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7 Jan 2022
Life / Asking cost of living in Poland [24]


Salary of 8000 gross is good in Poland?

Is 8000 Pln gross is good enough for small family?
30 Sep 2020
Classifieds / Business activities in Poland [3]

Dear Paiwan,
Both of your doesn't match .I have money but not enough money to start business which i have idea. It's about production and marketing and this idea cost about PLN half million.
29 Sep 2020
Classifieds / Business activities in Poland [3]

Dear all,
I have been living in poland since 14 years and working in food industries. Now i am in a stage to do my own business but i need few partners to be a part of it.

It depends of investor to be a part physically or not but you don't have to be here even in Poland. Before you send me any message the range of business is about half million złoty. Please let me know if someone is interested.
21 Mar 2017
Law / Setting up small business in Poland? [191]


business registration

Dear everyone,
I would like to register company in Poland and I want some to help of give those link who can support to register company in Poland. It can be cheaper agency.

If you have any idea how much it cost to register then please let me know your experience as a foreigner.
By the way I have resident card in Poland and I am here from 10 years.
3 Mar 2017
Work / D Visa- To work and study in Poland [25]

@Taby 46
As I know with new polish law you can work as many hour as you want without any problem. But you can not miss any class, other then that you can work. And if you want to go Ukraine then you need visa for sure.
3 Mar 2017
Study / Free Polish Course in Poland? [7]


Free Polish language school in Warsaw for foreigners?

Hello everyone,
Can someone tell me if there is any free polish language school in Warsaw for foreigner ?
Thank you :)
15 Feb 2013
Work / I got a job in Krakow for 3500 zl it ok ? [33]

that was good website...thanks.
i have one question
i have umowa praca in Warsawa and i earn 3000 zl nett
but in my umowa i have arround 2000 zl brutto
will it effect any thing because they pay me 3000 zl every month in my account.
do you have any idea why they do so?
20 Nov 2012

Merged: What kind of procedures are needed to get PR in poland?

I have a question, i am not 100% sure about this thing. I am from Nepal and
i am working in poland from 5 years regularly. I have my wife and kids (kids birth in poland).
Now i am planning to apply PR in poland. I am not sure i can apply PR for me and for my family or not.

So please, give some advice what kind of procedures to apply PR?
I hope i will get proper answer
Udaya giri