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23 Oct 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [9831]

No newspaper or journal will be free from some degree of bias, Maf!
Don't forget, whatever Murdoch touches turns to dung:-)
23 Oct 2021
News / Coronavirus in Poland [9831]

In all likelihood, Corona, as with influenza and small pocks (among small children) will always be with us, unfortunately. However, we're told in the media that as of Spring '22, masks, social distancing etc. will no longer be mandatory in the US, possibly world wide. Vaccinations as well might well become voluntary, with emphasis instead of free, mandatory testing using the saliva test.

Wishful thinking perhaps, yet I tend to trust the NYT more than the White House on certain such matters!
23 Oct 2021
News / European News and Poland Thread 2 [1477]

Crow'll tell ya that even the Native Americans were originally Slavs, since their ancestors came from across the Bering Strait which connects to Asia.... lol
15 Oct 2021
Travel / What are the best countries to live in? [41]

Quite the opposite clearly! We see here the limits of over zealous liberalism. The once tolerant Danes voted for Pia Kjaergaard. Who wants to see Copenhagestan?