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11 Dec 2012
Travel / Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon. [42]

From Modlin to Warsaw - generally there are 2 options - ModlinBus (a bus to Warsaw) or Koleje Mazowieckie (a bus to the station in Modlin and train from station in Modlin to Warsaw - with one ticket).

Koleje Mazowieckie:
buses Modlin Airport - Modlin Station:

all trains in Poland:

From Warsaw to £ódź and Kraków, there are many trains.
16 Nov 2012
Travel / Poland Bus (Travel) Companies [6]

There are buses from £ódź to Warsaw after midnight.

See here:

For example 00:50 "PKS w Suwałkach"/"POLBUS PKS WROC£AW" or PolskiBus 2:25.

I don't know how did you check it if you couldn't find that links.
2 Nov 2012
Language / i don't understand this, "rozmawianO" and "pitO"? [18]

It WAS believed/made etc. This construction is proper only for the past. And used in formal language.

Wszystkie groby zostały umyte na Wszystkich Świętych. => Na Wszystkich Świętych umyto wszystkie groby.

But you cannot change:
Ten grób jest teraz myty.
in similar way.

You can say:
Umyto ten grób.
But it would mean:
This grave WAS cleaned.
27 Oct 2012
Language / Polish Conditional - if you would.. [24]

gdybym był tobą, zastanowiłbym się dwa razy

In Polish we usually say "Na twoim miejscu" instead of "Gdybym był tobą". "Gdybym był tobą" is correct, but sounds strange a bit.
27 Oct 2012
Travel / Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon. [42]

And the stations you mentioned are all in the wrong order.

My mistake - I thought about going from £ódź to Warsaw.

With ModlinBus, Warszawa Centralna is rather the only option, but with a train to Modlin, Warszawa Zachodnia is better. Some of trains from Modlin doesn't stop at Warszawa Centralna. Every train from/to £ódź stops at Warszawa Zachodnia.

He or she needs to get to Dworzec Centralny/Central Station and then on any train to £ódź. Simple as.

From Modlin to £ódź it's simple, but from £ódź to Modlin it's just not so simple. Or it's simple too, but provided there is no problem with being at the airport 1,5 hour before the flight departure. But in this situation nobody can guarantee that he or she won't miss the flight.

I'm not trying to mislead anyone, I only want to help.
25 Oct 2012
Travel / Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon. [42]

If you go from Warsaw to £ódź, first station is Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West), second Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central), the last one is Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East). Warszawa Centralna is in the centre of Warsaw.

If you take ModlinBus at 7:20, you are at the airport at 8:25. As far I know, if you want to be sure that you won't miss the flight, you should be on the airport 2 hours before a departue.

A train from £ódź goes from £ódź Kaliska through £ódź Chojny and £ódź Widzew. You can see it if you open details in the Sitkol timetable.

Remember that 1st November is a holiday in Poland ("Wszystkich Świętych" - people visit graves of their relatives on the cementaries). In addidion if at 2nd November they take a day free at work, it makes a "long weekend". Trains and other means of transport might be busy that time.
25 Oct 2012
Travel / Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon. [42]

Switch into English version and type from Modlin to £ódź.

Here is a timetable of buses from the airport to station in Modlin (and trains from Modlin to Warsaw, but they are also on the website mentioned above).

Concerning the return...
If you want to be at the airport at 8 AM, you have to catch the train 6:33 from Warszawa Zachodnia. The first train from £ódź is on Warszawa Zachodnia at 6:25. You have 8 minutes for changing a train. If you miss a 6:33 from Warszawa Zachodnia to Modlin, you have the next one at 7:14. But it is quite risky - you will be at the airport at 8:35. A safer option might be this bus which goes through Warsaw and £ódź (6:05 - Warszawa Zachodnia, 6:10 - Warszawa Centralna).

