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28 Jun 2015
Off-Topic / WB's body building and general fitness thread [97]

No more "The-WB-godlike-body-appreciation-thread" ? ;-)

Ive trained for all of my adult life but never before have i been able to achieve the kind of consistency i have over the past 4 years....and heres some of the results:

So you should take advantage of it(?) and pump even harder!

You're looking really great. But I'm not sure about your style though, especially in the first picture! :D
Some random white sneakers, black socks and....em...pampers (even if they are from Lonsdale)...really!? Come on... :D

So, keep calm and carry on!! :-)
25 Feb 2015
Language / Does pronunciation in Polish get easier with time? [9]

Oh, thank you very much for correcting me, Wulkan. Unfortunately I can't edit it now.
I'm not a so-called "native Speaker", so mistakes in my posts can appear. (And I'm sure, you already found some in this post :-) )
24 Feb 2015
Language / Does pronunciation in Polish get easier with time? [9]

Is it possible to lose your English accent when speaking Polish? Has anyone managed to?

Don't even think about it!!

You'll loose your sexiness, when you get rid of your accent!! :-)
3 Feb 2014
Law / Any good ideas for setting up a business in Poland by a British investor? [5]

I'm not living in Poland, but because there is so much Polski Sklep in Britain - maybe you schoud try the opposite way and establish an English Shop in Słupsk?

I think some poles would be curious - and maybe there are some Brits in that area. My observation (?) is, that the Brits tend not be as connected abroad as Poles. (Is that sentence correct?)

I don't think you need much money for that.

Oh, man..."schoud" should be "should", sorry

Why have I only short time to edit my own posts!?
2 Feb 2014
News / Parliament in Poland clears way for nuclear plant [78]

Oh thank you very much jimmysteam! I really didn't know, that we need steam to produce electricity. I didn't even know, that we simply transform one sort of energy into another.

Before that I was thinking (about nuclear energy f.e.): hm, you simply stick wires to uran and than you have electricity! Oh, how stupid I was! :-)

But thank you very much indeed, jimmysteam! Now I know how the world is turning!
And yes, it's a very efficient. You need billions of Euros or Dollars to build a nuclear powerplant - but you know it's for a good cause: because it's clean! Fukushima told us that! :-)

Thank you very much jimmysteam.

Oh, I forgot to mention, that what ever you take from the earth (oil, coal, uran) - it exists in unbelievable amounts on this planet.
2 Feb 2014
News / Parliament in Poland clears way for nuclear plant [78]

The first nuclear power station wasn't built until the middle of the 20th century.

Actually I was wrong. The electricity in those plant is made with 18th-century technology! STEAM!!
What a progress...
1 Feb 2014
Law / I lost my temporary car permit in Poland - what should I do? [7]

No, I'm sorry - simply because you're not a british citizen. They (goverment officials) will treat you in a different way in this case (beeing NOT a british citizen).

But don't worry - no problems for you!
1 Feb 2014
Language / Is there a traditional expression used as a welcome? [18]

There is no traditional expression in Poland (however, maybe in some regions in Poland - but I doubt that) which could be used as a welcome.

"Gość w domu, bóg w domu" simply describe how to treat a guest in your house - treat your guest like a god.

There is (or was?) however a traditional slavic custom to welcome a foreigner with bread and salt.
31 Jan 2014
News / Parliament in Poland clears way for nuclear plant [78]

Poland progress. Nice

Poland adopts nuclear power program ...

Oh, yes. A big step for the country, indeed a very big one, extremly big.... hmm, too big?

So, our panslavic mega-super-commonwealth-power is preparing for energetic "independence"!

But hold on for a second. That will cost a lot of money. Not a lot of money, but A LOOOT OF MONEY! Money, that polish tax payer doesn't have?

Ah,I think they will finance it trough the eu-funds? Will Germany agree to this? Oh, sure - because than they can shut all their nuclear powerplants down. And surely the Germans will take care of all work, that need to be done!

But will they make it for free? Will they agree to these big funds (France?)?
Oh sure they will do it - if Poland take the german and french shi..., oh, sorry...the nuclear waste - they will sure agree - and the rest will be paid the polish taxpayer!!

Now with the bright gamma-rays and fracking-future - the country has nothing to fear.
Be aware Russia.
30 Jan 2014
Off-Topic / Hungarian Jobbik on the path of collision with Poland`s interests. Orban? [30]

what you talking about? i never heard a single joke about Poland in my country. My people don`t produce jokes on the account of Poles

I'm talking about you and your weird sence of humor. You know I always asked myself - what ist this all Commonwealth-s.. and slavic union and shall Poland dominate the world about. I thought you are a bit ... weird.

But now i know it: because i remembered the jokes that polish jokes were told the Ex-Yugoslavians "mates" - so yeah.
I think this is all about your subtile sence of Yugoslavian Humour.
30 Jan 2014
Off-Topic / Hungarian Jobbik on the path of collision with Poland`s interests. Orban? [30]

Most of them were comical individuals - absolutely pathetic inadequates. But not enough people stood up against them.

You're right - Hitler and his "friends" were really funny, no, really - there were. The problem was that many people took them very seriously!

Nowadays we know better which is why clowns like Jobbik will remain on the fringe.

I don't think so.
30 Jan 2014
Off-Topic / Hungarian Jobbik on the path of collision with Poland`s interests. Orban? [30]

i know that! you think that i don`t know that!?

yeah, sometimes i have the feeling that you're dreaming too much...
And no, Britain, USA, France ... does not "love" Poland - since it became a lover of Germany.

Do you really thought that, ...ermm... let's say... our polish.... political "Elite" ;)... have some ambitions of their own?
No, not really.

Hahaha, look at their stupid uniforms, what a bunch of dorks

So you think that the Braunhemden (i hope you know who i mean) were funny too?
15 Oct 2013
News / Lech Walesa vs Immigration: Brits humiliated him at London Heathrow Airport [105]

Lech Walesa says Brits humiliated him at Heathrow Airport and he will never go to London again.

OHHHHHH, Pooooor Wałesa!!!

The Brits didn't appreciate his coming to United Kingdom! HIM, who destroyed Communism (yes, him only!!)
I would gladly see his face, after the Airport-employee made his holy underware public!! :-P

This will cause diplomatic tensions between Poland and UK, of course! Eh, well NOT!!!

Because he was probably "checked" by a Pole!! :-D

Is there a video on youtube, or elsewhere!! :D

I really want to see this!
13 Oct 2013
News / Referendum to remove Gronkiewicz-Waltz fails in Warsaw - turnout not high enough [37]

Usually a very good sign of prosperity and wealth. From what I know, there's still a shortage of quality office accommodation in Warsaw.

Sure, this part of .. em .. economy (i mean the financial sector) doesn't need prosperity and wealth. It only needs a good goverment, which will bail out them if they make something wrong. :-)

Except it wasn't a majority - something like 160,000 people signed it. And for this referendum to be valid, it only required 29% of registered voters in Warsaw to vote - which doesn't sound very democratic at all.

As i said, it seems that the Varsovians are quite happy with the goverment.