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18 Dec 2015
Life / Comparing Poland and Romania [108]

folk culture esp music, unlike Poles who are embarassed by and alienated from theirs.

At the risk of going off topic, Why do you think Poles carry this embarrassment of their Folk Culture??
5 Nov 2015
Food / Best Polish Potato Variety for Mashing [67]

sprayed with blight killers, bug killers, pesticides not to mention the chemical fertilizer's they are grown with.

Needed to hop in here with all the pesticides, did you know they have a new one here in the states that you sprinkle on your seed potatoes before you plant them and then as the plants grow any bugs that feed on them promptly die. Supposedly by the time the plant matures the chemical is all out of the potato. Yeah right, this stuff is to spooky. I think I will just keep raising my own.
24 Mar 2015
History / Your favourite Polish Patriotic films [49]

I am reading the English version of "Aushwitz Volunteer" the story of Witold Pilecki. Do you know if the movie " The Death of Witold Pilecki" is available with English subtitles??
19 Feb 2015

What can anyone share on the name Bucia, my mothers maiden name. I have heard a couple of different translations; boot or shoe, and also tree. Is the name an archaic or old fashion word that has gone out of use in modern Polish? She was from South Eastern Poland, if that sheds any light on the translation. Thanks
19 Jan 2015
Food / Nothing better than skwarki! [19]

Merged: Could someone define "Skwarki" for me

I was just reviewing some Polish recipes that called for "Pork Scratchings (Skwarki)" as a garnish. What exactly is Skwarki? Thanks
30 May 2014
News / World's oldest man is Polish! [5]

Sorry to rain on your parade Beckski but I just saw a piece in the paper last week with an interview with a lady from Detroit who is 115, and they only claimed that she is the second oldest in the world, as there is someone in Japan who is 116. I guess you did say "man", but I can not remember if the person in Japan was a man or woman. But still hats off to anyone who can live to a ripe old age of 100. My wife had a great grandmother that made it to 102.
30 May 2014
Life / Polish Film World and Poland Movie Reviews [30]

Merged: New Movie " The Immigrant " Dealing with Polish immigrants in early 1900's, any one see it yet?

So did any one have a chance to see "The Immigrant" yet? It is suppose to be dealing with two Polish sisters and their immigration to the U.S.. If you did see it what did you think of it? In particular their portrayal of Polish People at that point in history? I have not had a chance to see it yet, just heard about it today. Here is a review link for it

I just read another news clip saying "The Immigrant" was rated 18th in movies released in the U.S. and Canada this past week. It was a limited release and not in many theaters. Unfortunately it is not playing in my area, so I still have not had a chance to see it. Any of you guys had a chance to see it yet??
19 May 2014
Food / Hi! Looking for some help with my grandmothers recipes! [12]

Sorry you do not seem to be getting any replies to your search. I was curious as to what dishes PF readers would come up with. Surely your ingredient list will ring a bell with someone.
25 Apr 2014
History / Polish Easter Tradition is also pagan! [47]

I did not know that, so how does it work?

Easter is always the first Sunday, following the first Full moon, following the Spring equinox. So it actually fluctuates around a thirty day moon phase. This year Easter was almost as late as it can get. It can only move three days later. At the risk of going off topic there is an old saying here in the U.S. "Late Easter , Late Spring", meaning when Easter falls late on the calendar warm Spring weather will also be slow arriving. It seems to have held very true this year, we had frost again this morning and only 32 degrees.
14 Apr 2014
Life / Do incidents such as the recent stabbings ever happen in Poland? [7]

I lol when people call America "civilized".

That's a pretty broad paint brush if you want to paint all of us over here with the label of "uncivilized". In spite of this recent tragedy, I would like to believe that the vast majority of us function at reasonable level of civility. It is just to sad when this kind of ugliness raises it's head and innocent people are caught in the path and are hurt or killed
11 Apr 2014
Life / Do incidents such as the recent stabbings ever happen in Poland? [7]

