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23 Jul 2017
Po polsku / Jaki jest program Platformy Obywatelskiej? [11]

To ze prawo dopadnie te hieny z PO bylo przepowiedziane dosyc dawno temu i to co robi PIS jest doklanie spelnieniem przepowiedni tego pana :
21 Aug 2016
Life / Will Poland ever be multicultural like Sweden, Germany or France? [161]

Do you think that Poland will ever be as multicultural as Sweden?

Possibly , and that is going to happen when native Swedes , Germans , British , French start getting pushed out of their own countries by middle eastern migrants.Then their only save heaven will be Poland ...and that's how Poland will become multicultural ;)
20 Aug 2016
News / Streets closed in Warsaw during NATO summit [146]

This news is from December 2015 , irrelevant anymore , swept under the carpet , no big deal . NATO Summit happened anyways without any complications ,so stop blowing it out of proportion like this was some sort of resistance from Poland against NATO . LOL
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]


"My actions as a good father will not be seen in a Polish court I have been told.
They will focus more on why I have not my name on the birth certificate for 4 years."

Says who ?

"I had my reason for not signing I will not be part of any illegal fraud for trying to make false claims for child benefit from holland whilst she is living in poland."

So you had legitimate reason for not signing birth certificate , you are law abiding citizen who refused to scam the system .

" Now she refuses to put my name on the paper saying better for her is single parent as now she get money from poland and me. "

Do you have this on "paper " ? If so then you have the proof that she is milking the system
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]

I agree 100% that he must support his child and find a way to generate more income , but from the law perspective ( I think ) she has no right to use a child as a tool to force him to pay . If he is deadbeat dad , then she should go after him through court system . I don't want to pass a judgment on neither one of them , but sure as hell their child is not the number 1 priority in this mess...
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]

Again-how would you support your kid if you got the custody?

Probably the same way his wife is having it now , only she would be the payer ...( highly unlikely though )
I also don't see him mentioning anything about him trying for custody . His wife is having custody right now and she is denying him the access , which is wrong ....the kid has two parents and should be able to spend time with both .
10 Jul 2016
Love / Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED [46]


What makes you think that you will be ordered to pay 200-500 euros per month for child support ? Did you go to court ?
Is your ex demanding certain amount from you ? If so ,what is it based on ? To me she is not interested in your child well being , as well as your child having both parents . She seems like very high conflict person with no regards for you as a father .

My advice to you is collect all the evidence that you might have ( emails , letters , txt messages ) from her demanding money in exchange for visitations with your daughter. When you have enough evidence find a lawyer , lay it all out and at the end of the day you may just have a case against her . I maybe wrong but ..don't you get free legal advice / lawyer from the EU since your income is so low ?
5 Jul 2016
News / How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland. [1114]

Only new Commonwealth (ie Intermarium) can satisfy us.

The one that you destroyed back in the nineties ? With Croatia , Albania , Kosovo , Bosnia .....? The irony is that most likely you will join EU along with the above mentioned countries and like it or not you will be united again ... damn its a crazy world isnt it ?
10 May 2016
Life / Streaming online Polish TV [85]

It works fine for me
But if you really want to spend money go to WEEB.TV , depending where you located they will provide you with somewhat reliable service at price . For example if you in Poland 3 month subscription 37.99 PLN , the same package in Canada will cost you around 120 PLN ....other countries most likely have different rates from the Polish one .
10 Feb 2016
Life / Streaming online Polish TV [85]

like this one , free no strings attached , about 20+polish channels
6 Sep 2015
Life / Where to buy long wooden chair in Warsaw! [4]

Market OBI Warszawa Puławska

ul. Puławska 427
02-801 Warszawa
Telefon: 22 859 16 00

Godziny otwarcia
Pon. - Sob.: 07:00-21:00
Niedz.: 09:00-19:00
4 Apr 2015
Law / Divorce in Poland - fault - rights to property predating the marriage [34]

Remember , lawyers are very capable of twisting words , so be careful , just a scenario for you : "say you both live in your house as married couple , then kids come along , your family grows from 2 to 4 ...all of the sudden she wants to divorce you , she wins custody of both children and you have access to see them twice a week . You tell her and the kids to move out from your home right ?" Well ...hold on a second , why does single mother with 2 kids have to move out and live in "1bedroom condo" while you enjoy "300 square meter house" by yourself ? Is that fair? Her lawyer may ask .

Judges tend to take mother's and children side , and you never know what the decision might be .
Hope it never happens , but ...
Prenuptial agreement is the way to go .
23 Mar 2015
News / Food producers from Poland should stop suffering from obliged sanctions against Russia [75]

"That is very very good. Its always better to export finished product then just raw material. With sanctions or without"
This may not always be the rule especially in this case , as for example this apple juice may also have been made out of premium apples which should have been sold at premium price rather than being pressed into juice , never the less some return on investment is better than none.

