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29 Jan 2008
Language / Terms of endearment in Polish [222]

n Mexico, they say "pumpkin"...I have no idea how referring to someone as a large orange gourd is endearing.

We say that in Canada?
10 Jan 2008
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]

You probably have never worked with languages before.

I am aware of the language classifications....
I am teaching myself Polish and have been for years, I went to Poland and communicated fine with people....There are many people who are self-taught and speak languages quite fluently, so I am not sure why you'd say that, considering many of the people on this site are teaching themselves.
21 Dec 2007
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1462]

This thread is ridiculous. I can understand what you mean about distinctive features but I don't think looks are defined by nationality. Sometimes I see someone and find out their nationality afterwards and it makes sense because of some of their facial features but as for bodies, everybody's is different there is no distinct body type for any nationality and I don't think it is possible to guess every single nationality correct in a line up of Europeans...
21 Dec 2007
Language / -ski/-ska, -scy/ski, -wicz - Polish surnames help [185]

you're married you're -scy/sky

-scy is plural and used when talking about more than one person with the same lastname
I don't -sky is Polish, maybe Russian or Ukrainian
9 Dec 2007
News / Poland - Third World Country?? [300]

I am actually appalled at seeing so many people refer to Poland as a 'third world country', I find it to be far from that...and technically former communists countries were called second world....but I feel that Poland is a first world country, it is probably not as developed as Canada or the USA but it is quite developed, so if you were to compare Poland with a country like Ethiopia, you would find them similar???
18 Nov 2007
Life / Superstitions in Poland [60]

When I was in Poland, my cousins told me if I lit my cigarette off of a candle, a sailor would die? =P
18 Nov 2007
Language / I want to learn Polish. Where to start? [180]

I learned pronunciation by reading about the alphabet online and listening to Polish all I listen to is Polish music=)
30 Jun 2007
Genealogy / Poland Genealogy Resources [130]

if anyone has any trouble with this. feel free to post

um yes i dont live in the US...all these sites are US my family came to Canada not US
29 Jun 2007
Genealogy / Want to find a person [756]

[Moved from]: Surname 'Trzop' in Silesia

I'm looking for relatives of my great-grandfather who immigrated to Canada from Poland( I think Silesia) in the 1930's...I even have a certificate of his immigration that I found online: so if anyone can help please do=)
29 Jun 2007
Life / What is going on in Polish Music [128]

You are welcome! smile. I think Polish music is too much focused on the American trends. Polish rap, for example, is one of the most popular music theme in Poland. The same sounds, lyrics, vocals - even clothes -- the only difference is that the lyrics are in Polish language. Other than that, there are great Polish composers (classics or jazz for example) but such music is not for the masses :|.

I think American rap is more about getting drunk etc while Polish rap is more about real life issues and actually has meaning in the lyrics