Well once again a High School student went crazy and for no apparent reason attacked his fellow students. This time in Pennsylvania USA., fortunately he did not have a gun, but was carrying two knives and managed to stab or cut twenty-two people. So far no one has died but a few of them are still listed as being in critical condition. My question is, Do things like this ever happen in Poland?? Or have we managed to collect all of the psychotic teenagers over here?
28 Mar 2014
History / What Was Happening in Poland around 1905? [66]

cmira2323 You might want to start with the records at Ellis Island. That was the main port of entry into the USA at that time. My grandparents also came from the Austrian side of the Polish partition, we were able to find them in the Ellis Island records. They listed them as from Austria but that they were Polish. The other info that we were able to access was the ship they traveled on, their port of departure and the town they formally lived in. You should really try and find a copy of their info on the ship manifest. Good Luck
4 Dec 2013
Food / Are eggs in Poland refrigerated/not refrigerated? [33]

The unrefrigerated egg issue in Poland really puzzled me last year when I was visiting. Here in the U.S. a store would not be able to sell eggs set out in this way. The health department would be on their door step in a heartbeat. Even when I sell eggs at a local farmers market we are required to have them in a cooler. I was always told that when you wash eggs you remove a protective coating on their shells and causes them to spoil faster. Unwashed eggs will keep a long time at room temperature.
1 Nov 2013
USA, Canada / Polish Americans on TV [14]

Correct me if i am wrong but I always heard that Loretta Switt from the M.A.S.H. series was a Polish American
19 Oct 2013
Food / Golabki - Oven or Stove top [11]

Still cleaning up the last of the fall garden here in Ohio, and I have a couple of heads of cabbage to turn into Golabki. I was wondering how most of you PF folks make your Golabki??On the Stove top or in the oven? Do you use raw rice or cook it first?? Since Mama always cooked hers on the stove top, I do the same. But I have also used a slow cooker a couple of times and they turned out pretty good and did not have to worry about scorching them on the stove. So lets here from some of you good Polish cooks out there. What is your secret to the best Golabki??
9 Oct 2013
Food / Using Polish cooking books in an English version? [16]

One Polish Cookbook that I enjoy, might not fit into the catagory you are referring to, in that it is not a translation from a Polish version but originally printed in English is the " Culinary Arts Institute - Polish Cookbook ". Very workable recipes that turn out some very tasty dishes. I wonder what you native Poles think of this books versions of your recipes??

I would also have to agree to some of the other comments on the Strybel book, it is not an easy read or presented in an attractive manner. If experienced in the kitchen though you should be able to follow it.
8 Oct 2013
Genealogy / Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots [45]

Evening Bernie, Still not getting much feedback on your pilots. Have you been able to locate any other info from other sorces than PF?? I had to wonder how much of this kind of info i.e. the Polish Airforce role in the Battle of Britain is ever taught or mentioned in British schools?? I know here in the US I never heard anything about it. It wasn't until I came upon the "Forgotten Few" book that I was exposed to this info.. Hope some more info turns up for you. Pete
29 Sep 2013
Food / How do you like your Polish OSCYPEK? [14]

I always have to laugh when I think of this cheese. When my sister and I were walking around the market in Krakow, she bought some from a street vendor. She thought they were cookies!!! She thought it was the worse cookie she ever had!! It does make a nice cheese though.
29 Sep 2013
Love / Polish women: what do you think of Polish men? Physically unattractive? [180]

Slavic countries women are often quite glamorous, while men often look like hobos.

I do have to admit that I made close to the same comment to my Polish friend that I was traveling with last Summer (in Poland) that the women were much more pleasant to look at then the men. But then again I'm a guy :)
28 Sep 2013
Genealogy / Stanislaw (Jan) Czternastek & Bronislaw Wydrowski - searching info on Polish War Pilots [45]

You don't seem to be having much luck turning up info on your pilots, to bad. Did your copy of The Forgotten Few arrive yet? I've really enjoyed reading it, it is interesting to see some of the statistics as to the effectiveness of the Polish Air Force while with the RAF. I tried looking in the glossary of the book to see if your two pilots were listed, but unfortunately they do not appear in the glossary. Does not mean that they are not in the book though, as I found other pilots in the book not listed in the glossary. I did not have your pilots names firmly in my mind when I read the book, so I did not notice if they were mentioned. Don"t give up. Pete
20 Sep 2013

Thanks Astoria, My maternal grandparents were Bucias and immigrated to the US around 1905. My mother always said that they came from outside the Krakow area. Someday I would love to do more research on an exact location. Pete
10 Sep 2013
Love / Polish women are angel [30]

I do not know if he is Irish or not. I just do not understand how is English improved so dramatically between his two posts