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12 Aug 2013
Work / Studying and living in Poznan for 5 months. [12]

About study life in Poznan :)

I am Nafisa, from Uzbekistan. I am 23 years old and busy with my last academic year of BA. I am studying at the Political science and Journalism faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. My major is " International Relations, European studies and area studies". Thanks to Erasmus Mundus program that gave me this opportunity.
30 Jul 2013
Study / Vistula University in Poland. Any experience? Any student? [57]

More about Vistula University

I'm Said. Since 2009, I live in Warsaw, Poland. By end of 2013, I will be graduated as Computer Engineer here. I'm a student at the Vistula University. But at the same time, I'm founder of, the first Turkish portal about Poland.

more: study fun/interviews/interviews/said-from-turkey-his-time-in-warsaw/

and newest video about study in Poland :)

3 Jun 2013
Study / I want to move Poland from Chicago area and study.. Job prospects, cost of food, healthcare, other expenses [24]

American student about her studies in Poland :

Poland has surprised me in a lot of ways. I'm surprised by how much I like the language and want to learn it, how the sun completely disappears in the winter time but the summertime has perfect weather with lots of places to walk to and outdoor cafes to sit with friends and have a cold drink. I'm surprised by how many historical places there are to see in Poland and how beautiful the Tatra mountains in Zakopane are (my favorite place). Also, I love all of the foods here that are different from the American food I'm used to, I love poziomki, pierogi z jagodami, and rosol.
6 May 2013
Life / Do Polish people like Turkish people? [66]

I guess yes.. opinions from Turkish students in Poland :

Polish people like to study and create their own career way. I really like it. That's why I like to study in Poland. When I go to libraries, even sometimes it's hard to find place. Because all students are studying. Secondly, I'm a foreigner here. That's why lecturers like me more. Sure I like it. :)

Said from Turkey

I remember very well my first day of studying. Honestly, I were felling horrible, I had to do many stuff with my lessons and registration however as I told before thanks to so nice people I handle all of that hard time and my all amazing friends help me during to that period.

Burak from Turkey

if you need more visit this blog with interviews with foreign students in Poland.
30 Apr 2013
Life / Student from Denmark, wanting to know about Poland's culture and how it is to live in Warsaw [21]

Hello about studies in Warsaw you can check this blog and opinion with students from Warsaw.

Some opinion :

1) The most surprising thing in Poland, has been the weather. I arrived during February and I waited 3 weeks to see the sun. It was disturbing because I love to take my coffee outside with the sun in the morning.

The second thing wich surprised me was the way to say "Hello" to girls. Because in my country, we kiss on the cheeks but here we have to shake hands. Gabin from France and his time in Warsaw.
11 Mar 2013
History / Lithuanians hate Poles? [156]

I don't think so Lithaunians and Poles for many years were a friends why to change that :) Young people think different than older :) Globalization is everywhere :)

Interview with Lithuanian girl choose Poland to study > Blog with foreigns students in Poland
7 Feb 2013
History / What do Poles think about Turks? [750]

Turkish student about Poland

Interview with Turkish student in Poland
Second interview with Turkish student in Poland

more you can find in this fun
28 Jan 2013
Travel / Why do you visit Poland? [193]

Turkish student

Tell us about inspiration about studies in Poland. :

"I heard that there's a lot historical and natural places in Poland. Especially after the Second World War. I also saw many church, castle etc photos. on internet. Can't wait to see!"

Turkish student decides to study in Poland

Hungarian student :

Tell us about inspiration about studies in Poland.

"I came here because of the friend of mine. She told me only good things about Poland, and Tricity. An otherwise I wanted to go a place, where my scholarship money is enough. So in this way, Poland was the best choice."

Interview with Hungarian student in Poland

more opinon: Blog where you can find interviews with international students in Poland lot of fun
17 Jan 2013
Travel / Best places to visit in Poland [79]

I suggest to visit Gdansk here some photos :

More photos you can find on:

The Park in Oliwa Gdansk
The Polish Autumn TriCity landscape park

  • :)

  • :)
7 Jan 2013
Travel / How expensive is it to live in Poland in one week? [28]

1 EURO - 4,1 PLN

The following costs are associated in Poland:

Restaurants: Avg.

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant - EUR 4,55

Combo Meal at McDonalds or similar - EUR 3,67

Domestic Beer (0,5 liter bottle) - EUR 1,62

Cappuccino - EUR 1,48

Markets: Avg.

Milk (regular), 1 liter - EUR 0,6

Eggs (12) - EUR 1,49

Fresh Cheese (1kg) - EUR 4,75

Chicken Breast (1kg) - EUR 4,03

Apples (1kg) - EUR 0,81

Oranges (1kg) - EUR 1,01

Water (1,5 liter bottle) - EUR 0,44

Bottle of Wine (mid-range) - EUR 4,74

Domestic Beer (0,5 liter bottle) - EUR 0,63


One-way Ticket (local transport) - EUR 0,69

Monthly Pass - EUR 21,84

Taxi Start (normal fare) - EUR 1,72

Taxi 1 km (normal fare) - EUR 0,71

Gasoline (1 liter) - EUR 1,37

Volkswagen Golf 1.4 (or equivalent new car) - EUR 14 936

Utilities (monthly):

1 Minute of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local - EUR 0,08

Sport and Leisure:

Fitness Club (monthly fee) - EUR 20

Cinema (1 person) - EUR 3,5
2 Jan 2013
Language / Polish/Ukrainian words similarities [209]

Maybe not exactly connect with words, but worth to read for readers interview with student from Ukraine in Poland.
23 Oct 2012
Work / Cost of Living, Average Salaries and Job sites in Poland [263]

The Finish education system, not as good as Polish?

in my opinion everything depends on situation for expample study cost is more cheaper in Poland than in Finland Cost of living for study in Poland</a>