When I was writing this post I hadn't read the previous ones, but with ModlinBus you have similiar problem. Going by the first train from £ódź you will be late for the bus to the airport. With the next one you will be a bit too late on the airport. The only difference is that with ModlinBus you have direct connection from Warsaw to the airport, you don't have to change a mean of transport in Modlin.
13 Oct 2012
Travel / Train to Modlin airport in Poland - S9 an KM9 how frequently they go? [7]

Maybe cause it's quite expensive...

A train company which goes from Modlin to Warsaw is Koleje Mazowieckie. From Modlin Airport to the station by buses too.

It's hard to find the buses schedule on their English website. But on the Polish one it's no problem.

Timetable up to 15th October:
Since 16th October:

There are also direct buses to Warsaw:
28 Aug 2012
Travel / What is the cheapest way to get from Modlin airport to Warsaw? [106]

They say that they are cheaper than taxi - Poland Modlin Transportation.

There are also service buses from airport to Modlin train station. From the station you have direct trains to Warsaw. But you may wait for a train because trains schedule isn't synchronised with flights. There is one price for train and service bus together - 12 PLN.

Trains schedule -

"Stacja PKP" - train station
"Port Lotniczy" - airport
23 Aug 2012
Travel / Warsaw airport to Bus Station Wilanowska stand number 14 [22]

Both train and bus has advantages and drawbacks. For example, in a bus (like the one from Warsaw to Białystok), the driver won't take more people than seats in the bus. Not to mention that all seats in this bus must be booked. Corridors in trains are sometimes full of standing people. However I doubt that there will be much people in a train from Warsaw to Białystok at 1 p.m. On the other hand, 3h 20min (in the bus) is not so long to make a big discomfort.

The decision is up to the author of thread. Who haven't answered yet.
22 Aug 2012
Travel / Warsaw airport to Bus Station Wilanowska stand number 14 [22]

Not as cheap as PolskiBus. PolskiBus ticket from Warsaw to Białystok for 12.09.2012 costs now 5 PLN. TLK 2nd class ticket - 40 PLN.

JakDojadę.pl shows following connection:
1/ train to Warszawa Służewiec station
2/ tram from Służewiec:
2a/ line 31 to Metro Wilanowska
2b/ line 74 to Metro Wierzbno and Metro from Wierzbno to Wilanowska
taking about 30 minutes.
19 Aug 2012
Travel / Fastest way to get from Warsaw Airport to Lodz central on Monday at noon. [42]

The last train from Warsaw to £ódź is at 21:41 on Warszawa Centralna station, 21:46 on Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West) station: d=c&seqnr=14&ident=h2.029207190.1345380057&date=20.08.12&station_evaId =5100067&station_type=dep&journeyStartIdx=2&journeyEndIdx=6&backLink=t p&

If your flight arrives to Okęcie (Chopin) airport - you would have to catch a train from airport at 21:20: ld=c&seqnr=4&ident=jx.02266190.1345380470&date=20.08.12&station_evaId= 5103819&station_type=dep&journeyStartIdx=0&journeyEndIdx=7&backLink=tp &

and change it on Warszawa Zachodnia. Rather not possible. Maybe if you take a taxi (about 20 minutes). But I am not sure that you will be on time.

From Modlin airport - not possible to catch this train. It's too far away.

So the next connection to £ódź is bus at 23:00. To Poznań through £ódź. You have to book tickets on the net. PolskiBus goes from Metro Wilanowska (Wilanowska underground station). You will find city public transport connections at website (avaliable in English). But, according to JakDojade, from Modlin airport you won't be on time too.

The next bus - from Białystok to Zielona Góra. Timetable: 3%F3d%BC
WARSZAWA DW.CENTRALNY - Warszawa Centralna train station
WARSZAWA DW.ZACH.PKS - Warszawa Zachodnia train/bus station
You can buy a ticket in the bus.

All buses from Warsaw to £ódź:
But during a day train is better. It's faster and goes often.