a week I just got used to them .
3 Oct 2014
USA, Canada / Polish TV in the USA? [43]

Go to, there is around 30 polish channels including TVP2 , you can watch them for free for about 30 minutes , after that you need to buy premium ( subscribe to it ) , you can buy 3-90 day subscriptions , whatever you feel like , for 3 days you looking at $1.50 usd , they stream from Dallas for North America so picture quality is pretty good .
22 Sep 2014
Law / I think my son's Mum is trying to get a passport for our son. Can she do this without my permission [3]

How do I find out if my Son's mum is trying to get a passport for my son? I know she needs my permission but can she go though court without me?

First of all you need to provide some more info about your divorce / separation or your current relationship to the "Mum".
I will try to give you some advice and from my personal experiences :
Do not go to court unless you have solid evidence that "Mum" is trying to obtain passport for your son , without your permission which you said "she needs " . Why does she need your permission ? Do you have legal separation agreement which says that without your consent she can not obtain passport for your son? If not then there is nothing stopping her from doing so , you on the other hand can go to passport issuing office and tell them that you do not agree with your son having a passport because ...........I am sure that they will put a stop on the process of issuing him a passport , until you agree to it , or she has some sort of legal document stating that your word in this matter means "nothing" ( unlikely scenario ) .

Have you considered asking her straight up if she is trying to obtain passport for your son?
Now , as I said earlier without knowing more about your relationship to "Mum" and legal agreements between you two regarding child custody its is impossible to give you solid advice . One more thing , no matter how badly you hate "Mum" and how badly you want to screw her life , keep your child matters as priority #1 please .
12 Aug 2014
Travel / Buying Train Tickets online - I'm going to Poland soon [18]

Are you flying with LOT ? If so then ask them to book train tickets for you .If not , then just arrive at the train station and buy ticket on the spot 2hrs before the departure , they are never sold out ...they are expensive for average polish Joes and online booking is pointless for anyone, its just a money grab .I have traveled to PL many times ,used their PKP 90 percent of the time and never bought train ticket ahead of time , never been left on the Peron either :}