23 Mar 2015
News / Food producers from Poland should stop suffering from obliged sanctions against Russia [75]

unfortyunately, i have bad news people. Bad news for all who value Polish apples

I wouldn't worry so much , and this is why :

Export of apple juice concentrate from Poland

According to the data from Eurostat, between July and October 2014 its volume increased 6.6-times to 9.7 thousand tonnes, while comparing to the EU-28 recorded a 9% reduction. Particularly important in enhancing delivery from Poland to non-EU countries had a significant increase in exports to the Russian Federation, visible especially in the fourth quarter of 2014. In total, in October and November 2014 ZSJ exports to Russia amounted 10100 tonnes, so it's 10 thousand more than in the same period a year ago

Which means rather than exporting whole apples to Russia (which they don't want ) Poland found another way of sending them anyways ...
Concentrated Apple Juice is flowing across the border to Russia like no tomorrow :)
"In the last quarter of last year export of CAJ to Russia increased by 10000 tons comparing to last year" my translation .
I guess we don't need help from Serbia afterall.
27 Jan 2015
Life / Whats with going to sauna naked in Poland? [41]

"BTW dont the bare feet lead to spread of disease like fungus and bacteria"

Yes possible ,but very unlikely , and if you think that sneakers will protect you from contracting disease through your feet while in sauna then you are very wrong ..."they will not ,as you entered sauna with disease already in you. How you ask ?"

Ever thought about door knob or door handle on sauna door when you were going in ? 😉 or coins or bills when you were paying for sauna usage?Think about that ,rather than little mushroom farm between your toes 😃

Just trying to give you perspective 😉
26 Jan 2015
Life / Whats with going to sauna naked in Poland? [41]

My clothes were sneakers,shorts and a tanktop as I always like to go to sauna for 10 minutes for a warmup up before work out.Is that something strange to do?

You got to be kidding , right ? You asking if thats strange ? Warming up in sauna before workout ? Thats the dumbest thing I ever heard :):) What ...are you warming up in sauna before going for a dip in liquid nitrogen :)?

Most of the gyms I attended , had locker rooms ,saunas and shower facilities , they were always separate for men and women , now on mens side anyone going in the sauna would be naked with the towel to put it down before sitting or with towel wrapped around the waste . I am in Canada and if you are trying to tell me that in US people go to sauna in clothes then you are full of it . Do you shower in your workout clothes too ?
11 Jan 2015
Life / Want to become an expat to Poland? Consider your options before going abroad. [18]

- real estate deals gone bad rather than providing guaranteed upside for you
- not giving work to people who dont speak the language

- not paying back the loans to EU ( potentially)
- serious attitude and mentality problems
- not enough changes since joined EU
I am sure there is more where that came from , clearly LL has a problem with living in PL . Cant wait to hear more ...
10 Jan 2015
News / Turkey abolished visas for Poles. [80]

Turkey has been hot destination especially for Poles for very long time , I remember back in the 70'and 80' we were hooked on Turkish goods in particular clothing , which were smuggled to Poland and then sold at "bazar" or "butik" in every major city with huge price mark-up , but that never stopped us from buying those very trendy jean jackets which could also be turned into vests ,or those colorful wool like sweaters ? Some cool sh%t remember ?...everybody had them :)
15 Nov 2014
Work / Poczta Polska equivelant of "c/o" (care of)? [4]

You would address it to both people eg.: Pani Anna Nowak i Pan Jan Kowalski , either one would be able to receive mail , either one would be able to open it .
19 Oct 2014
Life / When will SMOKING BE BANNED? (from public areas in Poland) [44]

I told the smokers who argued with me about this that I have a bad habit of drinking beer that causes a filthy residue called pee.

Are you implying that smoking is a habit ? If so you are very wrong , smoking is an addiction and its one of the hardest to quit . Smoking is already restricted in many western countries , and not by antismoking crusaders but other ways , for example in Canada province of Ontario:

"The province has developed a comprehensive Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy which combines public education with programs, policies and legislation to:

·help smokers to quit,
·protect non-smokers from exposure to second-hand smoke, and
·encourage young people to never start.
The Smoke-Free Ontario Act prohibits smoking in workplaces, enclosed public spaces and also in motor vehicles when children under 16 are present. It also bans the public display of tobacco products prior to purchase and prohibits youth-targeted tobacco products such as flavoured cigarillos.

These efforts have greatly reduced tobacco use and lowered health risks to non-smokers in Ontario.

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act is designed to protect the health of all Ontarians by prohibiting smoking in all enclosed workplaces and enclosed public places in Ontario as of May 31, 2006."

Smoking outside restaurants is permitted in specially designated areas , usually far from entrances .
19 Oct 2014
Food / What are my chances if I open Grill of Serbian cuisine in Poland? [14]

Crow , your opening post sounds and looks just delicious ... add some .5L of good Quality Potato juice ;) and I will be your best customer !
Your last post however makes me wanna puke topic , nationalistic views are posting in FOOD category ...remember?
19 Oct 2014
Life / where to buy vacuum storage bags here in Warsaw? [3]

Jana Pawła II 43a lokal 23b (pozom minus 1, Pasaż Muranów) działa od 09:00 do 18:00 we wszystkie dni robocze oraz w soboty od 11:00-16:00. Telefon sklepowy 22 297 13 17 oraz 22 297 13 18, po godzinie 18:00 - telefon 570 971 060.

Jana Pawla II 43a street, place 23b (Passage Muranow) operates from 09:00 to 18:00 every weekday and Saturday from 11:00-16:00. Phone shop 22 297 13 17 and 22 297 13 18, after 18:00 - call